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Chevy SD Card Navigation Error Message

Chevy Colorado SD Card for Navigation Error Message they replaced the SD card, charging cable, as reader, and radio and still happens. Any suggestions? 

If you are experiencing it too, please call Chevy Customer Service and let them know 866-790-5700! I called multiple times to them and they only pass me around.

Raising Successful Teens: How to Help Your Child Honor God and Live Wisely by Jeffrey Dean Book Review

In Raising Successful Teens, Jeffrey Dean has written an updated edition of the book, The Fight of Your Life. He explored different topics that teenagers are facing in today’s times including acceptance, addictions, drugs, sex, homosexuality, pornography, dating, cell phone usage, social media, suicide, and much more. He began the book by looking at the story of Moses and how he was forced to be abandoned by his mother. Pharaoh ordered male Hebrew babies to be killed and his mother’s put Moses in the river in order to save his life. As we know, he was found by Pharaoh’s daughter and raised as an Egyptian. Moses was raised with a purpose to save God’s people. Jeffrey shared how parents are chosen by God to fulfill a purpose and how their teenagers are chosen for a purpose. He explained that God could have chosen anyone to be their parent but He chose them to be their parent. As parents, we want our kids to follow their God given dreams and to fulfill their purpose in life. He also revealed the real truth of how satan doesn’t like our teens and how he uses social media and peer pressure to try and lure them into following the traps of society. 

I would recommend this amazing book to all parents and parents to be. I immensely like how he covered all of the topics with an updated look about how social media is bringing even new challenges to our teenagers. Most of our teenagers love the attention they get from their friends and strangers with their posts, likes, and snaps. It’s affecting both girls and boys, they are struggling with facing sexting pressure and pornography . Most of it comes down to how our teenagers see themselves and their desire to be accepted. Boys are desperately trying to work out and be toned to get the likes from the girls. Jeffrey also shared how he was praying for a group of high schoolers and the boys shared how much they have an obsession with working out and being fit. Girls are posting and sexting in order to get the attention from the boys. He also shared some of the apps the teenagers are using and how editing photos is becoming the norm. I liked how he included scriptures throughout the book to assist parents in having important discussions with their teenagers. I believe most readers will be able to learn how to raise their teenagers in a worldly environment that is ever changing. This book will help you in setting a Godly foundation to influence your teenagers in the years to come. 

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May It Be So: Forty Days with the Lord's Prayer by Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson Book Review

In May It Be So, Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson explored the Lord’s prayer in this new book for 40 days. The disciples asked Jesus how they should pray and Jesus told them the Lord’s prayer. This prayer discusses God’s kingdom and how we should pray for His will to be done on Earth as it is also in Heaven, our daily bread, forgiveness, and staying away from temptations. Throughout the book, they discussed the different sections of the prayer and included a few days’ worth of prayers focused on that topic. The prayers were only about a sentence long to help readers to pray. They also included illustrations and drawings next to the daily prayers. 

I would recommend this book on prayer to anyone is seeking to pray the Lord’s prayer a little deeper. I liked how the book contained prayers to guide readers into praying prayers geared towards the Lord’s prayer. The prayers were simple and they were written to help readers to learn how to pray more to their Creator. One of my favorites prayers was, “May I never let my fear of being afraid keep me from facing darkness around me.” I liked how the illustrations were unique and very different and they included dogs, boats, lighthouse, and countless other designs. If you’re looking for a new book on prayer, then read this book! 

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Love Changes Everything: Finding What’s Real in a World Full of Fake by Micah Berteau Book Review

In Love Changes Everything, Micah Berteau explored the topic of love and how love can literally change our lives for the better if we will just let love overflow. He begins the book by telling a story about a childhood trip to Six Flags and how he got lost from his parents. He saw the ice cream stand and disobeyed his parents and got separated from them. He shared how he feared he would receive a spanking or lose his Nintendo. He eventually was reunited with his parents and his dad surprised him by telling him how much he loved him and how he missed him. He also told him never to leave him again. This story changed Micah’s life. Micah shares how much God loves us even though we are sinners and God will never leave us. There is nothing we can do to receive His love or to earn His affection. Micah speaks directly to the readers and reminds them that they are loved. Throughout the book, he explored the story of Gomer and Hosea. Hosea was a prophet and a follower of Christ. God told him to marry Gomer who was a promiscuous woman. Many people were shocked that a prophet would marry such a woman as her especially with her past. This story showed how God choose to still love Israel even though they disobeyed his word and went down the path of idolatry. The story continues that Gomer went down the path of adultery again and God told Hosea to go get his wife back and love her. Scriptures share how God illustrates that He still loves Israel even when they struggle with idolatry. 

I would recommend this fantastic book to anyone who is tired of not finding love and they keep searching for love in all the wrong places. There is a lot of fake love in this world and the real true love can be found in Jesus. This book will help readers to see that God is love and His love is the one they need and it will change their lives around. I immensely liked how Micah shared the story of Gomer and Hosea and how he explained God’s love is endless and how he loves us even when we make mistakes and sin. One of my favorite chapters was when he explored love in the Bible in 1 Cor. 13. This was a great reminder about how we should all walk in love and how we should live our lives. I also loved how Micah reminded readers to dream again, date again, go back to work again and work on a higher level, and worship God again. If you’re looking for a new book on love and you’re searching for a true love, then read this one and find it in Christ’s open arms! 

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I Am Redeemed: Learning to Live in Grace by Mike Weaver and Jim Scherer Book Review

In I Am Redeemed, Lead singer of Big Daddy Weave, Mike Weaver opens up about how he became a Christian singer and how he struggled with his true identity. He begins the book by opening up about being nominated at the K-Love awards for Song of the Year. Their song, “Redeemed” won and Mike was very surprised that he didn’t even plan a speech. The song was a huge success for them and the song connected and changed countless people lives. Afterwards though, he felt that he failed and he struggled with self-hatred. He admitted that he felt stupid and he didn’t ever why to get up and perform in front of anyone again. He shared how he was listening to the lies of the enemy. Throughout the book, he opens up about where all of these feelings began and insecurities. Most of his insecurities began in his early childhood. He grew up mostly in Gulf Breeze, Florida. One of his earliest memories was being laughed at because of how he drew Pac-Man as a letter e on the board. He felt so ashamed and stupid afterwards and he didn’t ever volunteer for another thing again. He also shared how he desperately wanted to fit in and he would do anything his so called friends wanted to do. 

The next part of the book covered how he became a Christian and how he started into music and how loved to play the guitar. He shared how he would play guitar with his brother Jay. Mike also shared how he went to college and how he struggled with anxiety and how he sometimes skipped class. He admits to leaving the classroom sometimes to avoid being called on by the teacher. During his college years, he revealed how he led worship and how he eventually started Big Daddy Weave and they were an indie band. He also shared how they eventually signed with Fervent despite the band telling them no the first time. He also shared how he met his future wife Kandice who was a marketing director at the label. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who enjoys the music of Big Daddy Weave. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time! I have always liked them since their first single, “In Christ” and met then band once at an event. I connected with Mike’s story about struggling with anxiety and insecurity. I felt not good enough most of my life too and it was a great encouragement to see how Mike dealt with his own struggles. I loved how he revealed how he was able to overcome and push through the challenges he faced and many times others helped him along the way. I really liked the story of Operation Restored Warrior and I immensely believe this will greatly help readers to deal with their own painful past. If you’re looking for an inspiration book, then read this book! 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Faithwords for my honest review.” 

Beauty in the Breakdown: Choosing to Overcome by Julie Roberts Book Review

In Beauty in the Breakdown, Julie Roberts opened up about her music career and how she dealt with the highs and the lows she faced. Julie grew up in Lancaster, South Carolina with her two other sisters, Marie and Lorie. Julie was the middle child. Her dad was an nuclear engineer and he was a strong man who believed his money was his money. Julie shared countless stories about them having to escape and run to her granny’s house when her dad become violent from his drunkenness. Her mother was abused and had bruises and black eyes many times. He was also cheating on his wife but her mom stayed with him for years because of the stigma of divorce. Julie shared how she started singing in her childhood and how one of her biggest influences was the style of Barbara Mandrell. Her mother would spend her own money on her daughters and she would buy music tracks for Julie where she could perform at different events. She even played at nursing homes where she met Carol a young girl who was in there because she had MS. She opened up about how this girl changed her life and influenced her. Julie shared some stories about going to college and how she eventually landed a job at Mercury Records in Nashville as a receptionist. She was promoted to Luke Lewis’s assistant. Luke was very vocal about how he would fire anyone who wanted to be a singer so Julie vowed to keep her singing a secret. During this time, she mother finally divorced her father and she made the move to Nashville. Julie revealed how she met a producer named Brent Rowen. They recorded one of Julie’s hit songs, “Break Down Here” together. Eventually, he took it to Lewis and a few other top label makers listened to it and Julie was signed to Mercury Records and had a deal for 7 albums. She opened up about touring with Rascal Flatts and Chris Cagle. Julie also shared the highs and lows of eventually being dropped after two albums. She shared the struggles of trying to make a comeback in her music career and what she learnt along the way. She also opened up about how she found out she has MS and legions on her brain and how she has chosen to use her voice to raise awareness on the disease. 

I would recommend this awesome book about Julie Robert’s life story. I haven’t heard most of her story before reading this book. I wasn’t aware of all of her hardships and challenges. I was shocked about some of the secrets she shared about touring and the music industry. I didn’t realize that many opening acts don’t get paid by the labels that many times they have to paid the headliner to allow them to join the tour. And I personally think there should be some changes to that. She also shared how hard it is for a female to get radio time which, I agree they should play them more. I remember in the 90’s growing up listening to Shania Twain, Jo Dee Messina, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Dixie Chicks, and SheDaisy. I do feel like they have stopped playing females as much as they used too. One of my favorite songs, that she sings is called, “Somebody Does” and this one talks about when we are at our lowest point and we feel like we aren’t love and nobody cares it reminds us that somebody does. I immensely connected with Julie Robert’s story and I believe many readers will enjoy reading this book. I highly recommend this book if you’re feeling lost and need some encouragement in your own life! 

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