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Break Through: When to Give In, and When to Push Back By Tim Clinton and Pat Springle Book Review

In Break Through, Tim Clinton and Pat Springle explored the concept of learning how to handle enmeshment relationships. Throughout the book readers will be trained to see and identify counterfeit love patterns. Everyone has had to deal with people who want to be one up from you. We also have seen the people who lie down and follow all of the manipulator’s requests and demands. This book will show you how to have courage to stand up and not feel pressured to give in to their threats. The book contained countless stories from real situations that people were facing from setting boundaries and meeting disagreements head-on. Some had trouble calling problems what they truly were and they blamed themselves for the whole relationships problems. The other person should have taken responsibility for their actions. This book has very helpful questions for readers to help them to face the truth they may have been avoiding to see.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is having trouble finding a balance between helping others. If you’re having problems with setting correct boundaries, then this book will have enormous benefits for you. I was taught by reading this book that you’re not being selfish when you say no to a request. Sometimes it’s important that we say no boldly and with confidence! Its fine to help others when we can, but we have to be careful about claiming and carrying the load that they should be carrying.

The book goes on to discuss the four ways of trusting we have the heroes, the turtles, the field marshals, and the adults. Reading this book has revealed to me that I am struggle with being passive distrusting in my relationships. I avoid conflict with people that I know I must learn to confront and stand up to. I have seen the light of one particular family member that tends to expect me to give into their demands. They would constantly text and call me many times because they wanted me to desperately assist in their endeavors, while they would watch and facilitate. They always expected me and others to help them accomplish things they are able to do for themselves. I became what Tim and Pat called a turtle in my trusting ways. I would withdraw from relationships in order to protect myself from having to engage in conflict, I had a fear of disappointing others, and I didn’t form many close friendships.

This book opened my eyes to seeing that I must set healthy boundaries and limit my time with people who are determined to cross them. It isn’t my responsibility to be the Savior in their lives. The book encouraged turtles like me to stand up and speak the truth and to keep moving forward even if you’re afraid of being hurt. This book has immensely impacted the way that I am going to confront what I must face!

"I received this book for free from Worthy Publishing/Handlebar Marketing for this review".

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Dr. Tim Clinton, LPC, LMFT, is president of the nearly 50,000-member American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and founder of Light University Online, which has over 160,000 students enrolled. He is also the professor of counseling and executive director of the Center for Counseling and Family Studies at Liberty University.

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I loved this book, too! I highly recommend it to everyone--even if you don't have these patterns in your life, you probably know or relate to someone who does! A quote from the book that I loved: “As we move toward healthier relationships, we’ll find ourselves developing a more secure relational style—learning how to identify and communicate thoughts, feelings, and opinions with confidence.” I want that, and this book is helping me to achieve it!


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