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Highway to Hell: The Roads Where Childhoods Are Stolen By Matt Roper Book Review

Highway to Hell is a personally story about a journalist, Matt Roper and a Canadian country singer, Dean Brody and their journey to a dangerous highway in Brazil called BR-116. This highway was known to be populated with child prostitution and exploitation. On the highway, they first met a little girl, Leilah about 11 years old in a lilac dress and she was selling herself for 25 reals (about 10 dollars U.S. currency) to tourists and truck drivers. Most of their parents know their children are selling their bodies for money where they can buy food or even drugs. And some parents and grandparents of these children force them to where they can have the money and most of it is generational. Earlier that day, Matt and Dean met with the president of the state assembly and he told them that child prostitution doesn’t happen anymore on BR-116. They later found out how untrue his statement really was. This book will cover the truth of what’s happening on BR-116 highway.


I would recommend this book to anyone is passionate about protecting children from predators and every parent and pastor should read this book. The book was heartbreaking to read because of the horrible events that Matt and Dean encountered on their journey. I haven’t ever personally been to a foreign country before and it was very eye opening to me. The book is really difficult to imagine that young girls would be involved in child prostitution and no one is doing anything to stop it and save the girls. I liked how Matt described the children and people that they met very well and I felt like I was seeing a glimpse of some of the terrible conditions they witnessed. I immensely liked the lyrics of a song Dean Brody wrote about Leilah which made him actively wanting to get involved. I also have trouble understand how some of the parents aren’t trying to stop their children from selling their bodies and how they can just by and watch their children put their self into danger. The book is a very critical book and it’s important that we wake up to what is happening in the world around us. If you’re seeking an excellent book on the topic of child prostitution and exploitation, then please read this book!


I received this book free from the publisher from Kregel Publications book review bloggers program."  


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