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God of All Creation: Life Lessons from Pets and Wildlife By James Robison With James Randall Robison

God of All Creation is about the love of God found through the touch of pets and their unconditional love. James Robison and Betty Robison have a miniature dachshund named Princess. Through watching his lovely dog, he has learned that God has the best interests in mind for us. He will chase us even when we choose to try and run from his leading and calling. Princess loves to hunt and chase deer, rabbits, armadillos, badgers, and squirrels. James doesn’t care if Princess wants to chase rabbits and squirrels because they can’t hurt her. He also has witnessed how he wants to be good to Princess and he loves riding her around in his truck. God revealed to him and made recall how his children longed to do good because good was good and it was how they were raised. God has given us His word to display how he desires us to live and love.


I immensely connected with the animal fable James Robison shared about a wolf getting caught in a trap. A human found the wolf but the wolf refused to receive help from a human. He could have rescued him and saved his life but he couldn’t bring himself to trust a human. This story is told to convey how much Jesus wants us in Heaven with Him. But in the end, it comes down to us choosing to believe in Christ. He won’t force us into a relationship with Him.


I would recommend this fantastic novel to anyone who is an enormous pet lover. If you enjoy loving on pets of all kinds then this book will benefit you and you will be able to get a lot from it. I have grown up loving dogs and have had four dogs through my lifetime so far (I’m only twenty-two) and will most likely continue. It will assist you in learning about how much God truly loves His people. Each of the stories is about four pages long and can be read like a devotional. This book would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys nature and pets. God truly loves you and wants the best for you this book is a great reminder of that.


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Bold As Love: What Can Happen When We See People the Way God Does By Bob Roberts, Jr. Book Review

In Bold As Love, Bob Roberts, Jr. met Prince Turki al-Faisal, who is the founder of Saudi Arabia’s modern intelligence service. He is a Muslim and he encouraged Bob Roberts, Jr. to bring different faiths together and to learn to respect each other beliefs. He figured if Bob could bring harmony between diverse faiths in Dallas, he could do it anywhere. He decided to invite Jews, Muslims, and other faiths into his congregation to prove that though we disagree in our faiths. Most of us fear that if we connect with other people of dissimilar faiths we might be converted or challenged in our faith. He has seen people engaging in connecting with other faiths actually grow stronger in their own personal beliefs. An important aspect to remember is to not judge others for their faith and to racially love them.


Bob Roberts, Jr. stated that every believer must answer three questions, “Why do you believe in God?, “Why do you believe in only one God?”, and “Why are you a Christian?” Or “Why do you believe in the Trinity?” It’s important to know the answers for yourself where you can share with others what you believe. You can also learn and listen to what other faiths believe in and why they believe it. He encouraged readers to live with the concept of “multifaith”. He wants different faiths to be able to live and interact with each other without having to tone down or change our beliefs.


I would recommend this magnificent book to anyone who has a difficult time accepting others because they have different views from us. We’re called to show Christ’s love to others and this doesn’t mean we have to convert to another religion. It only means demonstrating love boldly. I especially enjoy how transparent Bob Roberts, Jr. was in sharing that he was upset about someone suggesting for him to return to Vietnam. He had a difficult time in traveling to Vietnam after we lost a great number of our service men and women. But he was committing to forgiving and not punishing people who weren’t even a part of the war. If you’re looking for a book to racially change your views on how we treat people of other faiths, then this book will guide you on displaying the love of Christ. We can choose to love and reach out to others or we can harden our hearts.


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Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First: Day 4 Blog Post Children of God

Week 9: Day 4 Child


This day described the scriptures of John 1:1-18. “In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). God created everything in His image. Light shines brighter than darkness and darkness can’t put out the light. John the Baptist was called to declare that the King Jesus was coming to the world. Jesus was and still is the true light in the world. He entered the world and was rejected by his own people. Can you imagine how that must feel to be rejected by the very ones he was trying to reach? Whoever accepts Jesus into their hearts and repents for their sins, they become children of God. The law came from Moses but when Jesus arrived this is the first time the world saw the true Messiah.


Like any parent, God disciplines us and give us rules to protect us. Even when we don’t always want to follow the rules, they are set in motion in order to guide us to become more Christ-like. Some people didn’t have parents who cared about them, but luckily God does love and care about you! God cares so much about what His children are going through. He loves all of His children and we’re called to do the same.


I am participating in journaling about my experiences in reading Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First By Doug Bender. I will be blogging through four days about the different things I have learned to help promote this life changing book.  The book is available for purchase.


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Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First: Day 3 Blog Post : Leaving this World Naked

Week 8: Day 6 Naked

This day contained the scripture verses Ecclesiastes 5:10-20. This is written to remind us that people in love with money will never have enough. They will always be trying to earn more money to purchase bigger cars, houses, more designer clothes, latest technology, latest hunting and fishing gear, and anything else you enjoy buying. If you love having a big bank account, you will always be trying to add more money to the account. It will never satisfy you for very long. People with less money will be able to sleep better because they aren’t afraid that someone could steal what they have. Some rich folks are consumed with watching and protecting what they have.


The verses reminiscent us that we arrive here through our mother’s womb and we had nothing. When we die, we can’t take anything with us. Wealth won’t make us truly happy. Happiness comes from memories we make, the time we have spend with our love ones, and the difference we made in the world. An important thing to remember is that our children won’t remember all of the nice presents we purchased for them to enjoy. They will remember if we took the time to get to know them and see how they view the world through their eyes. We have to focus on the big picture of life and see what truly matters.


I am participating in journaling about my experiences in reading Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First By Doug Bender. I will be blogging through four days about the different things I have learned to help promote this life changing book.  The book is available for purchase.


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Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First: Day 2 LOVE God, Yourself, and Others!

Week 7: Day 3 Love

This day had the scriptures verses Mark 12:28-34. These verses described the teachers of the law asking Jesus which command is the most important. Jesus answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these” (Matthew 12:28-34 NIV).

The first step to love is to love God completely for who he is. He is the Healer, the Creator, the Father, the Provider, our Shepherd, and our Savior. He is the one who sent his only son to take the sins and failures of the world. Sin separated us from God because He is holy. He was beaten, whipped, and crucified on the cross for our sins. He took our guilty and forgave us for our many sins we have committed. All we had to do was repent and know you’re sinners. God has an unfailing love for His people and he isn’t mad at you. He has an unconditionally love for us.

We must learn that we can’t just love Him when we want Him to move in our circumstances. Even when he chooses to wait to answer your prayers when you pray, he’s working on it!

The second commandment is: loving your neighbor as you love yourself. This requires that you must first love who you are. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else? Loving yourself means accepting yourself even though we’re not perfect and until you get to Heaven, you won’t be. You must realize that you have flaws but Jesus still accepts you and loves you. This doesn’t mean that He doesn’t want you to improve and become more Christ-like, he does. Loving yourself means understanding you’re not accident, even if you’re birth wasn’t planned by your parents. When the sperm met the egg that’s when love started! God planned for you and you’re made for a purpose that he wants you to complete. Run the course he has for you!

The second requirement is to extend that love to others that you encounter every single day. This includes the slow drivers you’re wishing would go on, the slow cashiers when you’re in a hurry, your brothers and sisters when they disappoint you, your children when they go down a different path, your spouse when they let you down, your boss when they having a bad day and taking it out on you, and any other people you have a difficult time loving. It’s not easy to love like anything in life it takes effort and time. But LOVE is worth it! Without love where would we be? Would you rather love or spread more hatred in the world, it’s your choice!


I am participating in journaling about my experiences in reading Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First By Doug Bender. I will be blogging through four days about the different things I have learned to help promote this life changing book.  The book is available for purchase.


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Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First: Day 1 Forgive Even When It's Hard!


I am participating in journaling about my experiences in reading Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First By Doug Bender. I will be blogging through four days about the different things I have learned to help promote this life changing book.  The book is available for purchase.


If you buy the book during the week of December 9th-15th make sure you email your receipt to the email address They want to give you some special bonuses!

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Week 7: Day 2: Release

This day consisted of reading Matthew 18:21-35 in the Bible. The concepts presented in this passage were Peter asking Jesus how many times we are to forgive our brother who has wronged us. Peter suggested seven as the ultimate number we are suppose to forgive someone. Jesus replied, “seventy times seven” (Matthew 18:22). Jesus then described a parable of a debtor who owned the king millions of dollars. The master ordered to sell him and his wife, children, and everything he had left. The man pleaded with his master not to do that. The master forgave him and cancelled his debts.

When he left the masters face, he turned right around and found a servant who owned him a few thousand dollars. He chose to not forgive the servant who owned him money and he was eventually put into jail and tortured. The moral of the story was he was forgiven for his debt but he couldn’t forgive someone else’s debt. And Jesus warned that if we don’t forgive others the heavenly Father will do the same thing to you.

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t had to make the choice to forgive someone who has hurt and let them down. Bitterness is easy to allow to poison our very souls. I will admit I have been there and I was stubborn and determined that it was out of my control and power to forgive people that have hurt me.

How many relationships have ended because someone couldn’t forgive? MANY!

Major offences can come occur when the person we love walks away, we’re cheated on, people borrow money and don’t pay us back when they say they would, people criticize us and call us names, we’re fired or laid off, done wrong in a church, and a number of other things. Others may struggle with forgiving the small offences that can still wreak our world if we let it like our children spilling liquids or food, or breaking glass on the floor, our spouses leaving the toilet seat up (sorry men), the lawn didn’t get mow on time, the house isn’t clean, or anything else you can think of. But is it worth it holding on to anger?

Bitterness blocks us from ever finding love again whether in friendship or a relationship. Freedom only comes when we chose to release the hurt and forgive, no matter how painful it might be. Perfection doesn’t exist and we must know we can’t demand ourselves or others to be perfect all the time. We will all make mistakes and offend others at some point.

The question that we must ask ourselves is, “How many times have I personally hurt someone?” We must remember that Jesus forgives us every single time we confess our sins and hurts!


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Fire of the Raging Dragon: Pacific Rim Series By Don Brown Book Review


Fire of the Raging Dragon is the second novel in the series Pacific Rim Series.


The Chinese president, Tang Qhichen, also called the Raging Dragon, ordered his military forces to attack and conquer the island Itu Aba, Spratly Islands. Itu Aba belongs to Thailand. The Chinese gained control of the island. And the Taiwanese captured the Chinese ship Shemnong which is carrying military weapons. Many lives were lost and some of the remaining people on board the ship needed medical help. Shemnong requested medical assistance from the USS Vicksburg. The United States President Douglas Surber granted the request and ordered the ship to help the people on board. They discovered crimes against humanity on board the ship Shemnong. President Surber ordered for the ship to be captured and placed in United States care. This upset President Tang Qhichen and he attacked USS Vicksburg. USS Emory S. Land was near the ships and the Chinese captured the ship and demanded the United States to release Shemnong or they would kill everyone on board the ship. President Surber was torn in making a decision to let Shemnong go and ignore the crimes he saw on the ship or let Vicksburg be destroyed. But a major factor was his own daughter was a marine on board USS Vicksburg.


I immensely enjoyed reading this novel. It had a breathtaking plot and action that kept me hooked in. The novel had me feeling like this could truly happen. The crimes against humanity that was revealed in the novel could really be happening and we have no idea. It’s shocking and heartbreaking that something like this could exist. I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves adventures and suspense. It would leave you entertained and thankful for the military that are committed to serving their country. They know the dangers and risks and still faithfully protect. If you’re looking for a great gift for someone, then this is the new series they will enjoy to receive!


“I received this book for free from Zondervan for this review”.


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Change Your Words, Change Your Life: Understanding the Power of Every Word You Speak By Joyce Meyer Book Review

In Change Your Words, Change Your Life, Joyce Meyer demonstrated the importance of controlling your tongue and speaking life enhancing words about yourself and others. Joyce Meyer pointed out that social media has introduced a whole new concept of us having to watch what we type/say to others. Cyberbullying has spread vicious words among children and teenagers. This is an important area that we have to watch what we say or type. We can choose to share positive words or negative words it’s up to us. Many times we criticize ourselves or others and we don’t realize the damage we’re causing. Joyce stated that many believers claim to believe in God but they aren’t in agreement with the promises he has declared he would do. They listen to the devil and his lies that they aren’t loved and forgiven. The word says they are loved and forgiven for their sins!

One of the stories that Joyce Meyer shared was about a freshman in high school named, Kyle. Kyle was walking home from school and he had all his books with him. This other young boy noticed this and thought to himself that he must be a nerd. A few seconds later he saw a group of kids knocking his books out of Kyle’s hands. The young boy befriended Kyle and reached out to him. On graduation day, Kyle revealed the truth in a speech. Kyle planned to kill himself that very day and he cleaned out his locker where his mother wouldn’t have to. I paraphrase the story from pages 14-16. This story hit home to me and helped me to realize the importance of reaching out to others despite how others may criticize us for doing so. Words had such a huge impact for Kyle and it changed and saved his life. What if the young boy hadn’t reached out and became Kyle’s friend.

The book included a personal list that Joyce Meyer wrote in 1976 concerning the truth of what God’s word and what she wanted in her future. One of my scriptures was: “As a man thinketh in his heart; so is he. (Prov. 23:7). This reminded me to control what I believe about myself. If it doesn’t line up with the word of God, I have to reject it as lies. She also believed this, “All my children have lots of Christian friends, and God has set aside a Christian wife or husband for each of them. (1 Cor. 15:33). When she began confessing this life changing declaration, her oldest child was only fourteen years old! All of her children are currently married! I’m believing for the same thing over my life and my children and grandchildren lives! The list was around five pages long and I am so glad she shared this personal details. It was a huge encouragement to remind me to write down some of scriptures verses that I need to declare over my life.  

I would recommend this astonishing resource to anyone who is longing to figure how to make process in taming the tongue. Words have incredible power and when used wisely can bless or we can choose to curse others. This book has the potential to change your life if you put into practice the lessons and get in agreement with speaking God’s word. The book reminded me to keep my word when I tell someone I will do something I need to follow through, stop complaining, and listen to others and only share my opinion when I need to. Speaking encouragement and building up others is how mature Christians act. This is an area that I see that I must work actively to find areas to communicate to others much needed encouragement.

I immensely enjoyed the “Dictionary of God’s Word” included in the back of the book. It covered scriptures to speak over your life when you’re depressed, angry, seeking healing, afraid, rejected, lonely, needing financial help, and much more.  There is so much power in this book that will benefit readers seeking to improve their daily life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with saying the right things about themselves or others.

“I received this book free from Hachette Book Group/Faith Works.”


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The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? By Rick Warren Book Review

In The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren discussed the importance of living a life that brings glory to God. We have to focus on God’s purposes for our life not our own. This book is a journey of 42 days to lead readers to reach their God given purpose for their lives. This book is a new edition for a new generation and it has been ten years since the first edition was released. The book contains new QR Codes for readers to scan with their smart phones. They can watch videos to assist them in their study for purpose. A critical concept that we must learn to understand is that we exist because God wanted us to be born for his purposes. No one is a mistake or an accident God loves each one of us. Rick made an interesting point about how parents love their children and they don’t have to even do anything. They enjoy them at each stage of their lives. God is the same way he loves us where we currently are. This doesn’t mean we don’t need to strive for becoming a mature Christian. It just means accepting God’s unlimited amount of love. Rick Warren goes on to explain that this is only our temporary home there is so much more awaiting for us in Heaven. The book covered the need of belonging to a local church where believers can grow to become like Christ. Many of us take the road of thinking we can be isolated and become disciples without other believers but this is a false idea.


I would recommend this magnificent book to anyone who is struggling with discovering God’s purpose for their lives. I haven’t read the first edition so this was completely new for me. Rick Warren has an excellent way of clarifying your SHAPE-Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience. The experience point was very helpful because he expressed that you must look back at what you have been through. It’s important to remember that God will use your bad experiences for your good. This brought me great comfort that nothing in my life will be wasted. I especially enjoyed the last two chapters that Rick Warren added in the new edition. One of the chapters was warning readers against becoming envy of others. This chapter opened my eyes about not being jealous about others appearances, gifts, talents, money, relationships, and children. The last two are really tough for me seeing everyone you know getting married and having children and you’re praying to be blessed in that way and still waiting. Yes, I’m only twenty-two but I still want it and dream of leading and loving my future wife and kids. This book taught me that I must celebrate what God has bought together for my family and friends. This book will guide you to figure out what His special purposes are for your life. You will be encouraged and I strongly recommend it!

"I received this book free from the publisher through the Book Sneeze book review bloggers program."

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Resurrect By David E. Stevens Blog Tour and Book Review

My Review:
Resurrect is an excellent debut novel in a new action packed series. I enjoyed the thrilling concept of the novel. Josh Logan, the main character is a Navy Commander and he has to perform an emergency ejection out of his aircraft. Then he is offered a second chance at life by a voice named Jesse. The requirement is that he must live in another man’s body. And he has to leave his old life behind for good and move on apart from his beloved wife. In his new body, he knows that a comet is headed towards planet Earth. The problem is he has to find out a way to stop the comet from destructing Earth and save billions of people from dying. The apocalypse vibe that the novel portrayed will give the readers chills and they will be yearning for more. The book contained a mixer of science, technology, and suspense to convey the frightening adventure.


I would recommend to this exhilarating novel to anyone who enjoys military, fighter planes, adventures, and action. Men especially would benefit from from reading this action filled novel and they would be sucked into the action from the very first page. Josh Logan is a likeable gentleman that captures every woman’s fantasy.  And every man would want to be him! So women would also enjoy reading this new series. I would also recommend this to teenagers, who are into science fiction and they like the heroes who are trying to save the world. The book is also being made into a movie, which I am curious to see what parts they include in the movie and what parts gets removed. David E. Stevens is a brilliant writer who knows how to demonstrate and explain the story in vast details. I can’t wait to see how the other two novels in the series turn out! If you’re looking for a new series to dive into, then this book is for you!


"I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity Group/ Monarch Books for this review".

About Resurrect:
Book 1 in the Resurrect Trilogy.

Preventing his burning fighter from crashing into a neighborhood, Navy Commander Josh Logan ejects ... too late.
Critically injured, he's offered a new life and mission exploit highly classified military technology to stop a global cataclysm. The price? He'll be dead to everyone he knows.
He wakes in a city hospital with a genetically enhanced body and no identity. With the help of his brilliant, Neuro ICU nurse, and guided by nothing but a voice, he must infiltrate the military-industrial complex to develop the world's most powerful weapon ... to protect humanity?
Link to buy the book:

Meet David: 
A Navy fighter pilot with hundreds of aircraft carrier landings, Commander David E Stevens holds degrees from Cornell and the University of Michigan with graduate work in astrophysics. He test piloted new fighters and received an aviation patent. With a Top Secret clearance, Dave served as Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm and led classified defense programs. He's traveled to over two dozen countries.


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Resurrect is an apocalyptic thriller based on real world threats from cutting-edge science. A Colorado Gold finalist for Best Action Thriller of the Year, it’s been optioned for a major motion picture by Producer Fred Miller (When Angels Sing starring Harry Connick Jr.).

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So grab your copy of Resurrect and join David on the evening of the December 4th for a chance to connect with David and make some new friends. (If you haven’t read the book – don’t let that stop you from coming!)

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Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle By Michael John Cusick Book Review

Surfing for God is about the hidden struggles men are facing almost on a daily basis. Men feel the need to hide and suppress their deepest needs and desires. Many men have a hard time displaying intimacy and showing non-sexual affection to a woman. Out of feeling alone, worthless, and insecure we turn to lusting after a woman and watching porn. Regularly as men we turn to masturbation to comfort us and to relief ourselves with an orgasm. But it only makes us feel better for a little while, and then we want more. This book explored the core beliefs men believe about themselves. These beliefs are “I’m A Bad Person”, “Nobody Would Love me as I Am”, “I Can’t Get My Needs Met By Depending on Others”, “Sex is My Most Important Need”. The beliefs were formed early and the big issue is that we have believed them to be true. When we get done viewing porn, we still feel empty and ashamed that we have committed this act.


Michael John Cusisk knows firsthand the effects of viewing porn and lusting after woman. At only twenty four years old, he was going to adult bookstores, visiting strip clubs, drinking alcohol to numb his shame, and paying prostitutes money for sex. Eventually he revealed his secret life to his wife and she was devastated and heartbroken. He also shared a personal story about never going on a date until he was twenty-three years old. He had to face the truth of his brokenness in order to gain healing.  Throughout this book he will guide readers into breaking free from the strongholds placed on their life regarding porn.


I would recommend this astonishing book about dealing with the triggers that makes men lust towards women and view porn to ALL men! Satan is bombarding us with many more sexual images than ever before. I’m twenty-two and never been on a date so I connected with Michael’s story. This book has shown me the truth about my own struggle with viewing porn and masturbation. I will admit that I turned to porn when I was feeling lonely and broken from my past. Really I was looking for affirmation that I was a real man, acceptance, and affection. This book helped me to know that I wasn’t alone in my struggle. It was comforting to know that other men were going through the same type of things I was dealing with.


I also realized that I believed the deadly lies from the enemy. I believed in my core that no one would love me for who I truly was. I especially enjoyed the hope that Michael shared in overcoming the temptations of lusting and porn. This book assisted me in believing that I was pure and clean in the eyes of Christ. When I received Christ as my personal Savior, he took my sins and forgave me for all my sins. This book has helped me to identify the triggers that caused me to look at porn and masturbate. I truly believe that this book would benefit men if they will take to heart the concepts and deal with their feelings and brokenness. Being vulnerable is something that most men hate, me included, but it leads to our healing no matter how painful it might be.  If you’re struggling with viewing porn, then this book is written just for you!

"I received this book free from the publisher through the Book Sneeze book review bloggers program.”

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