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Bold As Love: What Can Happen When We See People the Way God Does By Bob Roberts, Jr. Book Review

In Bold As Love, Bob Roberts, Jr. met Prince Turki al-Faisal, who is the founder of Saudi Arabia’s modern intelligence service. He is a Muslim and he encouraged Bob Roberts, Jr. to bring different faiths together and to learn to respect each other beliefs. He figured if Bob could bring harmony between diverse faiths in Dallas, he could do it anywhere. He decided to invite Jews, Muslims, and other faiths into his congregation to prove that though we disagree in our faiths. Most of us fear that if we connect with other people of dissimilar faiths we might be converted or challenged in our faith. He has seen people engaging in connecting with other faiths actually grow stronger in their own personal beliefs. An important aspect to remember is to not judge others for their faith and to racially love them.


Bob Roberts, Jr. stated that every believer must answer three questions, “Why do you believe in God?, “Why do you believe in only one God?”, and “Why are you a Christian?” Or “Why do you believe in the Trinity?” It’s important to know the answers for yourself where you can share with others what you believe. You can also learn and listen to what other faiths believe in and why they believe it. He encouraged readers to live with the concept of “multifaith”. He wants different faiths to be able to live and interact with each other without having to tone down or change our beliefs.


I would recommend this magnificent book to anyone who has a difficult time accepting others because they have different views from us. We’re called to show Christ’s love to others and this doesn’t mean we have to convert to another religion. It only means demonstrating love boldly. I especially enjoy how transparent Bob Roberts, Jr. was in sharing that he was upset about someone suggesting for him to return to Vietnam. He had a difficult time in traveling to Vietnam after we lost a great number of our service men and women. But he was committing to forgiving and not punishing people who weren’t even a part of the war. If you’re looking for a book to racially change your views on how we treat people of other faiths, then this book will guide you on displaying the love of Christ. We can choose to love and reach out to others or we can harden our hearts.


"I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson/Handlebar Marketing for this review".



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