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Life Is_____: God’s Illogical Love Will Change Your Existence by Judah Smith Book Review

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In Life Is_____, Judah Smith shared the true meaning of life and how we can live our lives to the fullest. He revealed four principles that will radically change reader’s existence, “life is to be loved and to love, life is to trust God in every moment, life is to be at peace with God and yourself, and life is to enjoy God”. God has an illogical love towards His people and He desperately wants to have a personal relationship with them. Judah begins the book by exploring how Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree when God instructed for them not to. This allowed sin to enter the world and God in His wonderful love for His people sent His only Son to die for all our sins. This is the true act of selfless love and it demonstrates how love can change our lives. He discussed countless Biblical characters throughout the book from Jesus, Peter, John, Hosea, Mary, and much more and how we can learn from their lives how we are supposed to living our life and enjoying life.


One of the powerful lessons, I learned in this book was about Hosea. He was commanded by God to marry a prostitute, Gomer and they would bear children. They eventually get married and have children. And one day, she leaves him and returns to prostitution and God tells Hosea to go chase after her and take her back to be his wife and he is told to love her. He finds her and he has to buy his wife back in order to save her out of prostitution. Judah walks readers through this story and he compares it to how we are all broken and lost and are still enslaved to sin. But the great news is, God can still redeem us if we let Him in and receive His salvation.


I would recommend this astonishing book to anyone who is struggling with understanding life’s true meaning and they are seeking more out of life. I would also recommend this book to people who are wanting to grasp the scope of God’s limitless amount of love for His people. This book is a wonderful resource and it has helped me to comprehend and imagine how much God truly loves His creation. I liked how Judah Smith wrote in a contemporary way to make the Biblical stories come alive. I immensely liked the chapter, “Trust Grace” and this one talks about forgiveness. I liked how he shared that in his marriage when they have a fight they have a contest to see who can ask for forgiveness first and grace has dramatically changed their lives. If you’re looking for a book that will assist you in understanding more about the meaning of life and how God truly does love us, then read this book!


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