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Growing Up God’s Way for Boys and Girls by Dr. Chris Richards and Dr. Liz Jones Book Review

Growing Up God’s Way for Boys and Girls are wonderful resources written by two pediatricians, Dr. Chris Richards and Dr. Liz Jones. They wrote the books in order to guide parents in having the challenging “talk” with their children. The books are meant for their parents and their child to read together. The book has helpful illustrations to assist in teaching children about what is happening to their bodies during puberty and the graphics are friendly to early teenagers. The boy’s book is geared towards preteens aged ten to fourteen years old. The girl’s book is geared towards ages nine to thirteen. The book also covered critical topics such as marriage and preparing for the future. Both of these books are almost the same in content with a few sections being different depended upon the gender.


Let me first begin by saying, I’m not in the target audience and I’m not married and I don’t have kids yet. I read this book because I want to learn everything I can about children and raising them to be the man or woman God has created them to be and I know my kids will eventually grow up to be mature adults following Christ.


I would recommend these magnificent kid friendly books to every single parents who have early teenagers. I believe the authors did a prodigious job in helping kids not to fear growing up and I liked how the book reinforced to the children that they aren’t alone in the changes that their bodies are going through and that they can talk to their parents if they have any questions. I especially liked how they included scripture in describing marriage was between a man and a woman and how their marriage is strong enough to handle a new life entering this world and this is something that should be celebrated. I also loved how they shared verses on love in the Bible and the importance of being united as husband and wife. I believe that the book did its purpose in guiding parents in reading and discussing what is happening to their bodies, how pregnancy occurs, and the prominence of sanctity of marriage. I also plan on rereading these books with my future wife (whoever she is) and reading the books with our kids. If you’re a parent of an early teenager, you especially need to take a look at these remarkable books for your children.


“I received both of these books for free from Cross Focused Reviews / EP Books for this review”.



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