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This is the Day: Reclaim Your Dream. Ignite Your Passion. Live Your Purpose. By Tim Tebow Book Review

In This is the Day, Tim Tebow explored the topic of saying yes to your dreams and pursing our God given dreams. His book is based on the scripture verse Psalms 118:24, which talks about how today is the day the Lord has given us and we need to rejoice and be glad that we have today to make a difference. Tim believes that each of us was given a gift and we have a choice to choose to live out our God given dreams and do something meaningful to change someone else’s life. In this book, Tim shared about why he left his football career in 2015. He also shared about how he decided he wanted to try and follow his dream of being a baseball player. He eventually joined the New York Mets. Tebow shared about his struggles and how he he had a lot of naysayers saying that he was too old and that he wouldn’t be able to perform at his best. He admitted how he had to choose to listen to the right voices and how he had to speak truth into his life about what God said about his life. Tebow chooses daily to speak positive God thoughts into his life especially while he plays baseball. He included a few of scriptures to share with readers what God’s word declares about them. He also opened up about how important it is to live in the present and not to look back. He had to look forward and not dwell on the past. Throughout the book, he also shared heartwarming stories about people he encountered that changed his life and made a positive impact on his life. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who enjoys sports and they are seeking a book to encourage them on their Christian walk. I have enjoyed reading about how positive Tim Tebow is and how he uses his own foundation to make a difference in the lives of people. It was immensely encouraging to read about how Tim Tebow stepped out of his comfort zone and went after his God given desire to play baseball professionally after his NFL football career. I liked how he included tips and scripture verses to encourage readers to pursue their God given purpose and to follow their passion. I also appreciated how real he was in his journey of being single and how he struggled with the what if’s questions and how he has learned to trust God through the process. This book was a great encouragement about following my passion and going after the dreams and desires that God has given me. 

"I received this book free from the publisher through the Waterbrook launch team book review bloggers program."

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