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The Sound of Red Returning: A Novel By Sue Duffy Blog Tour

My Review:

I greatly enjoy The Sound of Red Returning. This is the first book in the Red Returning series. She has written a book about a famous pianist, Liesl Bower. Liesl is being hunted down by a Russian spy who is trying to kill her. I would recommend this wonderful novel to teenagers and adults. Anyone who loves a great mystery will really enjoy trying to solve this one. Readers will enjoy trying to figure out the mole's hidden identity. I couldn't even figure out who the mole was until the very end. You just won't see it coming until you put everything together. Throughout out the book, I was captured by the details about this frightening mystery adventure. The book contains suspense that unfolds with each turning of the page. I connected with Liesl and sometimes the thing we are trying to find lies in front of us. We just don’t know it yet. She didn’t believe in God because she lost a number of people she cared greatly about. She didn’t understand how a good God could allow so many bad things to happen to people she loved. But the brilliance of this novel is that is has a Christian theme and it can be applied to your daily life. The novel proves that God can use anything and anybody to bring you to a relationship with him. Liesl saw a lot of pain but through perseveration, determination, and love she learns the lessons that God was trying to teach her. I can’t wait to read the other books in this series!! If you are a fan of the crime and action books and TV Shows you will enjoy reading this mystery novel. I think the novel has the potential to be made into a movie. I will be checking out the others in the series when they are released. If you're looking for a new mystery story to discover then look no farther and read this one! Come on and jump right in and help uncover the identity of the mole! Sue Duffy has written the next bestselling mystery series!

“I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity Group for this review”.

About the book:

After losing everyone she loves, concert pianist Liesl Bower has nowhere to go but to escape into her music. Searching for the peace she usually finds in her concertos and sonatas, Liesl can’t shake the feeling that she is being haunted by her past . . . and by someone following her. When she spots a familiar and eerie face in the audience of a concert she’s giving for the president in Washington, DC, the scariest day of her life comes back to her with a flash. It has been fifteen years since Liesl watched her beloved Harvard music mentor assaulted on a dark night in Moscow and just as long since the CIA disclosed to her that he’d been spying for Russia. She had seen that man--that eerie face--the night Professor Devoe was attacked. And now he’s back--and coming for her.

On the run and struggling to rely on the protection of CIA agent Ava Mullins and handsome newspaper reporter Cade O’Brien, Liesl learns she is the prey of an underground cell of Russian KGB agents determined to restore their country to its former Soviet might. But what she doesn’t know is that she is in possession of something--a piece of sheet music--that Russian intelligence is now frantic to find. Inside that music is a secret code, the hidden transcriptions of her deceased mentor, that clearly identify a Russian mole operating inside Israel’s Department of Defense, a mole with enough power and access to execute a daring assassination that no one would see coming.

Caught in a deadly conflict between American and Russian undercover agents, this innocent young pianist is just trying to survive her own personal trauma. Through it all, Liesl must learn that no matter how dark her world grows or how fiercely her enemies pursue her, God is still in control--if only she can yield herself to His grace. Read an excerpt here:!vstc1=books

About the author:

Sue Duffy is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in Moody Magazine, The Presbyterian Journal, Sunday Digest, and The Christian Reader. She is the author of Mortal Wounds (Barbour, 2001) and Fatal Loyalty (Kregel, 2010). Sue has also contributed to Stories for a Woman’s Heart (Multnomah). She and her husband, Mike, have three grown children.

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Andrew, I hope you'll come back and visit me and Liesl in book two of the trilogy. Thanks for such a fine review.

Sue Duffy


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