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There is More!: The Secret to Experiencing God’s Power to Change Your Life By Randy Clark Book Review


There is More is written to guide readers into the truthful insights of impartation and the appointing of the Holy Spirit. Randy Clark begins the book by defining that impartation means, “transference of the anointing” (Page 16). He also explained how the Old Testament impartation occurred when Moses placed his hands on Joshua and the Spirit of wisdom was given to him. The next examples would be when Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit, which was really the Spirit of God working through Elijah. God allowed this to happen where his presence and power could be known more fully. The New Testament impartation transpired through the act of ordination, healing and blessings, and the gifts of the Spirit and being baptized by the Holy Spirit through impartation. One example of healing and blessings befell when Jesus prayed over the little children lives and he placed his hands on them. In Acts 19:6, we read that Paul placed his hands on newly baptized believers in Ephesus and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they began to speak in tongues and prophesize. Another instanced happened when Paul gave some Christians in Rome some spiritual gifts to be used for the glory of God.


Randy Clark described the way he encountered impartation and how he has witnessed incredible events throughout the book. His first impartation occurred when he attended the James Robison Bible Conference and he was a Baptist at the time. The night before the conference he had a dream that he was declaring to his congregation that God was calling them up into a higher level of His Holy Spirit. The second day, John Wimber preached a message and the crowd saw a woman’s hem shaking and she touched someone and then they began to shake and it kept repeating until many people were healed. Next they started to worship our loving Creator through praise and Randy felt God was telling him to lift his hands (and Baptists don’t normally do this). He felt the presence of God began to overtake him and he tried to hide behind a projection screen. But he couldn’t hide his shaking and crying. The next night Randy Clark met John Wimber and he asked for prayer for one of his deacons. John told him that he wanted to pray for him and for his heart because a church has wounded it and he decreed that there was an apostolic call on Randy’s life. He has experienced impartation many other times in his life and he shared some of those throughout the book.


I would recommend this vivid awe inspiring and informative book on impartation to all believers who are wanting to learn how impartation occurs and how to receive it. This is the first time, I have such a charismatic packed book about impartation of the Holy Spirits gifts and power. It definably defined countless implausible examples of healing and gifts of the Holy Spirit being given. I liked how Randy Clark shared a ton of other people’s encounters with impartation. Some of the healing stories were people being healed of knee problems, a bad heart, eye injury and blindness, prisoners being baptized, and gifts of the Holy Spirit being received. My favorite story was about Carole Baerg, who took a mission trip to Belgium. A woman brought her daughter who was eight to nine months pregnant up for prayer. The doctors declared that the fetus was dead and they would wait a week longer to deliver it. Carole prayed over the baby and she admitted to God that he didn’t have the faith to pray for this. Three years later, when she took a trip back to Belgium, a young boy ran up to her and said, “I’m the miracle baby” and the grandmother approached her and confirmed it. This story is very touching and unbelievable astonishing! But I have no doubt that God is able to perform miracles. I loved how the book taught be many new things about laying hands on people, praying over people, fainting in church and being overwhelmed by the power of God’s Spirit, speaking in tongues, and people being healed. If you’re looking for more information about impartation and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, then this book will teach you many magnificent things!


“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers/ Chosen book review bloggers program.”    


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