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Break Down Your Walls

The fears of life can be very overwhelming at times. We tend to fear the unknowns of life. I guess we realize we can’t control anything in life. If we could control everything we wouldn’t need a Savior.

The walls in life get build around our hearts to protect us from the outside. I have always seemed to put a wall around mine. I let in most of my family but some I think we tend to reject. Yes, we still see them but we don’t really love them for who they are. We’re busy in our own little world. We think they are different why let them in. Maybe they offended us; however, we don’t forgive the person. We think “oh who cares I will just stay away from them”. If I don’t talk to the person they can’t hurt me anymore; instead, we put up a wall to keep them out. We block them out forever, or at least until we see a reason to let them back in. Now, we might wake up in time to change, but what if they are stroked dead the next day. Tomorrow is way too late get to know the person.

I have been there most of my life and I know how the walls work. I have quite a few walls up myself. Why do we tend to block out our family members, antagonists, friends, and other church members? Are they really that different? I know people will hurt you by their comments. If have a choice to move on and forgive them.

Sometimes we are just so selfish including me. I have acted out a lot in life and burnt some bridges. I shut people who hurt me out of my life for good. I am not perfect and I have made a lot of mistakes. I guess the mistakes tell the stories. If it was a perfect day, every day with no problems, we would just find some other way to not be happy.

You can only run from people for so long. Eventually, you will have to face everything in life. Granted you can run forever in life if you choose too. You have freewill to do anything you want to do.

There’s a lot of pain and scary events in life to hide away from.

· Death

· Failing

· Unknown

· Rejection

· Parents Divorcing

· Bugs

That is only a very short list of fears people go through. I don’t know every fear out there and what is easy for you someone else might be afraid of it.

We don’t see what is behind the scenes in people lives. We only see the person they show us too be. There’s a lot of hurting people out there just turn on the news. You don’t have to turn on the news to hear about bad things you still hear the stories. The question is… will you help them?

I know your thinking why should I have problems of my own. You want to know the truth we all do. I don’t have anything to give to the hurting people. I didn’t say anything about giving away money. If they need it help them. Most people just need one thing love and acceptation. They are so different from me. Granted people are different, but that’s the beauty of life. Sorry, they can’t all be like you. I kind of glad about that if they were as quiet as me well… I guess the birds could do more talking than people. I know we all use the excuses. We can sometimes be experts in why we can’t help each other out.

People are the way they are because of things that make up their pasts. Some kids go through numerous problems in life.

· A kid kills himself because he thinks no one loves him.

· Another blames himself for their parents divorcing when he was little.

· Yet, a girl try’s to find love through sex and thinking oh he loves me.

· A parent dies and they don’t know how to handle it

· Peer pressure

· A little guy gets picked on in class and he now has a hard time trusting people

· His peers always reject him and never talk to him- they think he’s different

· The lie that drugs help you feel better about life

· Drinking to forget your problems

· Her father hits her every night

· A little girl is exploited into human trafficking

These problems are extremely real. Sometimes we wish they weren’t but they are. We don’t have control of some things in life but some things we do. Sometimes you have to dig to find the root of the problem and then work to change it.

We find our voids in so many different kinds of things. Most of those, things only fill you up for a limited time. We try the next thing, and the next thing, and still the next thing, and wait the next thing. Wait, let’s go back and try them all again. It’s only a temporary rush then it disappears. The question is it worth it?

We all make mistakes in life that’s why it’s important to forgive each other every day. If you hold on to the hurt you will just take it out on other people. Joyce Meyer once said, “Hurting people hurt people.”

Only God can truly fill you up in life. It takes Faith to trust God in times when your life is spinning out of control. We have to learn to trust God, since he is the only one who knows what’s best for us.

“Take my side, God—I'm getting kicked around, stomped on every day. Not a day goes by but somebody beats me up; They make it their duty to beat me up. When I get really afraid I come to you in trust. I'm proud to praise God; fearless now, I trust in God. What can mere mortals do?” Psalm 56:1-4 (The Message)

“My help and glory are in God —granite-strength and safe-harbor-God—So trust him absolutely, people; lay your lives on the line for him. God is a safe place to be.” Psalm 62:8 (The Message)

“The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that.” Proverbs 29:25 (The Message)

How do you break down your walls? The only way to break them down is to keep going through. Everyone has different stories from different areas of life. I haven’t shared most of my stories. I tend to draw back but I don’t have to hide. If people hurt you in life just keep forgiving them. Don’t shut people out of your life. Let them in! Yes, you might get hurt by people rejecting you. God is always there to help you heal your wounds and move on with your life.

God Bless,


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