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Destined to Win: How to Embrace Your God-Given Identity and Realize Your Kingdom Purpose by Kris Vallotton Book Review

In Destined to Win, Kris Vallotton explored the topic of discovering our true destinies and finding out who we truly are in Christ. He stated that we are His inheritance, His child, family, apple of His eye, and He will protect you from your enemies. He shared about how we are supposed to proactively care for our souls from the inside out and the power of love. He also looked at how we can benefit from having Godly counsel in our lives. He came up with seven helpful core values and seven relationship definitions. He also discussed about how we must build healthy boundaries and not try and become the Savior of the world and please everyone. 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is ready to discover their destiny and purpose in life. I liked how this book covered multiple different aspects of what our destiny encompasses. Kris did an excellent job at looking at who we are in Christ and he reminded readers of this. I liked how he included many scripture verses that conveyed what Christ wants us to know. One of my favorite topics was about how he discussed the lie about how time heals our wounds. He revealed the only real way to true freedom is to change the way we think about the past and the pain. We always find healing in forgiving people who hurt us. This prevents them from having power over our lives. This will immensely help us to have more peace and happiness when we are living in our destiny. 

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