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Aly's Fight: Beating Cancer, Battling Infertility, and Believing in Miracles by Aly and Josh Taylor Book Review

In Aly’s Fight, Aly and Josh Taylor opened up about everything they have experienced in their lives together as a couple. She met Josh when she was 14 years old and he was 17. Her father had just died in a terrible car accident and her family moved to West Monroe, Louisiana. They shared how they eventually fell in love, got married, and how they had big plans to start trying to have a baby and following the all American dream. After two months of trying to get pregnant, Aly thought she was experiencing the pregnancy symptoms, and then she noticed a lump in her breast. She made an appointment with her doctor. Aly was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 17, 2011 at the young age of 24. It was classified as stage III and they had to travel to Houston for her treatments. The doctors warned Aly that they might not be able to have children. At first, the doctor suggested they meet with an infertility doctor but the cancer was too aggressive that they couldn’t wait. Aly shared what she went through in chemo, mastectomy, radiation, and breast reconstruction. Aly and Josh switch voices throughout parts of the book about what each felt. She shared about becoming cancer free. They also shared about their journey with trying to get pregnant and their battle with infertility. They opened up about their experiences with adoption and the high and lows of what they went through and how they still experienced an unexpected miracle. Josh also created a blog for them to share with followers about what they were going daily. They also shared about how they ended up with being casted in a reality tv show on TLC, called Rattled. 

I would recommend this life changing book to any cancer patient, anyone battling infertility, anyone who is looking to adopt, and they need some inspiration about someone who has been through difficult times. I immensely connected with their story and was reminded that God is still able to heal and He can still perform miracles if it’s in His will for their lives. I love how they both shared their experiences about what they were feeling during everything and how they were transparent with their readers. The book will be a blessing to anyone who is going through tough times and it will encourage them by reading how God is always there. 

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In Stepping Up!: Discover the Power of Your Position by Johnny McGowan Book Review

In Stepping Up, Johnny McGowan explored how we can all step up and service and volunteer right where we are today. His parents taught him the importance of being faithful in the small things where he would be prepared when bigger opportunities came his way. Johnny shared how we serviced at Lakewood Church and how he would run the behind the scenes tasks, such as doing some filming, editing, and programing. Eventually, this led to Johnny leaving his father’s construction job and taking a job with Lakewood. Joel Osteen recognized his positive attitude and thought he would be a good fit for a position at the church. Johnny described how he had to listen to God’s voice. Throughout the book, he explained how critical it is do sow seeds of service and doing so not because we are wanting to clap for us and show us appreciate for doing so. We must be more concern for pleasing God and he shared the scripture of working like we are working for God. Johnny opened up about how we are all a part of the body of Christ and how we each can service and make a difference for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. 

I would recommend this awesome book for anyone who is ready to serve in whatever role God has them in right now. We can all serve and be a blessing and we can all work together for the body of Christ. I liked how Johnny McGowan shared personal stories about how he served and what he learned from God. I also liked how he included new steps questions at the end of each chapter and he also included a prayer. I also liked how he looked at Biblical stories and one of my favorites was the one about Parables of the Talents and how two servants invested their gold and made more. And one servant buried his gold and earned nothing. I loved how Johnny pointed out that they both did what came instinctively and they didn’t ask what they were expected to do. Johnny shared many more insights about being a faithful servant for Christ’s Kingdom. If you’re ready to step up and make a difference, then read this book!

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Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power by T.D. Jakes Book Review

InCrushing, T.D. Jakes explored what believers need to do when they experience heartache and pain and they feel like they are being crushed and unable to get back up. He starts the book out by revealing the big news of when his world fell apart. His teenaged daughter became pregnant at the age of thirteen. A few months prior he watched his own mother die from Alzheimer’s. Jakes was very real in sharing all of his questions and statement he said to himself during this time. He wondered how he failed as a father and what he could have done differently. He shared with readers on how experiencing a crushing we are forced to choose to reply on God as our guidance. Years later, Jakes shared how now his daughter is married and how his grandson has turned into a great man. The crushing feeling his daughter had to feel when her life changed now, she able to see how God turned into something good. Throughout the book, Jakes describes the process of fermentation from grapes into wine. He also went into detail about how he was thrown another curveball a few years later when his son had a heart attack and Jakes was preaching in another country. This led Jakes into looking at why we suffer and the sadness and fear Mary must have felt when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. 

I would recommend this excellent book on crushing and how God can change and turn anything around for good. We all experience pressure and pain in our lives no can escape it. When we go through bad things, we can decide to rise above it or be crushed from the pain. I liked how Jakes compared to crushed to how grapes are crushed and how they are left to ferment and then they are made into great wine. Many of us like to rush the process of moving forward through whatever painful event we are facing. But often times the bad times immensely help us to grow into the person God wants us to become. I also liked how Jakes explored the story of how Jesus turned water into wine and how Jesus can turn our lives around. The book contained many Biblical stories to illustrate how others in the Bible handled pressure. If you’re looking for inspiration book, then read this book!

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The Book of Signs 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse By Dr. David Jeremiah Book Review

In the Book of Signs 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse, Dr. David Jeremiah explored the different signs of the end signs and how we can recognize them in the upcoming days. The book is divided into five different sections, “International Signs, Cultural Signs, Heavenly Signs, Tribulation Signs, and End Signs”. The book contains almost 500 pages of material. The book looked at Israel, Russia, Babylon, America and much more and their roles in the end times. The book discussed how Russia will attack Israel and how they will invade them. It also went into detail about the different areas that will be involved in the war and what the Biblical areas would be called in today times. He looks at prophecies concerning when this could occur and how God will prevail and show the world the power of Christ and how Israel will be protected. The book also explored why America wasn’t named in Revelations and the end times and what all of this could mean. He shared about how our nation was founded on Biblical principles and how we have fell away from them and how we have begun to moral decay. The book explored radical Islam and how they murdered countless Christians and how many have struggled persecution. The book also looked at rapture, Heaven, antichrist, false prophet, two witnesses, mark of the beast, and the new Heaven. 

I would recommend this eye-opening book on anyone who is curious about the end times and they want to understand what is to come in the near future. This book is a great book to reach unbelievers and this book has the power to help influence them into believing in Jesus Christ the Messiah before it’s too late. I immensely love how Dr. David Jeremiah really shared scriptures throughout the book to help readers comprehend the scriptures found in Revelations. I learned a lot about the new Heaven and what Christians have to look forward to. I also learned what is to come in the tribulation with the antichrist, false prophet, and how the world will be in chaos. I also liked how thick the book was and you can tell Dr. Jeremiah put his research in the book in writing the book. If you’re ready to learn about the end times, then read this book! 

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In Exceptional You: 7 Ways to Live Encouraged, Empowered, and Intentional By Victoria Osteen Book Review

In Exceptional You, Victoria Osteen explored the seven truths of becoming the person God made you to be. She wanted every reader to understand how much God loves them and their unique gifts. The book begins with “Put on your Crown” and this chapter looked at the life of David and how he was the youngest son and he was watching the sheep when God decided to call forth David’s true value. Jesse, David’s father was told to summon up all the seven brothers by Samuel. God chose David to the next king of Israel. Victoria reminds readers the God has chosen each of us to call us His own we all have a purpose and a plan for our lives. It took thirteen years for David to become King and he was tending sheep when God declared him to be the next appointed King. The story didn’t stop there King Saul wanted to murder him and there was countless times David could have decided to end Saul life. But David chose to forgive him. Victoria also shared how she was led to be a speaker at Lakewood Church and how she also does their Nights of Hope events alongside her husband, Joel Osteen. She opened up about how God introduced them and how God gave her the right gifts for each of the assignment she had to go through. Throughout the book, she shared about how she was afraid to pray out loud and how Joel’s father, John Osteen would ask her to pray and she turned him down. Eventually, she gained courage and strength and is now able to get up every Sunday and pray and speak and encourage people. Victoria was able to dive into God’s word and let Him transform her life to be used to make a difference in people’s lives. 

One of my favorite stories was one she shared about a guy who was depressed and he turned to his pastor for help. He proceeded to explain how nothing good was going on in his life. He grab a pen and wrote down and listed everything that was going good in his life and in another column wrote down what was bad. He started writing down his wife passed away, house burnt down, and other things until finally the man realized what the pastor was doing. The guy was able to gain a new outlook on life and he realized that not everything was a disappointment. Victoria shared with readers the importance of thinking right and how we can set our eyes on the promises of God. 

I would recommend this life changing to anyone is struggling with discovering the person who God made them to be and maybe they are feeling discouraged and life is just beating them down. I immensely loved the stories that she shared about her own life and stories from other people. She also included scriptures and stories to address her 7 ways to live and exceptional life. We weren’t created to live stressed out, discouraged, or worried about what the day is going to bring. I also liked how Victoria Osteen recapped the key points to having exceptional thoughts in your daily life. If you’re looking for a positive book, then read this one! 

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In The Theft of American’s Soul, Phil Robertson opened about the ten lies that is destroying our country and what the real truth of the matter is. Some of these included God is dead, the devil isn’t real, God didn’t create life, sex is for self-gratification, virtue is outdated, laws can be ignored or changed if they are inconvenient, unity is not possible, and much more. Phil starts off at looking at the Timearticle that appeared in the April 1966 edition. The article explored the question, “Is God Dead?”. It looked at different views of God and how He disappeared and many people turned to other beliefs. Phil discussed how he came to realize that this article wasn’t true and that there is in fact a God. 

Next, Phil shared about how he was a sinner and how enjoyed living a life following his own rules. He grew up in church but didn’t really understand the real truth of the gospel. Phil was all about hanging with his rowdy friends and they all partied, got high, got drunk, and slept around. He did what he wanted even though he was married and had children. He lost his job as a high school teacher and he then went to work at a bar. He got into a violent fight with the owner and they pressed charges and he was living on the run from the police. He hid and worked on a offshore rig while Miss Kay sorted out the legal issues. They started arguing more and Miss Kay eventually walked out on him and after ten years and took the kids with her. Phil was still living it up with his party buddies and sleeping around and he started feeling guilty, but it took a while for him to wake up and see the damage that it costed him. He eventually hit rock bottom and he stated that he would change. The whole time Miss Kay was praying for him. She called a preacher and he shared the good news with Phil about Christ dying for him and how he needed to repent and let God change his life around. 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who needs to the hear the truth about Christ and his teaching. Many people are believing the lies of satan and they are following what the world believes to be true. Phil doesn’t shy away from being open about sex before marriage, abortion, violence, and how everything is destroying America and even the world. Phil is a great example of a modern day Paul who also changed his life around and reached a great number of people. I liked how real Phil was and how he doesn’t change his views to fit what the world wants to hear. I can tell Phil through some of the stories, that he shared that he believes the Good News and he isn’t afraid to share it with anyone who will listen. Phil opened up about how he was cut from Duck Dynasty because of some of his statements and how believers fought to have Phil back on the show. I connected with reading through Phil stories about how he is a sinner and how I’m a sinner and how I need to repent from my sins. If you’re looking for an excellent book on standing on Christ principles and rejecting the lies of the devil, then read this book and let it influence you! 

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