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Spirit Wars: Winning the Invisible Battle Against Sin and the Enemy By Kris Vallotton Book Review

In Spirit Wars, Kris Vallotton wrote an awesome book on the spiritual world and how to stand against the demonic forces that are attacking us. Kris has experienced firsthand attacks from Satan and his demonic forces. He has suffered from panic attacks and depression. He became free! Vallotton discovered Nehemiah teaches believers the ways Satan attacks believers. Nehemiah was trying to rebuild the walls and gates around Jerusalem. Sanballat criticized Nehemiah by trying to stop him from rebuilding the walls. The devil is still present in today times and he is trying to stop believers from fulfilling the call of God on their lives. The devil makes us doubt our gifts and talents, he likes us to throw questions into our minds, he makes us lose our Faith in God, and so much more. Readers will learn about the armor of God and how to stand strong. The book contains chapters on “How to Cast out Demons” and “Generational Curses”.

The book was very eye opening and it was the best book that I have read on understanding the devils schemes. I have realized the importance of standing on the truth of God’s word. I have struggled with the spirit of depression and it was very comforting that Kris Vallotton came through his attacks. He also shared a story that many students entered College with feelings of anxiety. He noticed that they were getting closer to God’s purpose in their life and the enemy was trying to get them to remain in bondage. I have experienced the attack of fear and loss of sleep when I entered College. I connected with this story and saw what the enemy was trying to accomplish. I would recommend this wonderful book to everyone because we need to understand that we are in a fight. Satan is throwing conflicts right in front of our very lives. This book will encourage readers to stand strong in the last days and it will help you to know what you aren’t alone. The enemy is attacking us but we must stand on the truth of God’s word. If you’re struggling with spirits of depression, fear, addictions, and many other kinds of attacks just remember that they are from Satan. I gained a lot of knowledge from this book and I believe it will help you too!

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How To Find God's Love By Don Nori Sr Book Review

How To Find God's Love, Don Nori Sr explored the depths and truths of God's endless love for you. Don Nori Sr was lonely and he felt that his life didn't matter. He didn't know how people would remember him. But God revealed his deep love for him. The book has tons of scripture to back up and support the truth of God's love. He included stories from others about how God turned their life around. He became a friend to the lonely, he set someone free from chasing after money and fame, and he set someone free from drugs and having sex to obtain someone's love. Every chapter included a powerful prayer to pray to our Father!

I would strongly recommend this book on God's everlasting love to everyone! It was a great reminder that God is more than able to change someone's life. Real joy and love comes from God. I found out that it is important to believe the life changing Gospel for myself. There is incredible power in the name of Jesus! God is always ready to forgive us for our sins all we have to do is ask! He will be a friend who is standing right by us always! Praise God! If someone is desperately seeking for love and wants to find freedom, read this book on God's unfailing love! It makes a wonderful tool for helping lost souls to come to know God!! This book will lead millions to salvation and people will find Christ!!

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Healing Your Church Hurt: What to Do When You Still Love God but Have Been Wounded by His People By Stephen Mansfield Book Review and GIVEAWAY

In Healing Your Church Hurt, Stephen Mansfield revealed the importance of forgiveness and letting your church hurts go. Most of us who have attended church have experienced some kind of offense from other Christians. The offense turns into strive and bitterness and some of us refuse to let it go. Holding on to anger doesn’t ever solve the issues in our souls. It doesn’t hurt the other person it only enslaves you. Mansfield shared a dream about his offenders standing in front of him begging for forgiveness. But he realized that he isn’t God and he isn’t the judge. He encouraged readers to let the people who hurt us out of the cages we have put them in. We can only be truly free when we choose to let the hurts go!

I would recommend this helpful book to anyone who has been hurt by a church. I have been wounded by a church and I have held onto it for many years. I made a decision to finally release my offenses that have captivated me. I can’t tell you how much freedom came when I let unforgiveness go! This book brought much needed healing to my soul. I even went back to the church I was hurt at to hear one of my cousins preach his first sermon. Before I can tell you that I wouldn’t have done that. I would have still held on to the hurts and let them control me. I even hugged some of the people that I had bitterness in my heart for. But I felt the chains of the past starting to fall! Then the next week we received a phone call and someone that I saw at church got into a car wreck and died. If I wouldn’t have forgiven the members of that church I wouldn’t have attend the service that Sunday to see this person one last time. This person wasn’t someone that hurt me but normally, I wouldn’t have even gone to that church. Everything happens at just the right time! Life is way too short to hold on to offenses that are only destroying you! Forgive and let it go!!! This book will assist you through the process of healing your church hurt!!

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