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Christmas in the Country CD Review and Giveaway

I’m a member of the Family Christian Bloggers and they provided me with a free copy of Christmas in the Country.


Christmas in the Country is a collection of songs from popular country artists featuring, Randy Travis, Travis Tritt, LeAnn Rimes, Little Texas, Steve Holy, Kenny Rogers and Wynonna, John Michael Montgomery, Clay Walker, Bryan White, Holly Dunn, Kathy Mattea, The Bellamy Brothers, Neal McCory, Big & Rich, and Glen Campbell.


The album starts off with Randy Travis – Meet Me under the Mistletoe. This song has the vibe of classic country. The song is about falling in love and meeting your lover under the mistletoe and who doesn’t want to receive a romantic kiss as a first gift! I know, I do!!

The second is a classic radio hit featuring vocals from Travis Tritt called Santa Looked a lot like Daddy. It’s a humorous Christmas song and this one is about a boy witnessing his mommy kissing Santa and he is confused as to why.

The third song is one by LeAnn Rimes and it’s the classic White Christmas. This one makes me recall watching out the window and seeing snow falling and everyone is getting ready to go out after they unwrap their gifts. LeAnn Rimes does an excellent job hitting all of the high notes in this song and her voice is simplify stunning.

Track number four is Here Comes Santa Claus by Little Texas. This one has a country rock feeling to the track and it makes you want to rock out waiting for Santa to deliver presents. I also like how this one talked about how peace would come to all if we would follow the light and giving thanks to God for our many blessings and how we all God’s children.

The five song is one by Steve Holy and Jingle Bell Rock reminded me of an oldies tune mixed with today’s music. The guitar licks in this song is amazing and it makes you to want to get up and dance.

Track six is a duet by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna called Mary Did You Know and this song gives me chills. This one asks the question to Mary if she knew the child, Jesus she was carrying was going to change the world.

Track seven is a classic song called Santa Claus is Coming to Town by John Michael Montgomery. I especially miss hearing John Michael Montgomery on the radio. I liked how this version had a wonderful piano solo part and kids will love his voice.
Track eight is a soulful song called Please Come Home for Christmas by Clay Walker. This one is about begging your lover to return home by Christmas or at least by New Years. Clay Walker sings this one with such passion like he’s lived this song! It also has magnificent guitar riffs towards the end of the song that really bring the song alive.
Track nine is a classic song recorded by many artists called I’ll Be Home for Christmas. I really enjoyed the violin parts that added a sad ambiance and longing to get home to be with your family and friends.
Track ten is a Latino song called Feliz Navidad by Holly Dunn. It had a nice drumbeat in the middle of the song. It makes listeners to want to dance along to the track.
Track eleven is a song called the Christmas Song by Kathy Mattea. I love the instruments in this track and it sounds like a classic country Christmas song.
Track twelve is by the Bellamy Brothers – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. There isn’t a song that the Bellamy Brothers can’t cover. This one has a rocky edge to it that country lovers will love!
Track thirteen is one called Merry Christmas Darling by Neal McCoy. This was the first time that I have ever heard this Christmas song and I like how it described the perfect Christmas scene of being by the cozy fire.
Track fourteen is by Big & Rich – Blue Christmas and it has such a rock feeling throughout the entire song and it’s different than the typical version of Blue Christmas. I like this version way better and the guitar parts blew me away with how epic they sounded.
Track fifteen is called Brightest And Best by Glen Campbell and this one is about shepherds travelling to meet our Savior. It gives me the Heavenly in awe feeling!
I would recommend this amazing country Christmas album especially to any country music fans who are fans of classic country and today’s country. It has the perfect mix of both styles of artists. Even if you’re not a huge country music lover the album is still enjoyable. I really like how this album had classic Christmas tunes and some new songs that I haven’t heard before. The songs are all family friendly and everyone will adore listening to these by the fire. My top five songs are Santa Looked a lot like Daddy, Here Comes Santa Claus, Mary Did You Know, Please Come Home for Christmas, and Blue Christmas. If you’re looking for a wonderful produced album featuring great country artists, then check out this CD!
Family Christian has graciously provided me with a Family Christian $10 appreciation certificate to giveaway to a luck reader!
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