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When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up: Principles for Conversations You Won’t Regret By Dr. Michael D. Sedler Book Review

When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up was written to direct readers on learning when to speak up about certain situations and when you should keep quiet. One of the many issues we have in speaking up and stating what we are thinking is we make excuses. We often allow fear to dominate our lives and we hold back when we need to use our mouths. Sometimes we even go so far as to remind ourselves that we have nothing to contribute to the conversations. The book gave tips on how to converse our concerns and problems to people in authority.


Dr. Michael D. Sedler explored the Biblical background of Adam and Eve, in vast depth. Satan tricked Eve into compromising and eating the forbidden fruit. He told her that she wouldn’t die and she would become like God and have all knowledge of good and evil. Eve handed the forbidden fruit to her husband, Adam. He also consumed the fruit knowing he shouldn’t have done so. This is a classic example, beginning at the beginning of time, and it still occurs today. Many of us stay silence when we need to speak up. Then when God confronted Adam he blamed his actions on Eve. How many of us try to place the blame on someone else?


The book covered “Conversation Guidelines” which I personally thought was very beneficial to readers to take a look at. He told business leaders to be open to engage and listening to their employees concerns. Next, he discussed the importance in marriage and having effective communication regularly to prevent unnecessary hidden hurts and resentments from occurring.  Many times children complain that we weren’t listening to them fully. When our children are sharing their hearts we must stop what we are doing and listen. He also shared about letting your children have their own opinions about life and be willing to listen, even if you disagree with their stance on some certain things. I think this is a magnificent concept I must follow when I have my own children.


I would recommend this brilliant book to anyone who struggles to state their opinions because they are insecure and afraid of what others might think of something they say. They are allowing fear to control them and this book will show readers how to break free. This book is also for the readers who have a hard time not being quiet and letting others speak and share what’s on their heart. If readers put these life principles into their lives, they will be able to communicate more freely and effectively with their spouse, children, parents, supervisor, church members, and relationships with others. This book has taught me how to handle and discuss concerns with authority figures. If you’re looking to enhance and improve how you communicate with others, then this book is for you!



“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers/ Chosen book review bloggers program.” 



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