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Secrets of the Happy Soul: Experience the Deep Delight You Were Made for by Katie Orr Book Review

In Secrets of the Happy Soul, Katie Orr explored the scriptures of Psalms and some secrets we can use to be happier in our lives. She opens the book by revealing how she battled depression and how some days she doesn’t want to even go to church. She is a pastor wife and has three kids. She shared how she had to deal with grief when she lost her 29-year-old brother from a drug overdose. She opened up about how she struggles with being happy and how she was able to find a happy soul. She goes into detail about how the old Katie is dead and the new Katie is alive in Christ and how she is now a new creature. She also looked at the word happy in the Bible and what the Hebrew manuscripts use for this word. It is used 45 times in the Old Testament. She explained how God’s people are supposed to be happy and how it is spiritual it is in our DNA. Throughout the book, she looked at six secrets on happiness and some of these included, “happy soul is focused on God, attached to God’s Word, dependent on God’s provision, surrendered to the King”, and much more. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone how is feeling unhappy and overwhelmed with life. As I was reading this book, unhappiness and uncertainty is being felt all over the whole world since everyone is focused on the virus. I immensely connected with Katie and how important it is to turn our focus back to God. She encouraged readers to read the scriptures and to find out who God is and let’s try and see Him more clearly. We need to focus on that He is in control, that He is our Provider, and that He will be our Comfort in life. I liked how in each chapter she included multiple scriptures where readers can mediate on and be encouraged by. I liked how she made soul searching questions where readers can evaluate and do some soul searching. If you’re looking for a book on finding happiness and want to have a happier soul, then read this book! 

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One Small Step: The Life-Changing Adventure of Following God’s Nudges by Matthew Barnett Book Review

In One Small Step, Matthew Barnett explored the power of taking just one small step to make a difference in someone else’s life. In this book, he discussed we can have Holy Spirit encounters that nudge us into reaching out to help others. He opens up by sharing how he started the Dream Center and how they have made a great difference in their community. The dream center is located in Los Angeles. It a four hundred-thousand-square-foot hospital type building that provides a place to live for the addicts, homeless, veterans, victims of human trafficking, and kids who are aged out of foster care. It’s free of charge for them. In the book, he discussed how he was the son of a megachurch pastor, Tommy Barnett and how he saw his own father take small steps for Christ. 

He shared how in 2016 they faced an impossible problem and he considered calling it quits after twenty years of ministry. They were running out of money and he decided to cash out some of his retirement to make payroll that month. He shared how he had to tell his whole staff and had to admit they are nearing failure and he opened up to readers about he had to make a choice to choose faith over his fears. In the book, he also revealed the story about how he decided to run a world marathon challenge on every continent for a fundraising event for the Dream Center. He shared how he had to deal with his fear of his blood clots returning. Throughout the event, he shared the challenges he faced and how he chose to keep going until the end of the marathon. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is ready to follow God’s nudges and to make a difference in someone else’s life. I immensely love how Matthew opened up about how he started the Dream Center and how much of an impact they are having in their community. I connected with how real he was in sharing the small steps he had to decide to take. One of my favorite stories that he shared was the story of a young boy, he met at his daughter’s track practice. He was holding his stomach and he was complaining that he hasn’t had food in a long time. So, he decided to give him some fruit and he told him that this was super fruit and this would help him to achieve his best time ever. He ended up finishing third and had his best time ever. He shared how he made this a big deal to celebrate and encourage this young boy and he also brought him a hotdog and chips to celebrate. In this example, Matthew shared how we all have the power to influence and we can choose to make a big deal out of stuff that can have the potential to change other people’s lives for the better. If you’re looking for a new book on taking small steps and following God’s nudges, then read this book! 

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Galatians: A Biblical Study by Joyce Meyer Book Review

In Galatians, Joyce Meyer explored the whole book of Galatians which was written by the apostle Paul. This book of the Bible, Paul stands up for the truth of the Gospel and he discussed legalism. Jesus came and sacrificed Himself for all of our sins but many people still struggled with trying to live in works of the flesh. Joyce shared topics that Galatians covered such as, “people pleasing, reaping what we sow, walking in the Spirit, and much more. Paul opened up about how if we were trying to please people, he wouldn’t be a servant of Christ. Joyce shared how she wondered how many people have missed their callings for their lives because they are afraid of not pleasing people. She shared in her own life how when she first started to preach how people judged her because she was a woman. She was asked to leave her church and she shares how she had to choose to not be a people pleaser. Another topic, Paul wrote about was about living and walking in the flesh and this can include sexual immorality, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, selfish ambition, and a lot of other sins. He also discussed the fruits of the Spirit: love, peace, joy, goodness, gentleness, and more. Joyce explains how we are redeemed through Christ and forgiven for our sins. This in turn should encourage readers to want to strive to walk in the Spirit and try and not walk in the flesh and sin.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new Bible study and they are wanting to learn more about Paul and what his life can teach us and how we can deal with legalism beliefs. I liked how Joyce Meyer digged into the scriptures and tried to explain it in terms that everyday people could understand. One of my favorite topics, she went over was the importance of not living controlled by people pleasing. She also looked at Paul’s conversion from Saul and how he used to persecute believers. And now Paul was living his life to please God. I liked also how she went over the fruits of the Spirit and how believers can choose to display Christ’s character and teaching in their own lives. Each chapter also shared a question where readers could ponder and answer. If you’re looking a new Bible study, then read this one! 

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The Mind of God: How His Wisdom Can Transform Our World by Bill Johnson Book Review

In the Mind of God, Bill Johnson explored the truth of God’s wisdom and His incredible power and how we can spread hope to the world. He begins the book by looking at the greenhouse effect and how our culture is made up the values, attitudes, and social norms. The plants are Kingdom truths from the word of God. We have to received Kingdom values, where we can influence others and try to lead them to Christ. He shares that as believers, we must learn to pray for life as it is in Heaven. We’re expected to reach the unbelievers and to share the good news. In the book, he explored the seven spheres of influence and how to pray for each one. Some of these included, family, religion, government, arts and media, science and technology, and much more. Believers are encouraged to pray for the environment around them where we can see mountains move and transformation can occur. The book also covered the three manifestations of wisdom: creativity, integrity, and excellence. He revealed the power of tapping into all three of them and seeking them for the Kingdom of Christ. He strongly encouraged believers to seek God and pray for new ideas and wisdom where we can use them for the Kingdom of God. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is lacking in wisdom and they are wanting to seek God and gain in Godly wisdom. I immensely loved how Bill Johnson looked at how we can have Heaven on earth here right now and we can pray and ask God for wisdom. I liked the section on the seven spheres of influence and how he encouraged us to pray for all seven. We especially need to pray for all the cultures around us including the government, arts and media, science and technology, and our families. Many of us right now are living in fear of the coronavirus virus and this book reminds readers to pray for our spheres of influence daily and to seek God’s wisdom. This book will help readers to pray and receive the wisdom from God and to try and reach the lost. 

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Thriving in Love and Money: 5 Game-Changing Insights about Your Relationship, Your Money, and Yourself by Shaunti Feldhahn and Jeff Feldhahn Book Review

In Thriving in Love and Money, Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn explored the topic of money and how it affects our marriages positively and negatively. For this book, they enlisted the help of a research team that consisted of at least twenty people. They surveyed more than 3,000 people of married, cohabiters, and many other demographics. Money is one of the difficult stress in marriage and it can also cause lots of arguments. They found out the best thing in marriage is being able to discuss money and budgeting openly and sharing what the other person is feeling. One of the things, they discovered was that the real issue is how we feel about money and our subconscious thoughts and they shared what was really going on below the surface. The book looked at different view and values in order to show readers that our spouse’s values things different from each other. We have to discuss and be open to listening to what the other is feeling about money. They also dived into the different feelings men and woman had and they took turns explaining the fears and insecurities we both have about money and how we view money differently. They also explored the busters of non-unity and some of the excuses we tell ourselves such as, it’s my money and my account, wanting to be in control of everything, being independent, and much more. In the opposite side, they looked at unity builders such as, believe the best of your spouse’s intentions, create join ownership in your finances, and much more. 

I would recommend this great book on money and how to thrive in marriage. I immensely like how they switched voices throughout the book to help readers to see both sides of handling money. I liked they both share how they handled their own money talks and what they have learned about each other throughout the process. I think this book has the potential to help marriage couples to learn to talk about money more openly and they won’t be so afraid to have a discussion about budgeting, saving, and spending. I loved how they both encouraged you to read this book together and to make notes and to discuss with your spouse. If you’re looking for a book to help you with handling money and having important money discussions, then read this book! 

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The Shift: Courageously Moving from Season to Season by Keion Henderson Book Review

In the Shift, Keion Henderson explored the transition times and how we can deal with the shift and changes during these times. Keion describes how he was playing in the basketball Division I at Indiana University and how he had big dreams to become professional. During a game, he tore his ACL and his career was over. He opened up about how he became a minister and the setbacks he had to overcome. He explained what he felt during this shift and change in these different seasons. Throughout the meantime seasons, he learned how to deal with loss, disappointment, and painful circumstances. In these seasons, we have to rely on God’s strength and let him train us and heal us. In the book, he shared how he was raised by a single mother and how he learned who is father was. His father was a pastor of the church he attended and how he confronted his dad. His dad told him it had to stay between them. He shared how he felt rejected and not worthy enough of love since his father wouldn’t claim him. He opened up about how he tried to fill the void in the soul by getting married to an older woman with three children. He admitted he wanted to have an identity and she told him she would love him where he wouldn’t remember that his father wasn’t there for him. She couldn’t ever fill the void because she wasn’t meant to and they eventually got divorced. He shared with readers that we must heal from our pain first before we can truly give love to another person. He had a spiritual father who explained to him how to release the anger and hurt. He shared with him the story of Mephibosheth and how he didn’t get to know his own father, Jonathan and grandfather, King Saul they had both died. He was also dropped by his nurse and was now crippled. He shared how maybe Keion’s father was dropped by his own someone in his life long before he produced Keion. He learned through this that he had to forgive him and stop blaming him. He explained what he learned through this shift and how this made him stronger as a person. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is struggling in their current season and they need guidance on how to survive the shift. I love how open he was about his life and how he chose to forgive his father for all the hurt and pain. I believe it was very powerful in looking at Mephibosheth story and how we can in turn look at the bigger picture. We can recognize the difficult people we are having trouble forgiving might have been dropped by someone in their own life. I immensely believe many people will be able to relate to Keion’s story and be encouraged by his words to get through their own shift and seasons they will experience in their own lives. I really enjoyed the story he shared about the power of decisions and how he almost changed the course of his own life when he was in the sixth grade. I believe readers will be amazed at this story. I liked how he included a shift key section for each chapter that had a summary, questions, and a prayer. If you’re looking for encouragement during the shifts and seasons in your life, then read this book! 

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