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Unglued Devotional: 60 Days of Imperfect Process By Lysa Terkeurst Book Review

Unglued Devotional is a companion devotional to the bestselling book, Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions. The book is written primarily to the target audience for women. The devotional has 60 days’ worth of life lessons and stories that Lysa Terkeurst has encountered. The topics range from emotions being out of control, honesty, lack of self-control, envying and comparing ourselves to others, condemnation, being afraid, and many other themes. Lysa Terkeurst shared very honest stories to help readers to control their emotions and not to be led by their feelings. She admits there are times when she has yelled at her kids and had trouble forgiving her husband when he does something that offends her. She described a time when one of her daughters decided to have a drawing party on her freshly painted walls. And she had to practice self-control with the help of the Holy Spirit and this is an everyday process. She also explained losing her baby sister and struggling with the why questions.


The devotional for each day incorporated a thought for the day, a scripture verse, and a prayer for you to pray. The book also encompassed in the appendix a section to “determine your reaction type”. It will ask personal questions to figure what how you handle difficult situations. The reaction types are “internal processor”, “external processer”, “external expresser”, and “internal suppressor”.


I immensely benefited from day 55, “Advice to Unglued Wives: Stop Praying”. This particular day discussed how many women pray about fixing their husband and not praying on how to love them more. Even though it’s written in the format of praying about your husband, I strongly believe husbands can also take the advice and make sure they are praying to God about how to love our wife more like Christ. One of my favorite quotes was, “Praying for him means digging into God’s Word and praying Scriptures specific to his struggles. That’s powerful! When we pray the Word of God, we pray the will of God” (Page 178). What man wouldn’t want his wife to be bold enough to pray that over their life? And vice versa. Lysa Terkeurst made a great point to remind readers that they can’t change and control anybody but themselves.


Another supportive and helpful day was day 42 entitled, “My Creative Best”. This day revealed the hidden dangerous cycle of comparison and envying what others have that we truly want or we’re praying for. Many of us have a longing for something to fill that void into our empty soul. We want a spouse, we want kids, deeper friendships, a talent someone else has, to be skinnier or more toned, a bigger house, or a better paying job. Lysa Turkeust stated that we’re not supposed to be trying to carry someone else’s load. Galatians 6:4-5 warns against that very thing. I struggle with comparing myself with others so this day truly spoke to me on the importance of running my own race and following the dreams God has put in me. I have always wanted to be skinnier or have more muscle but I’m not the other person that I’m comparing myself with. I also have a problematic time with not being envious and jealous when someone gets what I have been praying for. For example, a wife and having children. But it’s viral to remember that God has a good plan and purpose for each of our lives.


I would recommend this wonderful book to any women who are having a hard time not living by how they feel. It’s written for women who are single, married, and women who have children. And if you’re a man, and you want to read it to better understand what are women are facing and you’re wanting to know how we can help them by being a better husband, then this will assist you on connecting with your wife. Note to the men: you will have to just change the words to say man when she says girl throughout the book. I personally loved how Lysa Terkeurst was real and honest about the triumphs, sadness, the questions unanswered, losing her emotions, and her struggle with comparison. This book will help anyone get closer to God and he handle our honesty and emotions.


“I received this book for free from Zondervan for an honest review”.


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