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Something Greater: Finding Triumph Over Trials By Paula White-Cain Book Review

In Something Greater, Paul White-Cain opens up about her life story and how she felt the love of her father and how she felt like his princess. He had a drinking problem and one day her mother leaves him because he took some of the money for his family. A few days later, there was an episode of him demanding to have his daughter back and he threatened to kill himself. Shortly thereafter, he commits suicide. Paula reveals what she went through in the book about how his event changed her life and how she battled insecurity and not feeling good enough. Later in the book, she shared about college and how she met Dean Knight and how one of his uncles how to change the course of her life. She was told about God and his forgiveness. This is the first time she experienced true radical love and was told that she had a purpose. She eventually finds out that she is pregnant and they decided to get married. Paula finds her purpose and serves in the church starting as a janitor, then a Sunday school teacher, and finally a preacher. She also shared with readers how her marriage was failing and how she met Randy White and how they founded Without Walls International Church. She revealed how she came to have success as a preacher and how she got onto TV. Paula has even become a pastor for some high named celebrities such as Kid Rock and President Trump that God has gifted her to help influence them spiritually. Later in the book, she also shared about her failing marriage with Randy and how we cheated on her. She will also share how she found love again with Journey’s keyboard player, Jonathan Cain. 

I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who enjoys reading an inspirational book. I have heard Paula White speak before on TV and online services and this woman is an awesome preacher and a woman of God. I have read a few other books by her and I will say this book is probably the most different written style by her. This isn’t your typical do these steps and change your life. I felt like this book was more written to show Paula White’s story in the way it happened. I feel like this book included many new stories not told before by her and it felt like an autobiography. I liked how she started at the beginning and kept you up to date with what has happened in her life recently. I believe many readers will be able to connect with her story and they will be able to see how she made it through with God’s help and like her life God has a plan for each of us. We’re all meant to live a life for Something Greater! 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Faithwords for my honest review.” 

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