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Paper Angels: A Novel By Jimmy Wayne with Travis Thrasher

Paper Angels is a story based on the concept of the Salvation Army angel tree program. The Salvation Army angel tree program is a program that helps needy children get Christmas presents. Most of these children wouldn't be getting any presents without the help of people who care. People can pick up a paper angel from one of the Christmas paper angel trees. They buy the presents for the children out of the kindness of their hearts. They are changing lives and they don't even realize the positive impact it will have on these children. Jimmy Wayne has written this story to bring awareness to this wonderful life changing program. He was a child who was apart of the paper angel program growing up. He has witnessed the impact it had on his life and he had to share it with others. It is a fiction book but it is also based on the true meaning of the angel tree program.

Thomas Brandt is the one of the main characters in this Christmas story. Thomas has a father who is addicted to drinking alcohol. His mother got abused and hit by her husband. She eventually wised up and decided to take her two children and leave. Thomas and his sister, Sara realized that their whole lives are about to change. They move to a small trailer where they don't have very much. Thomas is also getting picked on at his new school by a bully. He wears the same clothes every day and they aren't new. He is made fun of during school and the attacks eventually escalates to online bullying.

The second main character is Kevin Morrell. His business is struggling to survive in the tough economy. His wife is having twins soon and he is about to be without a job and income. The wife sees the angel tree and talks her husband into picking an paper angel off the tree. 

Both of these familes lives are about to change forever. The story will show you the true meaning of Christmas and why it's important to be kind all year long. Everyone is hurting in some way and we can help change the world if we listen and help one another.

I immensely enjoyed reading this book. I felt changed after reading it. Kindness and love are important to have towards one another. This book is a true Christmas meaning story. But we must also keep the kindness all year long. I needed to be reminded to be thankful for what I do have. Someone always has it worst than I have. I have been blessed with so much and I need to start giving some back! This is a life humbling and awakening novel. It also has a wonderful idea on how to stop some bullying. How Thomas turns that around will touch everyone and cause them to think about their own lives. It's a true story about kindness and forgiveness. I think every teenager and adult should read Paper Angels and learn what kindness really is. This book is so good that it needs to be made into a Christmas movie in a few years! Let's really love each other and show kindness!

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