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We Shall See God: Charles Spurgeon's Classic Devotional Thoughts on Heaven by Randy Alcorn Book Review

Charles Spurgeon was a famous preacher in England. Randy Alcorn was inspired by Charles Spurgeon and his teachings. Alcorn combined some of Spurgeon’s teaching about Heaven into this new devotional book. We Shall See God has fifty devotionals for readers to get a glimpse of what Heaven will be like. Each devotional day contains excerpts from Spurgeon’s sermons and it has scripture to back up the teachings. Alcorn then included his own thoughts about Spurgeon’s teachings about Heaven each day.
Some of the topics about Heaven are:

Will I Be Myself in Heaven?

Longing for Our Resurrection Bodies

Friendship in Heaven

Not Just a State of Being

No Place for Sin in Heaven

Groaning For Perfection
One of my favorite quotes was from the Longing for Our Resurrection Bodies teaching:
“The saints in Heaven are perfectly free from sin and, so far as they are capable of it, are perfectly happy. But a disembodied spirit never can be perfect until it is reunited to its body. God made man not pure spirit but body and spirit, and the spirit alone will never be content until it sees its physical frame raised to its own condition of holiness and glory.” (27)

I would recommend We Shall See God to anyone who desires to learn more about Heaven and its beauty. We have so much to enjoy when Christ returns and takes us to Heaven! Charles Spurgeon seemed to have been very insightful about Christ and his Kingdom. Randy Alcorn has helped readers to get to know Charles Spurgeon and his teachings. I haven’t read any of Charles Spurgeon’s teaching before reading this devotional. I am glad I read this devotional book about Heaven! Charles Spurgeon knew how to describe what many people are feeling right now in today times, even though he lived in the nineteenth century. One of my favorite things his teachings taught me was about our future bodies in Heaven. If you’re going to Heaven or want to know more about it then read this book!

Read Chapter One of We Shall See God:

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