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Mere Churchianity by Michael Spencer Book Review

In Mere Churchianity, Michael shared a story about a letter he received from an atheist. The atheist was a worker at Dairy Queen. She wrote to Michael, who was the youth minister, and she told him that his youth group wasn’t very nice to the workers at Dairy Queen. His youth group made a mess with a saltshaker and left it to be cleaned by someone else. She didn’t like Christians but could you blame her for the way that the “youth group” acted. The youth group had a chance to influence non-believers for the better and they failed.

Michael wrote this book for leavers of the church. He believed that most Christians who have left the church are leaving because of some of the legalism rules we have placed on the church. He doesn’t think they are leaving because they don’t believe in God. It is because they are looking for the real Jesus and some churches aren’t showing and teaching about Jesus. We are all called to be disciples of Jesus and we are supposed to help one another.

“Many leave the church because their aloneness is never recognized by others, and others in the church never realize their own sin in isolating the people in their midst. So those who don’t conform and thus fail to fit in, for whatever reason, are left alone to be alone.” (180)

My thoughts on this book are that as a church we all need to do better than we are currently doing. We shouldn’t have our youth groups or adults groups making messes for other people to clean up and insulting workers. We are called to be the church and we are called to be like Jesus. Jesus served the homeless, the out casted, and anyone who needed his help, which we all need, his help. Non-believers are watching Christians to see if we are living out what we are teaching. I understand why some people leave the church now. But we have to live out what we say we believe. I wonder how many youth groups and adults have done something similar to this story. I agree with Mere Churchianity and that we are called to be disciples of Jesus and we need to serve one another. We have to live out what we believe and mean it!

I would recommend this book to any church member and any member that has left the church. We can all grow to understand why some people leave the church. We can all also learn to reach out to church members and non-believers and show them the real Jesus! We have to always remember that actions speak louder than words! We can’t forget who Jesus is and what his word teaches us to do.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.

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