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In Stepping Up!: Discover the Power of Your Position by Johnny McGowan Book Review

In Stepping Up, Johnny McGowan explored how we can all step up and service and volunteer right where we are today. His parents taught him the importance of being faithful in the small things where he would be prepared when bigger opportunities came his way. Johnny shared how we serviced at Lakewood Church and how he would run the behind the scenes tasks, such as doing some filming, editing, and programing. Eventually, this led to Johnny leaving his father’s construction job and taking a job with Lakewood. Joel Osteen recognized his positive attitude and thought he would be a good fit for a position at the church. Johnny described how he had to listen to God’s voice. Throughout the book, he explained how critical it is do sow seeds of service and doing so not because we are wanting to clap for us and show us appreciate for doing so. We must be more concern for pleasing God and he shared the scripture of working like we are working for God. Johnny opened up about how we are all a part of the body of Christ and how we each can service and make a difference for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. 

I would recommend this awesome book for anyone who is ready to serve in whatever role God has them in right now. We can all serve and be a blessing and we can all work together for the body of Christ. I liked how Johnny McGowan shared personal stories about how he served and what he learned from God. I also liked how he included new steps questions at the end of each chapter and he also included a prayer. I also liked how he looked at Biblical stories and one of my favorites was the one about Parables of the Talents and how two servants invested their gold and made more. And one servant buried his gold and earned nothing. I loved how Johnny pointed out that they both did what came instinctively and they didn’t ask what they were expected to do. Johnny shared many more insights about being a faithful servant for Christ’s Kingdom. If you’re ready to step up and make a difference, then read this book!

"I received this book free from the publisher, Faithwords for my honest review.” 

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