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Have a New You by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman Book Review

Dr. Kevin Leman is a well known psychologist that has appeared on Oprah, The View, Today Show, and a number of other TV programs. Leman was born a lastborn child. He loves telling jokes and making people laugh. In his book entitled, “Have a New You by Friday”, Leman shared stories from his personal life. Leman shared one story that helped change his perspective of his own life. One of his teachers made a huge impact and difference in his life by encouraging and helping him to try harder in school. He came to accept who he was created to be throughout his life. This book will help you to learn how to accept and love yourself despite our fallible self. Leman has studied the four personalities and he will guide you into finding your own unique personality. The book will help you to stand up and to fight against the lies you have believed about yourself. Even if some lies were spoken over you, he will teach you how to overcome the lies spoken. The book will also demonstrate your birth order and how you fit into your family. Leman will describe and give you examples of famous celebrities and their birth order to encourage you that someone else is just like you.

This book was interesting to me to learn where I fit in my own birth order and that my personality is okay and normal. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be the entire person that God has created you to be. Leman teaches you interesting personality traits about yourself and others. He reveals how to “Have a New You by Friday” and he guides you into being the person you want to be and were created to be.

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