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I Know, Lord. I Need to Change. Help Me. By James MacDonald Book Review

In I Know, Lord. I Need to Change. Help Me, James MacDonald explored the transformation of changing that is only possible with admitting the areas in which you need to change. Next we have to repent and turn from them. Then we have to rely on the assistance of letting God change our hearts. The book had a whole list of areas readers might need to change. Some of these included: addiction, bitterness, fear, envy, negativism, low self-esteem, loner, sexual lust, worry, depression, anger, and many more. James MacDonald shared his own struggles and areas he needed to change, his anger and frustrations in his home life and business. He pointed out was the faulty methods of change and why people say they want to change and then why don’t follow through.


The book is divided into three sections, “The Preparation of Change”, “The Process of Change”, “The Power to Change”.


I would recommend this superb book on changing from the areas that are deeply effecting you to anyone who knows that their current life is heading in the direction that isn’t where God wants them to be. This isn’t a relaxed read because it’s not an easy topic. This book will require you to put in the work to learn how to change. This book immensely helped me to realize the areas that I needed to change with God’s assistance. Some of the areas were low self-esteem, being a loner, and letting fear to regulate my life. I had to confess my sins and admit my fears and concerns to God. I benefited from James MacDonald encouraging readers to declare out loud that they are dead to that sin. Satan enjoys people to believe that they are going to forever in bondage and they will never be free. But this is a complete lie from the enemy. I loved the suggestion that James gave on asking the Lord to fill you with His spirit and let Him began to work in your life. If you’re looking for a book to influence your life and to guide you on how to finally change, then this one is for you! It could massively contribute in the process of setting people free from addictions and negative attitudes.


"I received this book free from the publisher through the Moody Publishers book review bloggers program."




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