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Living as a Human

I was up late last night and I heard this new song. Natalie Grant and Jordin Sparks opened the 41st Annual Dove Awards with this song called, “Human”. The chorus of the song, “Human” is this, “We gotta to better than this! Cause we only got one chance. To make a difference. Gotta do better than this. Cause we only got one life that we been given. A little love a little kindness. A little light in this time of darkness. It will be what makes us different. It will be what makes us human.” Natalie Grant and Jordin Sparks

This song speaks to me in so many different ways. We have to make a difference in this life for other people. You might think you’re not ready to help people. But you could be more ready than you think. Love starts in small ways. You love by holding open a door for someone else, helping the homeless, using your gifts to help on another, or just by smiling. There really are so many ways to help one another. Listen to people tell you their stories. I know time is tough for everyone right now. There is not a single person not affected. Let’s not use the excuse and blame it on times are too hard to help. We only get one life to lend a helping hand to one another. God is bigger than the whole economy problem! He is bigger than any problem you’re going through!

What do you want to be remembered for?

1. Being stuck up and not talking to one another

2. Carrying around hurt and unforgiveness

3. Saying hurtful and negative things

4. Tearing people down to feel better about yourself

5. Prideful- I’m too good for you

6. Pity Party

7. Listening to people’s approval

8. Making excuses on why you can’t

9. Feeling like you can’t help

10. Don’t know how too

11. Why should I help? They don’t help me.

12. Too busy to slow down

13. Holding on to money- never giving

14. Fearful - maybe people scare you

If you turn on the TV, you hear a lot more negative stories than positive ones. Where have all the loving people gone? We have become selfish, never wanting to go out of our way for someone else. We have got to start loving people again. Don’t you dare sit there for a second and say, “I love everyone”? Cause, do you really. God knows your hearts are you being honest? We have to really love them not just say that we do. We have to show love!

“Clothe yourselves therefore, as God's own chosen ones (His own picked representatives), [who are] purified and holy and well-beloved [by God Himself, by putting on behavior marked by] tenderhearted pity and mercy, kind feeling, a lowly opinion of yourselves, gentle ways, [and] patience [which is tireless and long-suffering, and has the power to endure whatever comes, with good temper]. Be gentle and forbearing with one another and, if one has a difference (a grievance or complaint) against another, readily pardoning each other; even as the Lord has [freely] forgiven you, so must you also [forgive]. And above all these [put on] love and enfold yourselves with the bond of perfectness [which binds everything together completely in ideal harmony].” Colossians 3:12-14 (Amplified Bible)

Now some people do really love their neighbors, friends, strangers, and family. Yes, we are human and we are fallible. But we have to start doing things for one another. Look at how older adults look at some teens. Most adults don’t believe that teenagers can make a difference. We think oh well, they don’t have my knowledge. I want you to just look at the movies, Hollywood makes for teenagers and college level adults. What are in most of them? If you watch one for long, you will hear a sexual joke or scene. How about the language? You don’t have to look just watch a movie there in a Reality TV Show too. What happened to the good people helping and loving? Teenagers are being stereotyped as a drinking, irresponsible, rebellious, sex controlled, and partying loving. Yes, it’s okay to party but now they think we have to have a keg party. I got news for you. You don’t have to drink to have a “good time”.

Next, I want you to look at some adults. Why do some get nicer with old age and some get plain mean? Maybe they went through things. But it’s not an excuse to stay bitter and angry at everyone. You have got to heal from the pain. God will love and accept you and help you. He has helped me.

We have got to rise up and change the way the world looks at us. Christians, the world is watching us. They are seeing how you react to certain situations. You can choose to change with God’s help or not. It’s your choice on what you want your life to be and what you want to be remembered for. No one else can tell you to love one another. Yes, God does say it in his word. But you can choose to act out of love or not too. You can choose to let go off the past and move into the future. It is never too late to start helping out each other. Even if you don’t know where to start, let the creator lead you. Start smiling more at each other! As the song, “Human” says, “We have gotta to do better than this.” Get out there and make someone’s life better!

Journey of My Run Week 2 : Day 1

Week 2

Day 1 - Friday, April 23

I got up the courage to tweet to Christian Singers, Mary Mary or also known as Erica and Tina. They retweeted my tweet about helping St. Jude’s about a week ago. Thanks girls for listening and reposting to your followers! Then Friday, I asked Mary Mary, what they would like to tell teens out there. I asked them this, “If you could tell teens; one thing what would it be?” Mary Mary said, “~Listen!!!!!!Slow Down n Seek God!!” I agree with this statement.

Sometimes as teenagers, we don’t really listen as well as we should. Guys, occasionally have a huge problem in this area with communicating our thoughts and feelings. Most tend to avoid it. We all know, guys don’t talk as much as girls. We need to be better communicators and listen to one another. We don’t need to talk all the time. We need to listen more than we talk. I am not saying never say a word, we need to listen to one another. Most of the world is becoming me-minded. We need to say right things and be positive in our daily lives. Just listen to how people talk for a week and you will see.

Most teens use curse words a lot more these days. I know I am one of them. Of course, I am 20 now and still do. I will have to continue to work on this every single day. Even adults use curse words. We get mad at the neighbors, drivers, kids, friends, when we hurt ourselves or anything else when we don’t get our way. We all know what happens next, we say some words and maybe a few not so beautiful words slip out. Then, we do the blame game, well they made me mad! I was caught up in emotions. I didn’t mean it. You don’t know what they said to me. I regret it now. Boy, we got a long list to choose from. I remember one time, when I let one slip out and there was a child around. Way to go, Andrew!

I think sometimes it’s out of what can I get from that person. Most teenagers will not talk to the lonely kid sitting by himself at school. Why are we so afraid, we will lose our current friends? It must be out of fear or maybe it’s out of we don’t care. I mean look at the bulling going around. In the past, the bulling only could happen in real life. Now, we got kids on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Formspring, and any other social site getting cyber bullied. I am not saying these sites are bad in any way. We just have to use them for good purposes and not bad. You can pretty much invite the bully to come live with you at home. You bully me at school, why not just come live with me too. Guys and girls you can choose to delete them from your friends list. DON’T ADD THEM! BLOCK THE ACCOUNT! You might be scared and be thinking what if they come after me. Tell a professional at your school; if that person doesn’t listen go tell another one. If you know someone is getting bullied stop it and go tell someone. You could be their hero. Sit with the loners! If you already have a group, invite the loners over to be a part of your group. You might be thinking, well they are different. I guess you’re getting a different perspective on whatever you talk about at the table. We have got to start loving each other more. We need love! Maybe you’re an adult and there is a lonely girl or guy at work, talk to them. You’re never too old or too young to reach out and make a difference.

Oh and yes, I didn’t continue on my running journey today. But I will eventually. I ran four days this week! That’s a huge start for me. Remember to take time and love!

Journey of My Run Week 1 : Day 7

Week 1

Day 7 - Thursday, April 22

Today, I did something entertaining! I hung out with one of my cousin’s and her family. We played the Wii, which I always enjoy. Normally, we sing American Idol or play Rock Band. But, today we did something different. First, we played a deer hunting game. She only had one controller that could shoot at the pretend deer’s on the screen. So, one of us got the Wii gun controller and the other got the plain old Wii remote. It was much harder using the Wii remote trying to aim at the deer’s. We also took turns with each controller. It had a pleasurable challenge though, you had to aim and hit the moose’s and bears, before they ate you. No, stop drop and roll. Wait, that thing is for fire. We played the duck shooting game next. It took us a while to figure out how to actually get the pretend Wii gun and the remote to shoot. I got lost in the controls again. After, you shoot about 6 ducks; you have to make your dog go get them by using the dog commands. The dogs didn’t want to listen to, “Come, Here, Sit, and There”. The dogs obviously didn’t have a sense of smell at all. The dogs would be right over the birds and they still couldn’t see them. Then, we played two fishing games. One of the games had a mind of its own. The boat would move, if you hit the A button. Of course, I would always cast the line, then I would hit the A button and bam. The boat would start going on its own and I would hit the shore. Then, the boat wouldn’t back up, without taking out the nunchuk from the back of the Wii cast line controller. Maybe it wasn’t in there right, I have no idea. We couldn’t figure out the problem. But it kept happening. So, we played another Wii fishing game and the fishing game got kind of boring, so we moved on. We then played a surfing game and a skiing game with the Wii balance board. Yes, you know good and well, I couldn’t race around the tracks without hitting the gate or wall. Next, we decided to take a break and we rode her golf cart around the block a few times. We watched the Jo Dee Messina podcast broadcast at her house. Jo Dee Messina shared some good stories of inspiration this week. So if you missed it, go watch it! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I didn’t work out again today. Yes, I know I am falling behind. But I am still celebrating my birthday! Haha Next, after the show, her father decided to teach me how to pay the acoustic guitar. He taught me a few chords C, G, A, E, and a lot more. Okay, I don’t know much about guitar beside how to strum the guitar and how to hold the pick. He taught me that, since he has played for years. Someone needs to practice! Yes, I mean me. He also said, “I have the long fingers for it.” You know what they always say about long fingers. Okay, you got me; I don’t know what they say. Well, another thing is that my fingers started to hurt after about an hour and a half. They are still a little numb. I am thinking learning the guitar and mastering running is my goals for the summer.

What are some of your goals this year?

Do you play any instruments? If so, what kind? How often do you play? How many hours a time?

Maybe your thing is working out. How often do you work out? What kind of activities do you do?

Journey of My Run Week 1 : Day 6

Week 1

Day 6 - Wednesday, April 21

I didn’t work out today. Grasp. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Why didn’t I.” Well, today was my birthday, so I took the day off! I celebrated with my family. We all need love and I have not loved people for a long time. I would love them, until they said or did something I didn’t like. I was selfish and I still can be most of the time. But I believe, “I am changing with God’s help.” I had to heal and start loving people again. I am still learning how too. I didn’t really smile a lot in life. But I am determined, I will enjoy life. I will write more blogs about certain topics too. I could continue on about things, I truly believe in and I will. I enjoyed my birthday dinner. I didn’t really want a family dinner, at first, but then I kind of needed it and wanted it. My family is some of the best people in my life, who will stand beside me no matter what. Friends will come and go and most do. Some move away and some just get hurt and leave. I have made a lot of mistakes, but they are making me a better person. The only thing you can do is say, “You’re sorry and ask for forgiveness” from them and God. I will continue in this journey called “Life”.

Journey of My Run Week 1 : Day 5

Week 1

Day 5 - Tuesday, April 20

I went on the pathway of fitness in the awesome park. I had to walk/run before the Jo Dee Messina Podcast! I almost didn’t make it. I went only three laps today. I took 41761 steps around the track so far. I went a total of 1.67 miles today. I burned 1280 calories. I am guessing that the pedometer is keeping up with my whole totals for the calories and the steps. I am not really sure; I guess someone needs to actually read the booklet, in the near future. Or we could just wait and see how the numbers keep changing. I am leaning to waiting at least for right now. I hit the reset button every time; at first, I thought it actually cleared it. But maybe it only clears the time and the miles. Anyways, I walked for a total of 16 minutes and 5 seconds. First, I ran the first lap. Second, I walked the second lap like always. Third, I walk the last and final lap. Okay, I know I have to push myself a little bit more. I only have about one more month to do so, but I am going to get to that finish line! I know, with God’s help, I will keep improving in my journey to my destination. I could definitely use your prayers.

When, I got back, Jo Dee Messina started her Tuesday broadcast. She gave me a shout-out for my birthday tomorrow. Thank you, Jo Dee for the shout-out! Also, I would like to thank her for answering my question and asking the chat room what people thought about the show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. She thought one of my questions was, “powerful”. It was the question, “Why eat bad, when we know it is killing us?” You can watch the broadcast below.

Keep tuning in to her podcasts! Keep following my running show!

Journey of My Run Week 1 : Day 4

Week 1

Day 4 - Monday, April 19

My journey in running a 5K event was a little strenuous today. Since, I didn’t sleep good last night I had trouble putting out all the energy to run completely and smoothly. I guess the award show got me too pumped up to sleep soundly. I am in love with music. Haha! I enjoyed Carrie Underwood’s and Miranda Lambert’s performance at the show the most. I also liked the new comer girl, Laura Bell Bundy that performance made her look like a country Britney Spears. I loved Reba McEntire’s jokes that she shared. I was a little disappointed that Sugarland didn’t perform and Jo Dee Messina wasn’t asked to perform. But we let some of the newer people with songs, I haven’t heard perform. Some of the performances were good and some were a little boring. Now back to the results, I ran the first lap again. The second I walked and the third I ran a part of it. The fourth I walked yet again. I went a total of 23228 steps in my voyage. I went a total of 1.86 miles, which was a little bit less than the day before. I blazed a total of 1169 calories, which is always a magnificent thing. I worked out for a total of 27 minutes and 13 seconds. I increased in a little bit of time for some reason. Oh, that’s right I had to move to make it back in time for the award ceremony. Well, until next time.

Journey of My Run Week 1 : Day 3

Week 1

Day 3 - Sunday, April 18
Today was a quite a long or it seemed that way in my run/walk. I ran the first lap on the track. I made it about 1 full lap running, but mom pointed out that it wasn’t actually near the start line. I was trying to be optimism about going a full lap non- stopped. I walked the second lap. I am trying to do a run and a walk at the very beginning. Then, I hope to increase the length and the process of running a full 5K. I ran part of the third lap, and then I stopped yet again. But it is making me stronger to keep pressing on to the finish line. I walked the very last lap of course. I went a total of four laps again today. My side got a little bit sorer today along with my legs. However, yesterday my side didn’t hurt though. As they always say, “No pain no gain”. I went for a total of 1.91 miles in my goal of a 5K. I also burned 1044 calories, which is a great thing. I went a total of 34290 steps and a worked out for a total of 23 minutes and 19 seconds. Thank you for your support and your love! :) I also want to thank you for all the prayers and donations to St. Jude’s. Now to watch the 45th ACM Awards, you know I couldn’t miss it.

What performances were you excited to see?

What did you think of the show?

Who were you rooting for?

Tell me your thoughts! I want to hear from you. Make sure you share my webpage and tell your friends what I am doing. Tell them to join me in helping children going through cancer.

Journey of My Run Week 1 : Day 2

Week 1

Day 2 - Saturday, April 17

It’s finally, day number two on my journey of running a 5K. I started walking the first lap in the park. But I decided to push myself a little more, and I ran the second lap. I walked the third lap around the track. Later, I ran a small piece in the forth lap. I didn’t run the whole lap I started good, but then I started to get tired. I put way to much energy in running just one lap. But it was a good start. I went a total of four laps again today. As a result, I walked/ran 2.01 miles today around the track. Yesterday, if you remember, I walked/ran a total of 1.89 miles. I am increasing, which is a good thing in my running distance. You have to start small to get big. We didn’t just learn our ABC’s in a day at least I didn’t. I burned an entire 908 calories according to my pedometer. I burned more today than yesterday. I know you’re thinking well if you walked more miles you WOULD have burned more calories. Yes, I know, but why not still celebrate. It’s all about enjoying life and loving every minute of it. I took a total of 30256 steps during the laps. I worked out for a grand total of 22 minutes and 40 seconds. I did go celebrate; I went to Dairy Queen and had a Peanut Buster Parfait. Have anyone noticed how the size of the ice cream has changed? The parfait used to be bigger, but now it is smaller. But the price is the same. Different discuss for a later day. I haven’t eaten one in quite a while, I decided to celebrate. I am currently reading about how to live guilty free. It’s called Eat the Cookie and Buy the Shoes By Joyce Meyer. The book describes how to enjoy life and not to feel guilty for celebrating your small victories. But that’s doesn’t many you can eat the cookie every day and buy something nice for yourself every day. I only have read about three chapters in it so far. So I enjoyed the ice cream, now time to get back to work. But we can’t forget why I am doing this event. It’s all about running to help raise money for St. Jude’s. It’s always good to keep that in the back of my head and in the front. To remind myself that if they could run they would and that helps give me motivation! It’s all about helping one another. It could easily have been me.

I want to ask you some questions. I want to hear from you and your feedback.

What kind of sports did you play in middle school, high school, or college? Do you still play on a team? Or do you just do it for fun?

Have you ever run in a K before? If you have, why did you choose to participate in it? Was it for an excellent cause?

Do you enjoy working out? Was it hard at first? Did it get easier overtime?

If you could make a difference in someone’s life would you? How are you helping people in everyday life?

Thank you for your feedback! Thank you so much for the continued support in helping me raise money for St. Jude’s.

Journey of My Run Week : 1 Day 1

Week 1

Day 1 - Friday, April 16

My day one run/walk was a little difficult and challenging. I ran and walked around the park near my house. I would run a half a lap, then I would walk a half of a lap. I went a total of four laps around the park. The park walking track is in a big circle on level ground for the most part. The first day did make me a little bit sore, but it’s because I was not use to it. My side did hurt a little from running. I know it will get easier over time. I am using a Life Wise Digital Pedometer to record my process. The total steps I walked were 26002 steps, which equaled a total of 1.89 miles. I burned 775 calories; the timer said it took me 21 minutes and 48 seconds to complete the work out. I started slow on my first day, since I haven’t run a 5K or even a 1K ever. I did however; take a class in high school in which, I had to run a total of 20 minutes to pass the final. It has been 2 years ago, as a result it’s time for me to get back in shape. I will continue to keep updating. Keep going after your goals. Thank you for all the love and support.

Journey of Me Running a 5K for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Journey of My Run:

I have been feeling the need to join a 5K run. But first let me back up. It all started, when I hear from a Country Music artist, Mrs. Jo Dee Messina talking about the run. I have listened to her music, since I was a little kid. I remember when “Bye-Bye” and “I’m Alright” was released on a CD. Now times have changed, you can buy music online now from ITunes, Amazon, Wal-Mart Downloads, and many other online stores. But Jo Dee was one of my first artists’ I grew up to like. She was always a country girl, who could tell it like it is. She still can tell it like it is.

Well, one day I turned on the computer and saw that she was going to be starting a podcast. It was a live podcast via Ustream, which is a way you can connect with fans through a chat board and can even put on a show live. She also took calls via Say Now, which is a phone service that lets artists answer calls and talk to fans. The artists take the calls on their own phones and there real numbers are never revealed.

I know you’re thinking what does this have to do with running a 5K. I am getting there slowly. It started when I talked to Jo Dee Messina live on her podcast. Yes, I actually talked to the one and only Jo Dee Messina. There was a little joke going on about a caller asking for Justin Bieber's Say Now number. They wanted to call him, but somehow the little girls got Jo Dee’s number instead. So I called and asked her his number too as a joke. Then, I decided why not ask for Reba’s number while I was at it. I asked if she could hook me up with her. Yes, I am a 19 year old but hey, I had to pick a big top name. I had to take that risk. Jo Dee laughed hard; everyone knows that I had to bring the laugher to the show! She is a very rounded down to Earth girl. I have watched most of the podcasts.

If you would like to watch her podcasts, she does them every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 EST/6 CST/04:00PM PT during the month of April. The show is called Make Something of It with Jo Dee Messina on Ustream. She is getting fans throughout the globe to send in awesome stories of inspiration to share. She is also is sharing shout-outs, taking questions, sharing your talents, and a hot button, but she is trying to keep it uplifting. You can email her your stories, questions, ideas for the show by using her website. She started the show to help her promote her new album coming out Tuesday, April 27. Tune in and you might get to hear previews. You still have time to order her autographed copy of Unmistakable Trilogy: Love for a special price of 5.99. But it’s only for a limited time.

Just use the forms on her website to submit the info below:

Watch the broadcast live below:

Now, here is what, I want to share with you. I just wanted to give you the background on why, I decided to take on this next huge life changing challenge.

On Saturday, June 12, 2010, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is holding an event to raise money for Cancer research for children. Country superstar, Jo Dee Messina is hosting the event for St. Jude’s Hospital. She has invited fans to take part in the run with her. So, I have decided to start training for a 5K run, which she is hosting. I think it is a wonderful cause to be a small part of. I invite you to take part in the run, as well, if you are in the Nashville area. Maybe you could even travel to the event too. My story is I haven’t ever participated in a run before. My goal is to make the 5K event knowing, I helped make a difference. Even if you can’t join in the event, you can still donate online. I urge you to help out St. Jude’s Hospital today. I will be a part of Jo Dee’s The Unmistakables running team. You are welcome to join any other team or you can even start your own.

The Unmistakables team link is listed below:

For the list of other team’s here is the link:

I decided to run with Jo Dee Messina and all the St. Jude’s Heroes in this 5K event coming up in June. I will keep blogging and keep everyone up to date. If I can do it, so can you. Just, please check with your physician or any other health care professional before you start exercising. They will be able to make sure you are fit to start training.

The 5K run event starts at 8 am on Saturday, June 12, 2010. There is also a Fun Run for kid’s that starts at 7:30 am. The event starts at the Public Square Courthouse in Nashville, TN.

If you want to join the 5K run, check out the link below:

The fee’s to join the 5K are $20 through May 28.The fee’s increase however, if you decide to wait, until it gets closer to June. If you want until the day of the event it will cost you $30 to enter it. It should be an exciting day of fun, knowing you helped make a difference. I hope you will consider helping me raise money for the kid’s going through the awful diseases of cancer.

If you would like to support me, which I hope you will consider.

Check out the link below:

You are helping so many children out, where St. Jude's can keep helping them daily. Cancer is a deadly disease, but you can help save a child's life. Thank you for your continued support. It is going to a wonderful cause.

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