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Privacy Taken Away by Online Interactions

In fact, a big problem with the increasing websites and users is that we want to share all types of information online with everyone. We have no more privacy on what we share on our Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace statuses. Some people posts updates about where they are located at that present moment. For example, my friend Bryan posted, “I am at Wal-Mart”. If a robber saw that status update it would translate to “I am not home, come take all my things” and “Enjoy the big screen TV, my iPod, and my laptop; they are all FREE!” In other words, everyone on social media sites needs to think before they post and share information online. Once you put out a picture, status update, video, or a comment it is always there online. Users can’t take it back. You may be able to delete whatever you post, but someone may have already seen it and the damage can’t be undone. We tend to think everyone cares about our everyday life activities. Do we really need to know your whole life story, minute by minute, by what you’re posting? For instant, the social media raises the question that we all need to ask ourselves, “How much information is too much?” Do people really need to know you just ate Oreos and you dipped them in milk? I can’t help but think who cares. You can learn so much information about a person just from their Facebook page. Some users are even audacious enough that they share their home addresses on their Facebook page along with their home and cell phone numbers. I don’t think most people realize how dangerous that can be especially if they add random people they don’t even know.


Great advice, Andrew. Sometimes we just don't think clearly, and the reminder to think more before posting is important. Thanks!


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