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HELP: WORST Christmas Gifts

Hello, fellow Bloggers!!!

Please share with your friends and vote for me in the Worst Christmas gifts!!! You can vote once per day!!!


I received a homemade Skunk, a Homemade Santa that says England, a watch that the battery was already dead, a Candy Cane door hanger, a homemade knitted hat that doesn’t hit, an abs cruncher (I don’t know what they were implying), a talking Christmas tree with a motion sensor that screams Christmas carols at you, a singing stuffed animal, a weather thermometer that moves these rain drops up and down.  But you can’t even tell what the correct temperature is. It only has 68, 72, 76, 80 degrees! I guess, the temperature can only be hot and not above 80 degrees and not under 68 degrees!

Thanks so much for your help!!!

What are some of the worst and best gifts you have received at Christmas?


Oh, don't get me started on bad Christmas gifts!!! The year before I moved out, my dad gave me a stuffed moose. It's a very nice moose - all plush and soft and stands up on its own - but I was twenty-something and didn't want stuffed animals for Christmas any more.


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