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You Can, You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner by Joel Osteen Book Review

In You Can, You Will, Joel Osteen shared eight different qualities that will radically change a believer’s life and assist them in living the abundant life. Some of the eight qualities are, “Keep Your Vision in Front of You”, “Run You Race”, “Expect Good Things”, “Stay Passionate”, and much more.


My favorite chapter was, “Keep Your Vision in Front of You” because this one discussed how critical it is to have a vision for your life. Joel reminded readers that even the scriptures declare the danger of having no vision and how people will perish. I really enjoyed how Joel encouraged readers to have something in front of them that they see every day that will remind them what they are believing God for. He suggested for the single people to have an empty photo frame or set an extra plate. If you’re dreaming of attending college, he recommended you buy a college apparel to wear. He also stated to go ahead and thank God for answering your prayers.


He shared a touching story about his brother-in-law, Kevin and his sister, Lisa and how they struggled to conceive a child. They both desperately wanted to have a baby. One day, a sample pair of diapers from Huggies arrived in their mail box and they didn’t order them. Kevin believed this was a sign from God. He had a strong desire to have twins because he has a twin and he believed that they would have twins. He kept the diapers as a reminder that God was able and He could answer their prayer. A couple of years later, they received a phone call and the lady asked them if they wanted to adopt two twins. God miraculously answered their prayer. I really connected with this story and this has encouraged me to keep believing for my desires in my heart and keep the vision in front of me. Some of my dreams is to get married and have children. My mom actually has an empty photo frame in her living room where she will put my future wedding photo. I also purchased a nice desk decoration that stays Hebrews 11:19 on it where when I see it daily I am reminded that with God all things are possible.   


I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who is desperately needing some much needed encouragement and they are ready to unlock eight qualities that will change their entire life. I enjoyed how honest and inspiring Joel Osteen was in this book and it helped me to get my expectations and hopes back and to stand strong and believe that God is more than able to answer the desires in my heart. I immensely loved how Joel Osteen shared the story about Jim Carrey. When Jim Carrey was a young man and poor, he wrote himself a check for ten million dollars for acting services. He didn’t have ten million in the bank. He had a huge vision for his life to become an actor. He put the check into his wallet to keep him encourage and to never give up on his dream. And years later he is a very rich millionaire and a famous actor. I also liked how he explained the importance of excellence and passing the small test. He stated that one way to live with excellence is when we don’t want something in a store we should return it where we correctly found it including the shopping cart. He reinforced how God see everything and how others notice how Christians act. I highly recommend this book and if you’re looking for an impactful book to read, then read this one!


“I received this book free from Hachette Book Group/Faith Works.”

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