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The Essential Guide to Healing: Equipping All Christians to Pray for the Sick By Bill Johnson and Randy Clark Book Review

In the Essential Guide to Healing, Bill Johnson and Randy Clark explored how people can pray for people to become healed. Randy Clark has experienced firsthand his own healing. He got into a bad car accident and had some serious health problems. He started praying for his body to be healed and God healed him. He eventually became a minister and started traveling the world preaching the message that God is still here performing miracles.  The book shared countless stories about people being healed from spina bifida, back injuries, muscles withering, ear problems, and many other sicknesses. The book shared the impact of using the words of knowledge. The words of knowledge are the way we receive visions and words from the Lord to bring healing. We have to listen to the voice and leading of the Spirit on who we need to pray for. If a part of your body hurts and it just started he may be leading you to pray for someone else’s hurting body. The book also revealed a five step prayer model in order to pray for others healing. The book will walk you through on how to pray for healing. It gives a lot of examples and stories on how Bill and Randy has prayed and listened to God’s voice and leading.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to pray for others to be healed. Prayer is the first step in making our requests know to God. Healing is in God’s hands so it’s important to not think it’s us who brought healing. The words of knowledge shown in this book explained how to listen and receive from God who he wants us to pray for to be healed. We have to listen to his small voice and dreams he gives us to pray for others. This book will show you the importance of listening to others stories. You need to try and find out where they need for you to pray for them. The book also contains how other churches respond to the topic of healing. This book will guide you into praying big bolder life changing healing prayers for people who are hurting. God is urging us all to start praying for others!

“I received this book free from the publisher through the Chosen book review bloggers program.”

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