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The Last Thing I Remember By Andrew Klavan Book Review

In The Last Thing I Remember, Charlie West has been kidnapped and he can’t remember what happened. West can only remember doing homework the night before and then he went to bed. West is in high school and he is practicing karate daily. He has a secret dream of becoming an air force pilot someday. West also has a major crush on Beth Summers. The day before he was captured, West got up enough courage to ask Beth out on a date. When his life finally started looking wonderful something happened, and he can’t figure out why he is tied up to a chair. The guards want to have him killed. Will Charlie West survive or will they kill him? Will he find out what happened after he went to bed? How did he get captured?

The book was very enthralling and it kept me on the edge of trying to figure out what happened to Charlie West. I started the book on Friday and I finished it on Tuesday! It only took me five days to read it! The plot kept me captivated in finishing the book. I would recommend this fiction book to anyone who enjoys an immense suspenseful/mystery book. Klavan does a great job in describing and making the story come to life. I felt like I was watching this story play out on the big movie screen. It really is that good! The story continues on into another series of books and I can’t wait to start reading them!

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