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Confessions of a Happily Married Man: Finding God in the Messiness of Marriage by Joshua L. Rogers Book Review

In Confessions of a Happily Married Man, Joshua L. Rogers shared real stories and confessions that he has encountered in his marriage. He is an attorney and a writer. He starts the book by sharing a personal story of a baby monitor and how this story changed their marriage and helped them both to eventually become a stronger couple. Throughout the book, he shared about how they both met and went into details about both of their family’s background’s with marriage and divorce. He also revealed his struggles with woman and dating. He was very transparent about how they were opened right at the beginning of their relationship about their pasts. He also explored some of the first arguments they had in their marriage and how at first, he was so determined to win the case. Eventually on their second year of marriage a friend pointed out during a Bible study by Henry Cloud about how he didn’t like how he talked to his wife. This study encouraged them to do interview questions and Joshua decided to try it with his wife and got feedback from her and a few other friends. He admits in the book that this was difficult to hear the positive and negative but this helped him to work on his own character weaknesses. In the back of the book, he also included them in here where readers could also enlist one of their own personal friends and spouse in order to improve their own life. He also suggested going over the feedback with your pastor to help you interpret all the feedback. The book also into detail about prayer, sex, dealing with the in-laws, losing loved ones, and health changes. 

I would recommend this excellent book on marriage to every engaged and married couple. This book contained many stories about their marriage and how they dealt with arguments and conflicts. I liked how real Joshua was in revealing what he struggled with. I was surprised about how open they were about their marriage and he wasn’t afraid to be honest and real. This is probably one of the better marriage books I have read. I appreciated how honest he was with talking about their sex life and how he struggled at a time with sexual dysfunction. I can tell in the book he truly wanted to help readers to become vulnerable with their spouse and for them both to become one like Christ intended. I also liked how the last chapter his wife wrote her experiences on their marriage. I connected with the two appendix’s chapters that he included at the back of the book to help guide readers into fixing and improve their own marriage for the better. If you’re looking for a great marriage book, then read this one! 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Faithwords/Worthy Publishing for my honest review.” 

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Take the Day Off: Receiving God’s Gift of Rest by Robert Morris Book Review

In Take the Day Off, Robert Morris opens up about how we need to take a sabbath day where we can truly rest and become refreshed to carry out our God given assignment. He begins the book by revealing how stress is negatively affecting every one of us. He shared some shocking truths from studies about how stress is now the fifth leading cause of death. Next, Morris dives into the ten commands and looks at one of the forgotten ones which discusses that the sabbath day is the Lord’s holy day. He also reveals how God explained to Moses that His people were not to supposed to work. God created the Heavens and Earth in six days and God rested on the seven day. Morris opens up about how he struggled with resting and having a sabbath day. In the book, he discusses how he had to choose and fight for a sabbath day and he explains the different things he does on his rest day. He goes into vast detail about our four tanks, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental that need to refilled. He explained that it didn’t have to all overly spiritually that we just need to find things that refresh us. Some of the examples he included was, read a book that you enjoy, solve jigsaw puzzles, hang out with good friends, enjoy being in nature, take a walk, and do anything that refreshes your life. Morris shared that we need to unplug and avoid social media and work-related tasks on our sabbath day.

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is tired of being overworked and they feel burned out on life and their purpose. Life is only getting busier and the sabbath mindset is going away. We’re conditioned to work and work harder to stay ahead. I liked how Morris shared that his own personal sabbath isn’t on a Sunday. It also doesn’t have to be overly spiritually some people just do things that help them to refocus their lives and help them to be refreshed. I will admit I don’t have a day which I call just my sabbath day. I recognized now how important it is to do this to help honor God’s commandments and also how to destress our lives. I appreciated some of the stories and examples he shared about how others spend their sabbath days. I’m willing to try and have a sabbath day as a regularly day of the week in order to help me to refocus and refresh my mind, soul, spirit, and body. 

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Born for This: My Story in Music by Bebe Winans Book Review

In Born for This, Bebe Winans opens up about his story and how he became a Gospel/Christian artist. He grew up in the music city of Detroit and in the book, he explains how he learned about his family roots. He grew up in a big family 10 siblings total with six brothers and three sisters. His family all were raised with deep Gospel roots. Music was a big part of this family and four of his brothers loved to perform and they found success on a national level and they started touring. When he saw his brothers perform, this stirred a passion in him that he wanted to become a famous singer. Eventually, he was given a chance of a lifetime to try out for The Praise the Lord (PTL) Club hosted by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker in North Carolina. He tried out with his sister CeCe Winans. They passed on him and chose CeCe. Meanwhile, BeBe worked at a grocery store to make ends meet. He was eventually given another surprised chance one day he sung in the choir on “Blessed Assurance” and he included a special “whispers of love” saying to the song. Jim heard him and loved what he did and he became a member of the PTL singers. Throughout the book, he shared his experiences on the show and how they were the only African Americans on this show. PTL was also at the time trying to become more diverse. In the book, he also describes Tammy as his “white mother” and what he learnt from her. He also revealed how they became a duo and went on to record many albums together and solo albums. He touched a little on the topic of why they decided to leave and how the PTL Club program fell a few years later with all the controversy surrounding Jim and Tammy. 

I would recommend this great autobiography to anyone who enjoys listening to Gospel and Christian music. I haven’t heard much on Bebe Winans life story before reading this book and I was curious to dive into his book. I liked how Bebe explained his musical roots and how he became to be a Christian singer. I liked how open he was with his story and how PTL helped open doors for him. I liked how he shared how Bebe and CeCe became a duo and recorded many albums together and they even won a few awards. One of my favorite songs, they have done together is “I’ll Take You There”. I also connected with him opening up about the loss of one his brothers and how that changed his entire life and how difficult it was to say goodbye. If you’re looking for a new book to read, then check this one out!
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Something Greater: Finding Triumph Over Trials By Paula White-Cain Book Review

In Something Greater, Paul White-Cain opens up about her life story and how she felt the love of her father and how she felt like his princess. He had a drinking problem and one day her mother leaves him because he took some of the money for his family. A few days later, there was an episode of him demanding to have his daughter back and he threatened to kill himself. Shortly thereafter, he commits suicide. Paula reveals what she went through in the book about how his event changed her life and how she battled insecurity and not feeling good enough. Later in the book, she shared about college and how she met Dean Knight and how one of his uncles how to change the course of her life. She was told about God and his forgiveness. This is the first time she experienced true radical love and was told that she had a purpose. She eventually finds out that she is pregnant and they decided to get married. Paula finds her purpose and serves in the church starting as a janitor, then a Sunday school teacher, and finally a preacher. She also shared with readers how her marriage was failing and how she met Randy White and how they founded Without Walls International Church. She revealed how she came to have success as a preacher and how she got onto TV. Paula has even become a pastor for some high named celebrities such as Kid Rock and President Trump that God has gifted her to help influence them spiritually. Later in the book, she also shared about her failing marriage with Randy and how we cheated on her. She will also share how she found love again with Journey’s keyboard player, Jonathan Cain. 

I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who enjoys reading an inspirational book. I have heard Paula White speak before on TV and online services and this woman is an awesome preacher and a woman of God. I have read a few other books by her and I will say this book is probably the most different written style by her. This isn’t your typical do these steps and change your life. I felt like this book was more written to show Paula White’s story in the way it happened. I feel like this book included many new stories not told before by her and it felt like an autobiography. I liked how she started at the beginning and kept you up to date with what has happened in her life recently. I believe many readers will be able to connect with her story and they will be able to see how she made it through with God’s help and like her life God has a plan for each of us. We’re all meant to live a life for Something Greater! 

"I received this book free from the publisher, Faithwords for my honest review.” 

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Raising Successful Teens: How to Help Your Child Honor God and Live Wisely by Jeffrey Dean Book Review

In Raising Successful Teens, Jeffrey Dean has written an updated edition of the book, The Fight of Your Life. He explored different topics that teenagers are facing in today’s times including acceptance, addictions, drugs, sex, homosexuality, pornography, dating, cell phone usage, social media, suicide, and much more. He began the book by looking at the story of Moses and how he was forced to be abandoned by his mother. Pharaoh ordered male Hebrew babies to be killed and his mother’s put Moses in the river in order to save his life. As we know, he was found by Pharaoh’s daughter and raised as an Egyptian. Moses was raised with a purpose to save God’s people. Jeffrey shared how parents are chosen by God to fulfill a purpose and how their teenagers are chosen for a purpose. He explained that God could have chosen anyone to be their parent but He chose them to be their parent. As parents, we want our kids to follow their God given dreams and to fulfill their purpose in life. He also revealed the real truth of how satan doesn’t like our teens and how he uses social media and peer pressure to try and lure them into following the traps of society. 

I would recommend this amazing book to all parents and parents to be. I immensely like how he covered all of the topics with an updated look about how social media is bringing even new challenges to our teenagers. Most of our teenagers love the attention they get from their friends and strangers with their posts, likes, and snaps. It’s affecting both girls and boys, they are struggling with facing sexting pressure and pornography . Most of it comes down to how our teenagers see themselves and their desire to be accepted. Boys are desperately trying to work out and be toned to get the likes from the girls. Jeffrey also shared how he was praying for a group of high schoolers and the boys shared how much they have an obsession with working out and being fit. Girls are posting and sexting in order to get the attention from the boys. He also shared some of the apps the teenagers are using and how editing photos is becoming the norm. I liked how he included scriptures throughout the book to assist parents in having important discussions with their teenagers. I believe most readers will be able to learn how to raise their teenagers in a worldly environment that is ever changing. This book will help you in setting a Godly foundation to influence your teenagers in the years to come. 

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