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The Truth of the Matter By Andrew Klavan Book Review

In The Truth of the Matter, Charlie West is searching for a man named Waterman. West has found out that Waterman knows all about his past and the Homelanders. Waterman gave West a drug to help him to remember the past year of his life. West started to remember everything in flashbacks that sometimes were so strong that it knocked him out. The third book in the series reveals the truth behind why the Homelanders are after him. The Homelanders and the police are getting closer to tracking down West. Will he be able to escape them or will they capture him? Will Charlie West survive? Can he ever stop running?

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery books! It has a lot of action and secrets that are finally coming out in the third book of the series. Andrew Klavan can definably write magnificent action packed books! I was shocked to learn some of the truths about why the Homelanders are after Charlie West. I can’t wait to start reading the final book in the series coming very soon! If you want an immense summer book check out the Homelanders series, you won’t regret it!

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