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Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God’s Deliverance by Beth Moore Book Review

In Get Out of that Pit, Beth Moore has re-released a new version of one of her most popular books. The book starts out by looking at life inside the pit and how we don’t know how we will ever stand again and how we have lost our vision. She reminded readers about Psalm 40:2 and how this verse stated that Christ will set our feet on a rock and give us a strong foundation to stand on. This book discussed how some of us are thrown into the pit, jump into the pit, and slip into the pit. She shared about she was thrown in a pit when she was molested as a child. She shared about how her breakthrough came when she understood forgiveness and the power behind the concept. Throughout the book, she explored the story of Joseph and how he was thrown into his pit. She also revealed three steps on how to get out of your pit. The book also included the story of her husband, Keith. When Keith was two and a half years old, he was caught in an explosion in his father’s garage. He witnessed his own four year old brother burn to death. He struggled with thoughts about wishing it had been him instead. The book included real stories from people about how they arrived in their pit and this will help readers to connect with other people’s stories. 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is ready for a change and they are wanting guidance on how to come out of their pits. A pit can be a death of a loved one, relationship abuse, mental illness, alcoholism, divorce, job lost, rejection, and much more. This book will assist you in discovering the ways in how you can climb out of your pit. It will help you to realize that deliverance is possible and you can be free again. This book also contained prayers that people can pray to assist them in seeking God’s face and guidance in coming out of their pits. The prayers were written in the format of the three steps of coming out of their pits. I also like how she included a helpful discovery guide section that enclosed reflective questions and personal application questions where readers can dig deeper in their quest to get out of their pits.

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