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Do It Afraid: Embracing Courage in the Face of Fear by Joyce Meyer Book Review



In Do It Afraid, Joyce Meyer explored the topic of fear and how we can choose to live courageously in the presence of fear. She begins the book by sharing how critical it is to realize that each one of has a choice to make. In Deuteronomy 30:19, we learn that we are given to two choices life and death and God instructs us to choose life where our children will live. She also reminded readers how the devil has come to steal, kill, and destroy our lives. Joyce opened up about how she lived with fear growing up and how she was sexually abused by her father. He also spoke many negative words over her life such as how she wouldn’t amount to anything. She shared how her mother when she was in her 70’s, she apologized to her about not dealing with the abuse. She told her how she was afraid and she couldn’t bear the scandal and she wouldn’t be able to provide for her or her brother. She also shared the fear of rejection and how she was insecure because she was overweight when she was a teenager and wasn’t ask out on dates or dances. She also revealed the challenges of being a woman in ministry and how she didn’t have the right personality and how she was judged when she began her ministry. She also shared how she went through a divorce and how she eventually met Dave and how he was the first person who showed her love unconditionally. 



Throughout the book, she opened up about how she was able to rise above her fears and rejection. One of the ways, she did rise above was by having right thinking sessions and how she dived into scripture passages about who she was in Christ. She challenged readers to have 5 to 10 minutes think sessions each morning and we need to think about God thinks. Some of these included how are the, “apple of God’s eye, fearfully and wonderfully made, precious in God’s eyes, and given the mind of Christ”. Paul explained how we are supposed to cast down wrong imaginations, theories, and opinions that doesn’t agree with God’s written Word. 



I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who is struggling with fear and they need encouragement to overcome their fears and to do it afraid. I immensely appreciated how Joyce Meyer was open in sharing about her abuse from her father and how she learned to handle the fears and the issues that it caused her. I loved the idea of having positive think sessions and to mediate on God’s written Word and to let it change our lives. I also liked how each chapter included a personal story on how they dealt with their own fears and what they learned along the way. Some of these stories included topics of insecurity, fear of being alone, singing through the fear, afraid of the dark, what if, and much more. She also looked at countless Bible characters some of these included, Jacob, Saul, Paul, Joshua, Moses to name just a few and what we can learn about fear and God’s Kingdom from them. Each chapter also included a special quote. I also enjoyed the scriptures she included throughout the book and how she included a special section at the end of the book. I also loved the idea for the cover design and it was in a transparent gray cover and it showcased in the background a beautiful picture of a lion. It gave the appearance of what it would be like to live fearfully. I enjoyed learning about how to do things afraid and not to let fear control my life and this book is one that is meant to be reread and studied. 



"I received this book free from the publisher, Faithwords for my honest review.” 





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16 Bible Studies for Your Small Group by Ryan Lokkesmoe Book Review

In 16 Bible Studies for Your Small Group, Ryan Lokkesmoe explored topics and study lessons from your small group to help readers to open up and explore key components. He explored the topics of fellowshipping with God, fellowshipping with others, loving one another, put each other first, building each other up, dodging divisions, givers of courage, fellow servants and co-heirs, and much more. Throughout the book, he explained the power of fellowship and the important of gathering together with like minded believers. His goal was to guide readers into opening up with each other and connecting and understanding lessons from the Bible and how we can be transformed into the image of Christ. This book revealed how we are called to be the Church and how we live our lives out like we are supposed to. Each chapter included questions, key points, prayer, scripture verses, and a study story. 



I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is ready for a new group Bible study. I immensely enjoyed how he explored the topics of fellowshipping with one another and what it means to truly love others like Christ loved the Church. I liked how you can choose certain ones and move around easily between the topics and you don’t necessarily have to study them in order. The book also included a short story at the beginning of each chapter but most of the chapter encouraged readers to open up about what the scriptures was declaring and leading us to do. This book has the potential to assist readers into opening up more in front of other believers and will help them to learn what others think and to hear more about their fellow neighbors’ personal stories. I liked how he included many questions throughout the lessons to help readers to dive into deeper into the Bible. 





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The Fire of God’s Presence: Drawing Near to a Holy God by A.W. Tozer Compiled and Edited by James L. Snyder Book Review

In The Fire of God’s Presence, A.W. Tozer explored the topic of understanding who God is and how we can appreciate Him in worship and enjoy being in His Holy presence. The book looked at the story of Moses and how he ended up ruling in the high ranks in Egypt and then he fled after killing an Egyptian who attacked a Hebrew slave. He eventually encountered the burning bush and how Moses knelt in front of it. By doing this, he was able to discover who he was in Christ and he felt the presence of God. He was transformed at the age of 80 and this is the first time he got to know God. He learned that God still had a purpose and a plan for him. He would go on to set his people free and God was able to instill His love within him. He revealed how God is like fire and how this one burning bush is the most famous talked about bush ever written. In the book, he explained how the we have the lost the reverence and awe and sacredness of who God truly is. He also looked at the tabernacle and the cleansing of the blood and how it changed when Christ died on the cross for our sins. The book also looked at other fire examples in scriptures such as Elijah, Isaiah, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego. 





I would recommend this awesome book to anyone is ready to discover their identity in Christ and they want to learn how to enjoy being in God’s presence. I enjoyed how colorful the cover of the book was its enclosed in a glossy orange fiery looking design and I believe it will cause readers to want to dive into the teaching of A.W. Tozer. I immensely liked how A.W. Tozer explored the story of Moses and what we can learn to see in the burning bush and how we can be in awe of His Holy presence. I liked the chapter that discussed the walls that are keeping us from God’s presence. Some of these included self-will, religious ambition, fear, money, and people. A lot of these are preventing us from seeing the smiling face of God. I liked how he shared how we can get to know Christ deeper and how we can be changed in His presence. I loved how he explored the topic of fire and how God showed Himself through fire in the Bible and we saw lives transformed on the other side of the fire. 



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Fascinating Bible Studies on Every Parable: For Personal or Small Group Use By Dr. William H. Marty Book Review

In Fascinating Bible Studies on Every Parable, Dr. William H. Marty explored a vast topic of all the parable found in the Bible and he looked at the key event concerning them and what they mean. Most of the parables are found in the New Testament and they covered the leaven, the sower and the soils, the seed growing secretly, mustard seed, the fish net, wise and foolish virgins, the unforgiving servant, the narrow door, the prodigal son, and much more. He revealed why Jesus spoke in parables and how he answered by looking at the hidden truths found in Mark 4:11-12. This discussed how God has given us the secrets of the Kingdom and how a lot of people have hardened their hearts. They are unable to hear the truth found in God’s written Word. He also included two found in the Old Testament. Each chapter begins with an author key takeaway, a detail report of the parable, reflection questions, and a memory verse. 



I would recommend this amazing book to anyone is ready to read and understand the parables. There is many parables that Jesus taught and many key takeaways we can learn from the stories. I immensely liked how in depth he went into explaining the meaning of the parables. I learned a lot the great banquet that is coming soon and how Jesus will prepare a big feast for all the people who have received him as their Savior. He revealed how the ones who reject them have received their invitation to the feast but they won’t be able to taste the food. He explained how different ones was invited and how they didn’t come and he taught it in the form of a parable. I also liked how he wrote this as a personal Bible study or you could use it in a group setting. This would make a great devotional type reading and it would help readers if they would read the scripture passages before they read the chapter.  



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Prophetic Secrets: Learning the Language of Heaven by Jennifer Eivaz Book Review

In Prophetic Secrets, Jennifer Eivaz explored the topic of understanding the prophetic word that comes from God. She described what a prophetic word is and how He can communicate through others. She looked at how prophetic ministry begin in scriptures and what we can learn from them. Moses was one of the first one and God used his mouth and taught him what to say. Another aspect she looked at was the prophet, Joel and how God would pour out his Spirit onto all people, sons and daughters would prophesy, old men will see dreams, young men will see visions, wonders will be displayed, blood and fire shown, sun turned to darkness, moons to blood, and all this would occur before Christ returns. She also explored how the Holy Spirit was released after Jesus died and rose again and how we can tap into the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. In the book, she shared how she also learned the power of the prophetic word and what she experienced when she saw visions and dreams. She into detail about how to see into the Spiritual realm and how we can interpret dreams and visions. 



I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is ready to learn about prophecy and how we can listen to God and tell others what he is trying to communicate to them. I immensely liked the stories that she shared on what God wanted to tell others and how she was about to speak words over them. I was amazed at reading about how she was able to know some people were expecting before they knew. I also enjoyed how she encouraged readers to read Psalm 23 or 91 and listen to what God is trying to say to us. She stated how we need to listen and ask God who he is wanting us to share a certain part of the scriptures with someone today. She also said to ask them does that mean anything to them and listen for their response. I appreciated the special section about the body parts, objects, colors, and thing that we lost in our dreams and their positive or negative meaning and what they mean. I also liked how she included kingdom principles and thoughts for reflections at the end of each chapter. 




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Slaying the Giant of Fear: And Releasing the Roar of Breakthrough By Krissy Nelson Book Review

In Slaying the Giant of Fear, Krissy Nelson explored the topic of fear and how it dominates us and what we can learn from scripture on how to conquer them. In the book, she looked at three supernatural weapons that are hidden in the story of David and Goliath. These included obedience, faithfulness, and stewardship. She looked at how David was obedient to God’s calling on his life and how he chose to listen and to do the small tasks as a shepherd boy. This in turn led David through the process and steps to overtaking Goliath. He was unafraid and was a man after God’s own heart and he knew God wanted his people Israel to take the land that was made for them. 



She explained how she experienced fears in her life and was very personal in sharing how she handled the fears. One of her fears woke her up late at night right after she had her newborn baby. She opened up about her fear of leaving her and returning to the corporate world and she had her dream job. Meanwhile she was crying and she told her husband she didn’t want to go back to work. She also shared how between contractions she was dedicated to her work and how she was busy sending out emails to candidates letting them know if they were hired or not. She was conflicted on what to do. Eventually, she went back to work and struggled and cried and after six months she quit her job. She was able to find a 9 to 5 job that let her focus on her family when she was at home. During this time, she realized how much she was living in fear of what people thought of her, failure, and rejection. She made a decision to change her life and to go all in into following Christ. 



I would recommend this awesome book on conquering fear and releasing your roar where you can go into your personal victory. I immensely enjoyed learning the weapons David used in defeating Goliath and how he was unafraid in the battle. I appreciated how open she was in sharing how she struggled with fears and how she was able to get her breakthrough. I liked how she also included other stories from scriptures such as, Esther, Moses, Saul, and much more. I liked how she opened up about her own fears and she shared other stories from others and what they learned on how to not let fear dominate their lives. This book has the potential to assist readers in slaying their giants in their own lives. 



"I received this book free from the publisher, Bethany House/ Chosen for my honest review.” 






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