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Whatever the Cost: Facing Your Fears, Dying to Your Dreams, and Living Powerfully by David and Jason Benham Book Review

In Whatever the Cost, David and Jason Benham are twin brothers who have written a book about the Christian principles they have used throughout their personal lives and their business. Their father was a leading part in how they were rooted in their Christian faith. He founded his own church and he strongly believed that the church is called to be the church and serve others and show them compassion like Christ would do. He also was a big pro-life supporter. The book goes through their journey of following their dreams of playing professional baseball and how they discovered their passion after baseball. They shared how they founded their own successful real estate business and the many different up and downs they experienced along the way. The book also covered how they lost their reality TV show deal with HGTV and the enormous controversial with the community of GLADD.


I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who enjoys reading books that can assist you in building your Christian faith. I liked how David and Benham was transparent in opening up about their mistakes, accomplishments, and the countless principles they have learned about the Word of God and how they applied it to their business. One of my favorite principles they shared was about when God put something, such as our dreams, in our hand, we have to be careful not to hold to tightly onto it. It’s critical to remember that God has a way to keep and let happen what is in His will and we don’t have to strive to hold onto it. I also liked how they included a nice appendix of all the different 62 principles all listed out where it is easier for readers to reread the principles and incorporate into their own lives. I really appreciated the faith they shared throughout this book and how God has changed their lives. This book has the potential to impact readers and I highly recommend it for business leaders and people wanting to grow spiritual.


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