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Fire of the Raging Dragon: Pacific Rim Series By Don Brown Book Review


Fire of the Raging Dragon is the second novel in the series Pacific Rim Series.


The Chinese president, Tang Qhichen, also called the Raging Dragon, ordered his military forces to attack and conquer the island Itu Aba, Spratly Islands. Itu Aba belongs to Thailand. The Chinese gained control of the island. And the Taiwanese captured the Chinese ship Shemnong which is carrying military weapons. Many lives were lost and some of the remaining people on board the ship needed medical help. Shemnong requested medical assistance from the USS Vicksburg. The United States President Douglas Surber granted the request and ordered the ship to help the people on board. They discovered crimes against humanity on board the ship Shemnong. President Surber ordered for the ship to be captured and placed in United States care. This upset President Tang Qhichen and he attacked USS Vicksburg. USS Emory S. Land was near the ships and the Chinese captured the ship and demanded the United States to release Shemnong or they would kill everyone on board the ship. President Surber was torn in making a decision to let Shemnong go and ignore the crimes he saw on the ship or let Vicksburg be destroyed. But a major factor was his own daughter was a marine on board USS Vicksburg.


I immensely enjoyed reading this novel. It had a breathtaking plot and action that kept me hooked in. The novel had me feeling like this could truly happen. The crimes against humanity that was revealed in the novel could really be happening and we have no idea. It’s shocking and heartbreaking that something like this could exist. I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves adventures and suspense. It would leave you entertained and thankful for the military that are committed to serving their country. They know the dangers and risks and still faithfully protect. If you’re looking for a great gift for someone, then this is the new series they will enjoy to receive!


“I received this book for free from Zondervan for this review”.


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