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Expectant Parents: Preparing Together for the Journey of Parenthood By Suzanne Hadley Gosselin Book Review

My Review:


I would recommend this amazing book to every single couple that is expecting a baby and to all parents in general. Let me just share that, I’m not in the target audience yet, I’m not married and I don’t have kids yet. I requested to review this book because I enjoy gathering as much knowledge as I can about being an effective parent ahead of time. I plan to reread this book in the future whenever we’re expecting our first child or child(s). I appreciated the advice she gave to first time parents concerning the importance of communicating with your spouse and making sure you talk about other things besides just focusing on always taking about the baby. It’s critical to still take time to listen to what’s on your spouse heart and mind. I also liked her guidance on staying connected during the pregnancy with some helpful suggestions such as having a getaway to add some romance before the baby arrives and it doesn’t have to be an expensive trip. I really loved how she guided readers through the many different pregnancy stages and how to handle them. This book is an immense benefit to parents and this will teach them all about how their lives will change once they have a baby!  


“I received a review copy of Expectant Parents from Litfuse for this review.”


About the book: 
Many books focus on prenatal development and the health of a mom-to-be. While Expectant Parents does touch on important issues of pregnancy, its core purpose is help expectant parents understand key issues related to the arrival of a new child in the home, offering practical assistance as they prepare themselves for long-term family success.
It's often said that babies don't come with an instruction manual. This book actually provides parents with information and practical steps for writing their own---as they work to create the kind of home and family they choose to build. This includes strengthening their own marriage relationship, setting plans and expectations for parenthood, increasing communication, and preparing for the new stage of their family life that is just ahead. Ideal for first-time parents, this book would also be helpful for couples wanting to explore and prepare for the emotional, physical, and spiritual life changes that come with the arrival of any new child into the family.
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About the author: 

Suzanne Hadley Gosselin is the former editor of Clubhouse Jr. magazine for Focus on the Family. She is now a regular contributor to Thriving Family magazine and, and the recipient of several Evangelical Press Association awards for her writing and editorial work. Gosselin writes children's resources for David C Cook, Zondervan and Harvest House. She is also the author of Faithgirlz Handbook: Let Your Light Shine Through and is currently working on the God's Got an Answer for That children's devotional and activity books to be released in January 2015. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism and biblical theology from Multnomah University. Suzanne and her husband, Kevin, who is a children's pastor, have three children and make their home in Colorado.
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While many books for new parents focus on prenatal development and the health of a mom-to-be, Suzanne Hadley Gosselin's Expectant Parents' core purpose is to help new parents understand key issues related to the arrival of a new child in the home, offering practical assistance as they prepare themselves for long-term family success.
Learn ways to strengthen your marriage relationship, set plans and expectations for parenthood, increase communication, and prepare for the new stage of your family life. Pick up a copy for yourself or for expectant friends and enter for a chance to win an iPad Mini!

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