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Journey of My Run Week 2 : Day 1

Week 2

Day 1 - Friday, April 23

I got up the courage to tweet to Christian Singers, Mary Mary or also known as Erica and Tina. They retweeted my tweet about helping St. Jude’s about a week ago. Thanks girls for listening and reposting to your followers! Then Friday, I asked Mary Mary, what they would like to tell teens out there. I asked them this, “If you could tell teens; one thing what would it be?” Mary Mary said, “~Listen!!!!!!Slow Down n Seek God!!” I agree with this statement.

Sometimes as teenagers, we don’t really listen as well as we should. Guys, occasionally have a huge problem in this area with communicating our thoughts and feelings. Most tend to avoid it. We all know, guys don’t talk as much as girls. We need to be better communicators and listen to one another. We don’t need to talk all the time. We need to listen more than we talk. I am not saying never say a word, we need to listen to one another. Most of the world is becoming me-minded. We need to say right things and be positive in our daily lives. Just listen to how people talk for a week and you will see.

Most teens use curse words a lot more these days. I know I am one of them. Of course, I am 20 now and still do. I will have to continue to work on this every single day. Even adults use curse words. We get mad at the neighbors, drivers, kids, friends, when we hurt ourselves or anything else when we don’t get our way. We all know what happens next, we say some words and maybe a few not so beautiful words slip out. Then, we do the blame game, well they made me mad! I was caught up in emotions. I didn’t mean it. You don’t know what they said to me. I regret it now. Boy, we got a long list to choose from. I remember one time, when I let one slip out and there was a child around. Way to go, Andrew!

I think sometimes it’s out of what can I get from that person. Most teenagers will not talk to the lonely kid sitting by himself at school. Why are we so afraid, we will lose our current friends? It must be out of fear or maybe it’s out of we don’t care. I mean look at the bulling going around. In the past, the bulling only could happen in real life. Now, we got kids on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Formspring, and any other social site getting cyber bullied. I am not saying these sites are bad in any way. We just have to use them for good purposes and not bad. You can pretty much invite the bully to come live with you at home. You bully me at school, why not just come live with me too. Guys and girls you can choose to delete them from your friends list. DON’T ADD THEM! BLOCK THE ACCOUNT! You might be scared and be thinking what if they come after me. Tell a professional at your school; if that person doesn’t listen go tell another one. If you know someone is getting bullied stop it and go tell someone. You could be their hero. Sit with the loners! If you already have a group, invite the loners over to be a part of your group. You might be thinking, well they are different. I guess you’re getting a different perspective on whatever you talk about at the table. We have got to start loving each other more. We need love! Maybe you’re an adult and there is a lonely girl or guy at work, talk to them. You’re never too old or too young to reach out and make a difference.

Oh and yes, I didn’t continue on my running journey today. But I will eventually. I ran four days this week! That’s a huge start for me. Remember to take time and love!


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