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40 Ways to Get Closer to God: By Jerry MacGregor with Keri Wyatt Kent Book Review

In 40 Ways to Get Closer to God, Jerry MacGregor walks readers through how to grow deeper in their Faith. This book is a devotional book that is meant to be read and lived out in our daily lives. Each day has a quote that will inspire you. MacGregor has provided daily challenges to help you along your spiritually journey. It also has blank lines where you can journal about your process on paper. Some of the lessons are called Conquerors, Forgiveness, Take and Read, 'Fess Up, Simplicity, Prayer Warriors, Celebrate, and much more! This book will help anyone grow closer to Christ if you are willing to listen to the suggestions Jerry MacGregor gives.

One of my favorite quotes was:

"If you want to grow closer to God, you cannot focus only on what you believe, on what truths you claim, or what you say you know. You must also act on your beliefs. How you live matters as much as what you claim to believe." Jerry MacGregor (Page 119)

I would recommend this devotional book to teenagers and adults. It will guide readers on how to become closer to God. There are practical things readers can do to stretch their Faith. You will be motivated and challenged to read the word and memorize scriptures. We are called to help one another and be an example of Christ. We have to choose to live our lives and have a positive impact on one another. I encourage you to read this book and let it bring you closer to God than you have ever been before. Don’t just read the 40 days devotions live them out with your life! Take the challenges and work them in your life and you will see changes like never before. You can be a blessing to others by being everything God has called you to be!

“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers book review bloggers program.”

Read Day One and Day Two Devotions:

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