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Love Revolution Shown by a Church

This Love Revolution story is about a church who gave itself away. I have been looking for a church to attend for quite a while. This past two months I stopped going to church all together. Every church I have went to hasn’t felt like home to me. But this church holds a back to school Christian event for the county along with many churches in the area. I had no idea that God would bring someone to my doorstep but he did. They are giving away a prize at the back to school event and when I entered the contest. One of the question asked, “If I had a church I go to”. I clicked no. They also asked, “If I wanted more info on the churches in the area”. I clicked yes. Then God showed up! I had no idea this church member from one of the churches would come actually to my door. I thought they would send a flyer not a person to my house. J But I am glad they did. He brought me homemade bread, info about the church, a message series, and a worship team CD of the church. Why would someone randomly do that? After all they had no idea who I was. I haven’t been to a church service there before. I honestly had no idea where it was located even! They were starting a love revolution! I haven’t ever heard of churches doing anything like that in my entire life. I felt the LOVE of God for the first time in a long time. It was the God in him. So I decided to give church another try. It just takes one!

Natalie Grant is starting a LOVE REVOLUTION! Joyce Meyer is also trying to start one. I think it’s a wonderful idea. So I posted this story on Natalie Grant’s Love Revolution website.
If you have a love revolution story about you or others post it on her site. You might be wondering what in the world a love revolution is. It means everyone coming together and helping one another in small ways. Some examples would include feeding the hunger, donating to charities, helping out at church, holding open doors for one another, buying someone a coffee, talking to someone who is lonely, and anything else you can come up with.