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The Power of I Am: Two Words that Will Change Your Life Today by Joel Osteen Book Review

In the Power of I Am, Joel Osteen shares the importance of speaking positively and saying powerful I am statements. He begins the book by revealing how countless people are declaring negative I am statements over their lives and they are cursing their present and their future. Some examples of negative statements would be, “I am so average, I am so unlucky, I will never get married, I’m getting old, I’m so overweight, I will never get well, and much more. What we need to be declaring over our lives is: “I’m healthy, I’m talented, I’m blessed, I’m strong, I’m attractive, and I’m forgiven. Joel Osteen strongly believes that if you speak negative words, you will call in and receive all the negative reports you are prophesying over your future. But if you speak life and believe what God has said about you, then you will call in good things and your life will dramatically improve. 

Joel Osteen shared a powerful story about saying so and declaring out loud life enhancing words. He shared Psalm 91 and this passage talks about saying of the Lord that He is our refuge and our shield and how He will deliver us and protect us. One of his staff members was struggling with infertility and they have been trying for ten years. She came to work one day and told her coworkers that when she has this baby, she would be out for a few months. She would also tell them that they would have to find a replacement to fill in for her when she was on maturity leave. She would constantly talk about it like it was going to happen soon. The doctors told her it wouldn’t ever happen and she might as well explore other options. But she held unto her Faith and talked like it was already going to happen!  It took twenty years before she became pregnant and she gave birth to twins! 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is longing to improve their lives and they are ready to learn how to speak powerful I am statements. This book helped me to realize how negative I speak about myself and my circumstances sometimes. I have struggled with speaking life about my body and trying to lose weight. I have begun replacing the negative thoughts and I have changed my thinking about my weight. I have already lost 25 pounds by eating right but this journey started when I worked on believing and saying that I’m strong and well able to watch my calories and to stop eating the wrong kinds of food. I also loved how Joel Osteen encouraged the single people in this book. The chapter on being patient really hit home to me. Joel Osteen shared how scripture stated, “Those who believed enter into the rest of God”. When God has a set time for your dream to come to pass or for you to meet the right person, it won’t be a second late. This encouraged me to keep believing that God has forgotten about my desire to get married and have children. It’s easy to look at all my friends getting married and having kids and I’m still waiting. I was deeply touched by being reminded that God can easily move me from point A to point Z just like that. I don’t have to worry about when or if. I just have to believe and trust God and His timing and be patient and run my own race! If you’re ready to begin speaking life over your life, then read this book!

“I received this book free from Hachette Book Group/Faith Works.”

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