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In The Theft of American’s Soul, Phil Robertson opened about the ten lies that is destroying our country and what the real truth of the matter is. Some of these included God is dead, the devil isn’t real, God didn’t create life, sex is for self-gratification, virtue is outdated, laws can be ignored or changed if they are inconvenient, unity is not possible, and much more. Phil starts off at looking at the Timearticle that appeared in the April 1966 edition. The article explored the question, “Is God Dead?”. It looked at different views of God and how He disappeared and many people turned to other beliefs. Phil discussed how he came to realize that this article wasn’t true and that there is in fact a God. 

Next, Phil shared about how he was a sinner and how enjoyed living a life following his own rules. He grew up in church but didn’t really understand the real truth of the gospel. Phil was all about hanging with his rowdy friends and they all partied, got high, got drunk, and slept around. He did what he wanted even though he was married and had children. He lost his job as a high school teacher and he then went to work at a bar. He got into a violent fight with the owner and they pressed charges and he was living on the run from the police. He hid and worked on a offshore rig while Miss Kay sorted out the legal issues. They started arguing more and Miss Kay eventually walked out on him and after ten years and took the kids with her. Phil was still living it up with his party buddies and sleeping around and he started feeling guilty, but it took a while for him to wake up and see the damage that it costed him. He eventually hit rock bottom and he stated that he would change. The whole time Miss Kay was praying for him. She called a preacher and he shared the good news with Phil about Christ dying for him and how he needed to repent and let God change his life around. 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who needs to the hear the truth about Christ and his teaching. Many people are believing the lies of satan and they are following what the world believes to be true. Phil doesn’t shy away from being open about sex before marriage, abortion, violence, and how everything is destroying America and even the world. Phil is a great example of a modern day Paul who also changed his life around and reached a great number of people. I liked how real Phil was and how he doesn’t change his views to fit what the world wants to hear. I can tell Phil through some of the stories, that he shared that he believes the Good News and he isn’t afraid to share it with anyone who will listen. Phil opened up about how he was cut from Duck Dynasty because of some of his statements and how believers fought to have Phil back on the show. I connected with reading through Phil stories about how he is a sinner and how I’m a sinner and how I need to repent from my sins. If you’re looking for an excellent book on standing on Christ principles and rejecting the lies of the devil, then read this book and let it influence you! 

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Win From Within Finding Yourself by Facing Yourself by John W. Gray III Book Review

In Win From Within Finding Yourself, John Gray opened up about the painful truths he found out about himself when he lost everything. He was a successful pastor, was on TV, and was an author. On the outside of his life, everything looked okay. But in reality, his marriage was in serious trouble. His wife walked out on him and took his kids and moved back in with her parents. He was forced to relook at his life and face his childhood and how he was acting as a husband and father. Throughout the book, he looked at the story of Jacob and Esau. They were twin brothers and Jacob was always second. John Gray connected with how Jacob was always trying to be something he wasn’t. Jacob wanted to be first in everything. This is what led him into tricking his father into giving the firstborn son, Esau’s blessing. The firstborn son received double blessings. As we will see when John Gray digs into the whole story, many of us our like Jacob, we’re trying to figure out who we are and who we are in Christ. He also shared how Jacob was given a new name by God and how God redeemed him and still loved him despite his past. In the end of Jacob’s story, it told about how he won his race. 

I would this life changing book to anyone who is ready to face the truth of who they are. I enjoyed how detailed John Gray went into his own life and how he wasn’t afraid to share his struggles in his childhood and how this affected him still in his adulthood. I liked how he compared his story to Jacob’s and I recognized how my own life has similarities. We all have a past and we all struggle with finding out who we are and sometimes it’s extremely difficult to face the truth of who we are. We are all broken and we all have a past that is something hard to face. But we can find freedom, when we dive into God’s word and discover who we truly are, this can change us. If you’re looking for a book to help you face the truth about yourself, then read this book! 

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Us Against the World: Our Secrets to Love, Marriage, and Family by David and Tamela Mann with Shaun Saunders

In Us Against the World, David and Tamela Mann discussed the secrets of how they have managed to stay married for over thirty years. The book begins by telling readers who they both grew up and how they met. One of Tamela friends, Nicole introduced her  by inviting her to meet the Humble Hearts. She knew Tamela could sing so she introduced her to the group. The group consisted of David Mann, Darrell Blair, and Kirk Franklin. They begun to sing together as a group and they went on tour together for many years. They both opened up throughout the chapters taking turns describing and sharing what was on their hearts. David was very open in being honest about how he had multiple girlfriends at the time when he met Tamela. He also shared about how he told Tamela how he was going to become a dad with one of his ex girlfriends. At this point, they were only friends but she was a close friend to him through this. Eventually they would become great friends and eventually fall in love. David also shared about how he proposed and how he randomly asked while driving on the freeway. They also opened up to how they ended up getting pregnant before marriage and how they dealt with the fears of what people were going to think. 

They book also went into detail about how they rose to fame and the struggles they experienced along the way. They shared how they met Tyler Perry and how they had their own tv show, Meet the Browns. Throughout the book, they revealed how they made their marriage work over the years and how they both enjoyed doing life together at work and at home. In one of the chapters, they went through their vows and what each one of them means for marriage couples. In the second part of the book, they added a prayer and an activity to help married couples to grow closer together. 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who wants to improve their marriage. I truly believed this book will encourage readers to work towards their marriage being the best it can be. I have always enjoyed David and Tamela Mann in their hit tv shows and they are always wonderful in the Madea movies. You can tell they both have a great personality and they get along great on screen and off. This book showed how they have to collaborate and work together as a team and how they have to decide to act like Christ every single day. I also liked how they both cut up throughout the book to do add a touch of their humor in their marriage. If you’re looking for a book to read about marriage, then I highly recommend reading this one! 

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This is the Day: Reclaim Your Dream. Ignite Your Passion. Live Your Purpose. By Tim Tebow Book Review

In This is the Day, Tim Tebow explored the topic of saying yes to your dreams and pursing our God given dreams. His book is based on the scripture verse Psalms 118:24, which talks about how today is the day the Lord has given us and we need to rejoice and be glad that we have today to make a difference. Tim believes that each of us was given a gift and we have a choice to choose to live out our God given dreams and do something meaningful to change someone else’s life. In this book, Tim shared about why he left his football career in 2015. He also shared about how he decided he wanted to try and follow his dream of being a baseball player. He eventually joined the New York Mets. Tebow shared about his struggles and how he he had a lot of naysayers saying that he was too old and that he wouldn’t be able to perform at his best. He admitted how he had to choose to listen to the right voices and how he had to speak truth into his life about what God said about his life. Tebow chooses daily to speak positive God thoughts into his life especially while he plays baseball. He included a few of scriptures to share with readers what God’s word declares about them. He also opened up about how important it is to live in the present and not to look back. He had to look forward and not dwell on the past. Throughout the book, he also shared heartwarming stories about people he encountered that changed his life and made a positive impact on his life. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who enjoys sports and they are seeking a book to encourage them on their Christian walk. I have enjoyed reading about how positive Tim Tebow is and how he uses his own foundation to make a difference in the lives of people. It was immensely encouraging to read about how Tim Tebow stepped out of his comfort zone and went after his God given desire to play baseball professionally after his NFL football career. I liked how he included tips and scripture verses to encourage readers to pursue their God given purpose and to follow their passion. I also appreciated how real he was in his journey of being single and how he struggled with the what if’s questions and how he has learned to trust God through the process. This book was a great encouragement about following my passion and going after the dreams and desires that God has given me. 

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Hillsong Kids: Can You Believe It? Songs of Truth DVD Review

Hillsong Kids has recently released a brand new DVD entitled, “Can You Believe It?”. The movie is geared towards ages seven to fifteen years old. The DVD features a few music videos to go along with Hillsong Kids brand new album. The movie contains Funny Man Dan which included two hosts who interviewed some of the special singers who are in the music videos. They also play a few fun games to help kids understand some of the concepts of Christ. They also included special lyrics videos to some of the songs where listeners can sing along with. The DVD also included live in studio of the different songs where listeners can experience the song live and actual see the singers behind the vocals. The movie is only about 30 minutes. 

I would recommend this DVD to anyone who enjoys Hillsong and they love their music. The vocals from the singers featured children and teenagers where kids can relate to them. The music videos included kids acting, singing, and dancing. I liked how the songs and music videos was all kid friendly and they displayed kids enjoying their life and they appeared happy and filled with Christ’s love. I also liked how clear the video was and how bright they made the set to help capture kids attention. They showed breathtaking nature scenes throughout the music videos to show God’s creation and to help listeners to worship God. I think this DVD movie would make a great gift for children and I could see it being used in a youth group setting to encourage our youth. 

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About the DVD:

“Can You Believe It!? - Songs of Truth” is both a question and a challenge... a statement of gratitude to a loving God and an invitation to explore the very foundations of faith. Classic songs like “My Best Friend”, “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” and “What A Beautiful Name” join brand new declarations of faith such as “As The World Shakes” & “Heaven Is Our Home”. We pray that this collection of fun and vibrant songs, help children around the world to declare biblical truths about God’s love and grace for them.

Hillsong believes that teaching children to love God and others takes place in both the home and in the church. For this reason they seek to partner with parents (the greatest teachers of all!) and with church pastors and leaders, equipping them with great resources. Through fun experiences, meaningful music and ministry that encourages kids to participate, Hillsong Kids presents Jesus Christ and His Church in a relevant way, creating moments which children will never forget.

Racing to the Finish: My Story by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Book Review

In Racing to the Finish, Dale Earnhardt Jr. explored the important topic of concussions and he was very open about the stigma behind hiding the truth when you’re a race car driver. Race car drivers don’t want to have to sit on the sidelines while their cars drive away without them. This is why many drivers hide the fact that they suffered from a concussion. Dale Jr. begin racing when he was seventeen years old and throughout his career he won multiple races and he won the Nascar Busch Series Championships in 1998 and in 1999. He shared with readers how he received the name, “Hammerhead” from his dad, Dale Earnhardt who was called “Ironhead”. Dale Jr. was known for being hardheaded. This book covered some of his life story but mostly this book was written to reach people who are experiencing the conditions of a concussions and many might have no idea. He kept it a secret at first from everyone and eventually the truth was revealed. Dale Jr. kept an iPhone journal about what he felt everyday in case someone later found it and wondered what happened to him. 

The first crash occurred in August at Kanas Speedway during a tire test when he hit the tire blown and he hit the wall going 185 mph. His black box said he registered at 40 Gs. People described it as they thought a plane crashed because it was so loud. He was later diagnosed as having a concussion. One of his crew described him as having a glass look after the crash. He went out with his friends later that night and he struggled with understanding the words people were speaking afterwards. He felt nausea and confused and he admitted he wanted to just lay down in the restaurant. 

A few days later, he felt a little better and he kept racing. He eventually had another concussion in October at Talladega and this time he yelled at a camera about how he wanted to quit racing if people couldn’t race right. He was experiencing mood swings now. He finally craved and told his girlfriend at the time, Amy. They met with Dr. Jerry Perry and he ran an ImPACT test and other tests and it was discovered Dale Jr. did have a concussion and he was forced to seek help and was took out of a few races. He also received help from Dr. Michael Collins, who is a Sports Doctor and has a concussion program. Dale Jr. also goes into the different types of concussions to help readers who might be experiencing the symptoms of a concussion. Dale Jr. also shared the fog he went through in 2015 and his lost season in 2016. He also revealed his decision to retire in 2017. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who is especially experiencing from a concussion. I would also recommend to anyone who is a Nascar fan. I remember growing up watching Dale Jr. and even his father racing. I liked how brave Dale Jr. was in opening up about what all he felt being his different concussions and how he bounced back and how he struggled with confusion, balancing, eye movements, anxiety, and much more. I enjoyed reading about his experience and his personal notes on his iPhone and how they were real and how they explained what he felt every day after a crash. I do believe this book will immensely help people who are wanting to see that they aren’t alone in their journey with dealing with a concussion. If you’re looking for an excellent book on concussion and racing, then read Dale Jr. story! 

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