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Live Forever – The Afters Album Review

The Afters are back with their sixth Christian album entitled, “Live on Forever”. Some of their hit songs were “Light Up the Sky”, “Lift Me Up”, “Every Good Thing”. This album features ten new tracks that fans will connect with and love. The album touches on the importance of standing strong through the difficult battles, we face as believers. 

One of my favorite songs on the new album is “Eyes of a Believer”. This song talks about getting ready for the battle and it encourages believers to put on their full armor. It reminds us that mountains crumble and fall when we are believers. Whatever battles, storms, and circumstances we have to endure, we can always hold on to hope that God will be with us through it all. And in the end, we have to remember that God has already won the final battle between the devil. With God all things are possible and He is not limited by our present storms and He knows and understands your pain. I loved how this song was so catchy and is such a huge encouragement.

Another favorite is the title track of the album, “Live Forever”. This one discussed about how when we take our last breathe, all of our fears, pain, and hurt will finally be gone. We have the hope of being in Heaven with our loving Creator. This song reminds listeners of how peaceful and how amazing the singing will be in Heaven. We will see brighter colors and finally be at complete harmony. 

Another noteworthy song is, “Battles”. This one is about standing strong against the resilient currents and having hope that God will part the sea and come through for us again. This one is an anthem about not letting fear push you into a corner. God’s light is brighter than the enemy and His power will always prevail. This song is a great reminder of letting God fight the battle instead of you trying to win the battle.  

I love how the whole album talked about standing strong against the enemy schemes and how we our survivors. We can let God fight our battles for us and have the hope and peace in knowing that we will always live forever. Our last breath on Earth will be weak, but the breath on the other side will be greatest breath we could possible imagine. This album is an anthem of songs about having hope that God is capable of doing the impossible and He will never leave us in the mists of our storms. These songs encouraged me to keep fighting especially in the current health battle I’m facing. My immune system two subclasses IgG has been slightly low and no doctor can figure out why I’m experiencing chronic pain. I’m being treated like its Lyme disease even though the test is negative. They have been trying antibiotics and I seem to function better on them. The only hope they can give is if the antibiotics don’t work is putting in a port and receive blood infusions every day. I haven’t done that yet and I’m hoping and praying I don’t have to. I’m only 26 so I hanging on to the hope that God is able to fight this battle and heal my body. These lyrics touched deep into my soul and being a believer in Christ it’s time to put on the gloves and fight and not let satan take my light out. And even when I take my last breath, I will live forever with the Creator. If you’re looking for an amazing album, then pick up this one, you won’t regret it!! Fight the Battle!


The Afters - Live on Forever Bio:
It’s easy to assume stories of trial and triumph are just for the Bible or the history books. But miracles still happen, even when adversity hits hardest. Just ask Josh Havens, guitarist and lead vocalist of The Afters. He relates how the band’s latest effort, Live on Forever, began during a season of tragedy.

Just as the band regrouped to record, Havens witnessed the wife of a close friend contract cancer. Drummer Jordan Mohilowski (who produced the new album) had a brief health scare, and a close companion in his church—part of the worship team—was hit and killed by an impaired driver. She was a young woman, Havens says, who had unlimited potential.

But Live on Forever–the band’s fifth with the Fair Trade label-still took shape as a celebration of faithfulness, protection and promise—one that shimmers with strong rhythms, undeniable energy and compelling pop hooks. The album finds Havens in strong, soaring voice as he invites listeners to find shelter and strength in God. “If any theme has emerged, it would be ‘inspiration and motivation,’” Havens says. 

Havens himself felt a deep need to hold on after another loss struck: The band’s longtime soundman, Anthony Martinez, saw his newborn daughter die in infancy. 

Ask Havens to pick out a song that sums up the spirit of the album, and he chooses “Battles.” “It was the last song we wrote and the fastest we wrote,” he says. “We don’t typically write songs fast; we’ll change lyrics and melodies and craft our songs carefully. But ‘Battles’ poured out, the music and lyrics, in one day. It’s about standing up against fear and knowing God is always with us,” Havens explains. “It’s one of the takeaways we hope people get: ‘Don’t give up to fear.

Havens shares how, half a world away from his home in Phoenix, he caught a small glimpse of heaven’s reassurance. The place: downtown Amsterdam. The occasion: a dinner between shows with band members and spouses—including soundman Martinez and his wife. For their baby daughter, the Martinez couple had chosen an unusual moniker with an unusual spelling: Pieper. Against all odds, it also happened to be exactly how the intimate restaurant they dined at spelled its name. Still, no one was prepared for what happened at the end of the meal. “We were talking about baby Pieper, and as we got up to leave, we noticed that the only thing on the walls—the only thing—was a framed document, an award for hospitality. And the date on the award—the only date in the place—was Pieper’s birthday. Her mother just started bawling.” Havens sums up the reassurance all took home that night: “We thought, ‘This is where God’s angels fly: right in the middle of the loss.’ God gives us little glimpses to show us he’s here.”

“We worked on this record for almost two years and over those two years, it was a real season of loss,” Havens recalls. “But in the end, Live on Forever is about moving us to trust God, to stand up against fear. It’s an ‘ante up’ record, an anthem for people’s lives: ‘God you are with me in all this. I’m not alone.’”


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