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My Stubborn Heart: A Novel By Becky Wade Book Review

Kate Donovan and her grandmother moved temporarily back to Pennsylvania. The grandmother wanted to restore and renovate her old house to proper living condition. Gran hired Matt Jarreau to fix the house. Matt is a man who has seen and experienced the pains and struggles of life. He married in his early twenties and was in a happily thriving marriage. Then an unimagined situation occurred that forever changed his life. He discovered that his wife had cancer. She eventually lost the battle to the disease. His grief and heartache consumed his every waking thoughts and his pain prevented him from healing and moving forward. He didn’t understand how he could live life without her. He was a former successful hockey until after his wife’s death. He decided to walk away from his destiny and his love and passion for hockey.  He stopped living and he started working and fixing old houses in the neighborhood. He became withdrawn and distance from the people who cared greatly for him. They tried so desperately to reach and help him heal. Matt has given up on God and he doesn’t comprehend how God could take away his wife. Kate became attracted to Matt and she kept falling for him. She had a special determination to get through to his walls of protection that he built. She was convicted to not let Matt remain in isolation and she wanted to him to release his burden and become whole again.

I would recommend this fantastic novel to anyone who enjoys reading a relatable story. Teenagers and adults would enjoy reading this book. The book had a vastly real life struggles and circumstances that every day people have to face through. None of us can escape the pain and heartache of losing someone we loved and cared greatly about. We sometimes go through the stages of blaming God but healing comes when we let go and deal with the hurts. I loved how Kate didn’t give up and she kept trying to assist him to open up to her completely. She kept asking him questions even when he wouldn’t answer her. She wasn’t settling for letting him be rude, uncompassionate, and bitterness run through his veins. I connected with Matt and how he became a loner when life dealt him the excruciating pain of losing his wife. It’s important we look out for the needs of others and show them Christ so that the world can experience wholeness and freedom!

“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers book review bloggers program.”  

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