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God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design Is It Anyway? By John C. Lennox Book Review

In God and Stephen Hawking, John explored the beliefs of a popular atheist scientist, Stephen Hawking. Lennox believed that God created the universal and it didn’t just happened by nature. Stephen Hawking has written a book called, The Grand Design. Lennox has written this book to share what he believed about Hawking beliefs about the universal.

Hawking’s book asked important questions like:

“Where did all this come from?”

“Did the universe need a Creator?”

“Why do we exist?”

John C. Lennox breaks down the beliefs of Hawking and his belief in the M-theory. The M-theory says that the multi universal has a set of different laws that they can follow. Hawking’s believed that we have many different multi universals that haven’t been discovered yet. Hawking doesn’t believe that there is a God who created them. He believed it happened by nature. Lennox pointed out that something had to happen to create this world! There has to be a God!

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science and is curious about Hawking’s beliefs. Lennox shows many details in describing his point of view against Hawking’s. Lennox shared what he believed about the world and how it came to be. He also showed Hawking’s point of view on how the world came to be. You will learn a great deal of information about “whose design is it anyway”!

I agree with Lennox that God had to create this world. Just take a look at the nature of the world!

“I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity Group for this review”.

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Is God Really Dead? 

Stephen Hawking's logic faces a mathematician's scrutiny in God and Stephen Hawking

SEATTLE - Eminent scientist Stephen Hawking's latest contribution to the so-called New Atheist debate The Grand Design claims that the laws of physics themselves brought the universe into being, rather than God. In this swift and forthright reply, John C. Lennox, Oxford mathematician and author of God's Undertaker, exposes the flaws in Hawking's logic in his latest book, God and Stephen Hawking (Kregel Publishers, September 2011,ISBN: 9780745955490, $5.99).

Science has immense cultural and intellectual authority in our sophisticated modern world. With this kind of cache, it must nevertheless be pointed out that not all statements by scientists are statements of science. Therefore such statements do not carry the authority of authentic science, even though it is often erroneously ascribed to them.

Commonly written off as the inevitable clash between science and religion, the God debate is actually one between theism and atheism, where there are scientists on both sides. With a remarkable surge of interest in God that defies the so-called secularization hypothesis, it could well be that it is precisely the perceived failure of secularization that is driving the God question ever higher on the agenda. Book after book is being published on the subject by prominent scientists, as Francis Collins, Richard Dawkins, Robert Winston, etc. But were Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Maxwell, to name a few, really all wrong on the God question?

With such a lot at stake we surely need to ask Hawking to produce evidence to establish his claim. Do his arguments really stand up to close scrutiny? Has the Grand Master of Physics checkmated the Grand Designer of the Universe?

In lively, layman's terms, Lennox guides us through the key points in Hawking's arguments-with clear explanations of the latest scientific and philosophical methods and theories-and demonstrates that, far from disproving a Creator God, they make His existence seem all the more probable. Lennox's book is a great resource for Christians, churches and those in ministry who seek to educate themselves and open authentic dialog with those who question.

Praise for God and Stephen Hawking: 

"A brilliant response to Stephen Hawking's The Grand Design. Make sure you hear both sides of the argument."

-Alister McGrath, author of The Dawkins Delusion 


Meet John: 

John C. Lennox is Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at the University of Oxford, and author of the bestselling God's Undertaker. He lectures on faith and science at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He has lectured around the world, including in the United States for Ravi Zacharias; in Austria; and in the former Soviet Union. For more about John C. Lennox, please visit

The Last Thing I Remember By Andrew Klavan Book Review

In The Last Thing I Remember, Charlie West has been kidnapped and he can’t remember what happened. West can only remember doing homework the night before and then he went to bed. West is in high school and he is practicing karate daily. He has a secret dream of becoming an air force pilot someday. West also has a major crush on Beth Summers. The day before he was captured, West got up enough courage to ask Beth out on a date. When his life finally started looking wonderful something happened, and he can’t figure out why he is tied up to a chair. The guards want to have him killed. Will Charlie West survive or will they kill him? Will he find out what happened after he went to bed? How did he get captured?

The book was very enthralling and it kept me on the edge of trying to figure out what happened to Charlie West. I started the book on Friday and I finished it on Tuesday! It only took me five days to read it! The plot kept me captivated in finishing the book. I would recommend this fiction book to anyone who enjoys an immense suspenseful/mystery book. Klavan does a great job in describing and making the story come to life. I felt like I was watching this story play out on the big movie screen. It really is that good! The story continues on into another series of books and I can’t wait to start reading them!

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We Shall See God: Charles Spurgeon's Classic Devotional Thoughts on Heaven by Randy Alcorn Book Review

Charles Spurgeon was a famous preacher in England. Randy Alcorn was inspired by Charles Spurgeon and his teachings. Alcorn combined some of Spurgeon’s teaching about Heaven into this new devotional book. We Shall See God has fifty devotionals for readers to get a glimpse of what Heaven will be like. Each devotional day contains excerpts from Spurgeon’s sermons and it has scripture to back up the teachings. Alcorn then included his own thoughts about Spurgeon’s teachings about Heaven each day.
Some of the topics about Heaven are:

Will I Be Myself in Heaven?

Longing for Our Resurrection Bodies

Friendship in Heaven

Not Just a State of Being

No Place for Sin in Heaven

Groaning For Perfection
One of my favorite quotes was from the Longing for Our Resurrection Bodies teaching:
“The saints in Heaven are perfectly free from sin and, so far as they are capable of it, are perfectly happy. But a disembodied spirit never can be perfect until it is reunited to its body. God made man not pure spirit but body and spirit, and the spirit alone will never be content until it sees its physical frame raised to its own condition of holiness and glory.” (27)

I would recommend We Shall See God to anyone who desires to learn more about Heaven and its beauty. We have so much to enjoy when Christ returns and takes us to Heaven! Charles Spurgeon seemed to have been very insightful about Christ and his Kingdom. Randy Alcorn has helped readers to get to know Charles Spurgeon and his teachings. I haven’t read any of Charles Spurgeon’s teaching before reading this devotional. I am glad I read this devotional book about Heaven! Charles Spurgeon knew how to describe what many people are feeling right now in today times, even though he lived in the nineteenth century. One of my favorite things his teachings taught me was about our future bodies in Heaven. If you’re going to Heaven or want to know more about it then read this book!

Read Chapter One of We Shall See God:

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Knock ‘Em Dead: The Ultimate Search Guide 2011 By Martin Yate, CPC Book Review

In Knock ‘Em Dead, Martin Yate teaches people how to get a job in today’s tough economy. You must have a professional brand in order to succeed and stand out from others.  A good professional brand consists of your transferable skills, learned behaviors, and core values in the workplace. The book will show you how to write a resume that will look professional and will help you land the job. Yate gave wonderful tips on how to dress to impress your bosses for job interviews. He also included several difficult questions that job interviews may ask you. He provided the way to professional answer them.

Some of the questions include:
“Why do you want to work here?” 
“What are you qualifications?”
“Why should I hire you?”
“Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten.”
“How do you get along with different kinds of people?”  

I enjoyed learning the many job techniques in Knock ‘Em Dead 25th Anniversary Edition. The book is a great guide for your professional careers to always use and refer back to. I would recommend Knock ‘Em Dead to anyone who is looking for a job or need to improve in their professional career. Yate taught me how to make my own professional brand and how to land the job in my interviews. He immensely helped me to create my resume and make it look professional and appealing to bosses. The book also contained thirty fast growing occupations in today’s economy. Some of them included Pharmacist, Athletic Trainer, Medical Assistant, Computer Software Engineer, and much more. I am currently in College so I might need to be changing my major soon! If want to succeed in the workplace then this book can and will help you!

“I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program.” 
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