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It’s Not Over: How to Keep Moving Forward When You Feel You’re Losing the Fight By Ricardo Sanchez Book Review

Ricardo Sanchez is a leading worship leader in the Atlanta residence and the book is based on the song entitled, “It’s Not Over”. The best-selling song was co-written with Israel Houghton.  It’s Not Over is written to encourage readers to not let the press of trials to discourage them and cause them to quit, when the pressure of life comes against them. He has experienced a personal situation that has forever changed his entire life and like most people he never saw the attack coming. He was travelling to Jacksonville, Florida on a ministry trip and when he stepped off the plane his phone was bombarded with urgent messages telling him to call home. The text and phone messages were from pastors, friends, family, and most importantly his wife, Jeanette. He called his wife and his entire world came crashing down, while he was standing in an airport. She promptly told him that there had been an accident involving their son. Their son, Josiah was at a friend’s house and he dove into the shallow end of the swimming pool and he hit his head on the bottom of the pool. They had to pull him out of the water because he couldn’t feel anything. It was difficult for Ricardo to be so far away from his wife and son when they needed him for support. He decided that during the waiting part of a flight back to Atlanta, he would worship and praise God for who he was and his mighty power that he had control over everything.  He had to silence the voices from the enemy that his son would never be able to walk or talk again. The book enclosed many scriptural examples to assist readers that are going through their own trials.


One important aspect that Ricardo pointed out was, don’t let bitterness grow and affect your perception and mind-set. It’s easy to become jealous when someone gets blessed with something we have been praying and believing for. We have to wait on the Lord’s timing and completion for our lives. You may be feeling like he isn’t listening, he is ignoring you, he left you during the storm, or that he doesn’t care about your needs and problems. But this is a lie! He hasn’t forgotten about what you’re been faithfully praying for and he hasn’t left your side.


I would recommend this book to anyone who believes their life is over because of a failure or mistake they have made. It would also encourage readers to not ever declare and say that their marriage is over or that no one would want to marry them. Maybe you have recently lost your job or your business went bankrupt and you don’t see a way to provide for your family. Maybe you’re been praying for divine healing to take place because you know that God is still able to heal. You must remember that “it isn’t over until God say so”. The word “it” can mean many different things to different people - apply this statement where it is needed. I especially love the behind the song meaning that the book entails. The song and book has inspired me to keep waiting and when the press in life comes to stand firm. I immensely enjoyed the last chapter that contained personal stories shared to remind readers that “it’s not over until God says so”. The stories ranged from people on the verge on a divorce, people struggling to pay their bills, healing from sickness, and many more. This book will impact your life and you will be encouraged that it’s not over!


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