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I Am Second: Real Stories. Changing Lives. By Doug Bender and Dave Sterrett Book Review

I Am Second contains an extraordinary collection of short stories from famous celebrities to everyday people. Everyone has a unique message of their struggles and hopes to share with the world. Throughout the book readers get to read stories from Michael W. Smith, Bethany Hamilton, Sam Bradford, John Hamilton, Brian “Head” Welch, Karen Green, Michelle Aguilar, Vitor Belfort, Brian Sumner, and many others. They all come from different backgrounds and careers. The book reveals details about how they all traveled down the path to destruction. But at their lowest point of their lives they came to know God and his healing and redeeming power. The stories ranged from drug use, living in poverty, partying to hard, affairs, pornography, prostitution, drinking, divorce, loneliness, and bad parent relationships. Readers will be able to associate with each story in this book.

The book also contained a QR code where readers can scan the code and watch videos featuring stories from the I Am Second website. The book has a neat sticker to remind yourself that you are second.

I would recommend this encouraging book to teenagers and adults who are feeling and believing the lie that they are alone in their daily struggles. When we come to the place of desperation and need a helping hand, God is always there to reach out to us. I enjoyed reading about these countless stories it gave me great hope that God can always turn any situation around and work it out for my greater good. No one is alone in their hurts and disappointments and we all fall into temptations. Surrendering to God brought tremendous joy into their lives. The book was a huge inspiration about the importance of becoming second and making God first. He is the only one who can help us change and become everything we were created to be. Anyone will be able to connect with the stories shared in this book. They cover many different struggles and I realized that God loves each one of us completely and he is willing to assist and comfort us. If you’re looking for a book for inspiration that God is still working in people’s lives then get this book! It will change your perceptive about if people can really change because with God they truly can! Never lose Faith in God and his power!

“I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program.”

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