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Pursue Patience: She’ll Save Your Soul By Don Eugene Brown Book Review

Don Eugene Brown has written an excellent debut book entitled Pursue Patience. The book included many personal stories from his life and his struggles with dealing with patience. Don Eugene Brown has served in the military many different times throughout his life. He felt like God was calling him to a higher existence and in order to get there he had to ask God for what most of us are afraid to ask for. Before he left for a military mission in Germany, he decided to follow God’s prompting and pray for the virtue of patience. A key note to remember is when you pray for patience, you have better get prepared to be tested in this difficult and challenging area. Patience is remaining calm through the storms of life, she doesn’t hurry up when we are attempting to make things happen in our own strength and in our timing, and she won’t reveal everything at once. It’s important to rely on the word of God and His perfect timing for completion for our dreams to come to pass, and strength and guidance in the storms of life.  Patience is a critical aspect that must be enacted. The book included dramatic Biblical examples, including Abraham’s faith and standing on what God has promised until it came to pass to encourage readers on pursuing patience.


One part of the book that immensely benefited me was when Brown shared a vulnerable story to his pastor and his brotherhood of friends. He stated that he wanted to be like Paul and he didn’t believe he would ever marry. Eventually his desires changed and he later met his wife when he stopped looking for her. I personally have witnessed my own desires change over the past two years. I have always thought the same that I wouldn’t marry, especially since the rate of divorce is 50%, and I’m wondering how many couples are truly happy and fulfilled, and I wouldn’t have children because if you look at the world I just see a lot of conflict, danger, and trouble. I’m currently now twenty-two years old and this past year, my desires have changed. I actually want to settle down, marry, and have children someday.  Before I would have said no way! God had to slowly change me. Brown encouraged me to stop looking around for a spouse and when it’s time for us to meet God will lead the way and direct our paths. Now he isn’t saying to give up on marriage, he’s only saying to have patience. Patience has to be a chosen decision because trying to make relationships happen could lead me places that I don’t want to travel and my bag of regrets to accompany me. I must also display patience in not falling into sexual temptation before marriage. This one is very complicated to maintain when our hormones and our bodies are demanding go ahead and have sex and make love. Patience and waiting until marriage is the safe way to have the marriages God has intended, and much heartache would be saved if we waited on patience.


This is the author’s first book and I can’t wait to see what other best-selling books he writes! This book will bless you with learning about patience! I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who is struggling to endure trials and curve balls that life can throw our way. If you’re trying to move ahead of God in certain situations, then you need to read this book on patience! The waiting stage of life can sometimes be long, and you may be tempted to become discouraged but take heart, one spoken word and God can turn anything around. Delayed gratification isn’t often what many of us consider thrilling because our flesh tends to want the whole thing now!


As a society, we have become more and more of a generation of people who want and are demanding everything to happen now when we want it to occur. We want to our marriage partner to come across our path this exact moment (today, please), the slow automobiles to move out of our lane or go faster, our perfect career to manifest right now, our children to obey our house rules, when I say do it, you better do it and no talking back, the long lines checking out at the stores, and purchasing whatever goods we want but don’t truly need.


This book will guide you into chasing after patience in your life but be warned that when you pray for patience get ready for the tests to come! Reading this book has shown me, I have to have patience behind slow drivers which is a battlefield for me, especially when my favorite driving song comes on and I want to cruise. And what’s really bad is when it’s a praise song and if the car in front of me heard it, well let’s be honest it would hurt my Christian walk. This book has assisted me in waiting on God’s timing for my wife to come into my life. Whatever areas you have to deal with concerning patience, this book will immeasurably make you reach into your very soul and activate the virtue of patience that God wants to bring forth into you. Your harvest will come! Go after patience!


“I received this E-Book free from the author for this book review. I wasn’t required to write a positive review.”         


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