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Chazown by Craig Groeschel Book Review

Craig Groeschel teaches readers in his book called, “Chazown” how to find their vision for their life. For many readers they might be wondering what a Chazown is. Chazown (pronounced khaw-zone) defined in the Hebrew language is a dream or a vision. Craig leads us in defining God’s vision for your life. You have the power to choose what you do with your own life. He helps identify your vision and how to find out what God is telling you to do with your life. He provided examples from his own life about how he began his call to ministry. Craig will show you how to find your core values and what you stand for in your own life. He also teaches you how to find out your spiritual gifts that can be used to further Christ’s kingdom. He will lead readers to uncover and relook at what has happened in your past and how that works in determining your vision for your life. He will help you tie together your spiritual gifts, your past, and your core values to find your Chazown.

In Chazown, Craig will explore with you and encourage you to continue or gain a relationship with Christ. He will show readers how health has a big part to play in your vision. He will give you advice on your finances. He wants you to have good relationships with the people in your life.

He instructs you to write down and keep a journal after each section of the book. He provides exercises to help you find your vision, your core values, your past experiences, and your spiritual gifts. He encourages readers to make goals and stick with them.

I liked the book because it helped me to discover how to redefine my vision and continue on to what God has called me to do. I kept a journal and tried to answer all the questions that Craig listed after each section of the book. Sometimes the questions will make you stop and think and that is fine. You just need to have a vision for your life.

Craig strongly persuades you to read and listen to this verse from the Bible. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18 KJV

I would recommend the book to every teenager, college student, and adult. I would recommend this book especially if you don’t have a vision for what God wants you to do with your life. It is so important to know which direction of your life you would like to go. Even if you have a vision this book will help you to stay determined and keep following your vision. It will help anyone to tap into God’s will for your life.

The book also has a neat interactive website to help you in your process to finding your vision. This website has great resources for you to use.

Check it out below:

Read Chazown Chapter One:

Check out Craig Groeschel Describing His Book Chazown:

Chazown by Craig Groeschel is available on for purchase:

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Andrew, I rated your book review; it was excellent. I never heard of the word "Chazown" but we all need a vision for what God would have us do with our lives. It's so wonderful to see young adults like yourself following, obeying and honoring God.

Craig Groeschel's book, "Chazown" should inspire many to take a second look at what God is calling them to do. I pray many will be moved to action through the vision God has given them. The interactive website for the book sounds quite interesting, too.


Thank you, Joan for commenting and rating my book review!


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