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Take the Day Off: Receiving God’s Gift of Rest by Robert Morris Book Review

In Take the Day Off, Robert Morris opens up about how we need to take a sabbath day where we can truly rest and become refreshed to carry out our God given assignment. He begins the book by revealing how stress is negatively affecting every one of us. He shared some shocking truths from studies about how stress is now the fifth leading cause of death. Next, Morris dives into the ten commands and looks at one of the forgotten ones which discusses that the sabbath day is the Lord’s holy day. He also reveals how God explained to Moses that His people were not to supposed to work. God created the Heavens and Earth in six days and God rested on the seven day. Morris opens up about how he struggled with resting and having a sabbath day. In the book, he discusses how he had to choose and fight for a sabbath day and he explains the different things he does on his rest day. He goes into vast detail about our four tanks, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental that need to refilled. He explained that it didn’t have to all overly spiritually that we just need to find things that refresh us. Some of the examples he included was, read a book that you enjoy, solve jigsaw puzzles, hang out with good friends, enjoy being in nature, take a walk, and do anything that refreshes your life. Morris shared that we need to unplug and avoid social media and work-related tasks on our sabbath day.

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is tired of being overworked and they feel burned out on life and their purpose. Life is only getting busier and the sabbath mindset is going away. We’re conditioned to work and work harder to stay ahead. I liked how Morris shared that his own personal sabbath isn’t on a Sunday. It also doesn’t have to be overly spiritually some people just do things that help them to refocus their lives and help them to be refreshed. I will admit I don’t have a day which I call just my sabbath day. I recognized now how important it is to do this to help honor God’s commandments and also how to destress our lives. I appreciated some of the stories and examples he shared about how others spend their sabbath days. I’m willing to try and have a sabbath day as a regularly day of the week in order to help me to refocus and refresh my mind, soul, spirit, and body. 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Faithwords for my honest review.” 

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