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Greater than Gold: From Olympic Heartbreak to Ultimate Redemption by David Boudia Book Review

In Greater than Gold, David Boudia shared his personal story about his journey of an Olympic gold medal. He began practicing gymnastics at a young age. Then at eleven years old, he decided to take up diving. His parents were both in the U.S. Air Force when they met. He also opened up about how he dreaded having to wear a speedo, which is something most guys are afraid to wear. He also described the six categories a drive can fall under and the judge’s point systems. He explained how his mom and a sports psychologist helped him to set goals and take actions steps to achieve difficult dives. He shared the importance of not letting fear control our lives and how trusting in God can help us to overcome our fears. He also revealed his struggle with marijuana in eighth grade and how his addiction turned to drinking and smoking cigarettes. He got a wakeup call when he tried out for the Olympic Trials and he failed to quality. This turned out to be a good thing because he also smoked marijuana a few days before. He would have had to complete a drug test if he would have made it into the Olympics and he would have failed it. He stopped smoking marijuana. He also shared how he was very prideful before he became a Christian. He described his journey to the 2008 Games in Beijing and how he failed at the event. He decided to attend Purdue and he was trying to become a NCAA Division I diver and he made a bad decision and smoked marijuana again and they did a random drug test and he failed the test. He was put on probation. He disappointed his coach and afterwards struggled with the meaning of his life. He admitted he struggled with suicidal thoughts and he was very low in this time of his life. Throughout the book, he revealed how God saved His life and gave him a hope and a future. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who enjoys reading story about sports and how their faith in God has changed their life. I remember watching David Boudia on TV perform at the Olympics and how he eventually won a gold medal. In reading this book, I learned how he came to be a Christian and I loved how he shared details about his past and was open about his struggles with marijuana and alcohol. He didn’t try and cover up his past. I appreciated how David shared how he viewed dating and how he was reminded that he needed to date with the mindset of marriage. He was very open about how when he met his wife, how they broke up a couple of times, and how he toyed with her heart a lot. God eventually got through to him and he shared the importance of pursuing marriage and remaining committed to sexual purity. Throughout the book, I could see how through his heartbreak and brokenness, God was able to reach him and change his life.

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